Book 5 Chapter 20.4

Book 5 Chapter 20.4 - Called the Most Powerful

It was already springtime, a season of warmth and budding of flowers, another frigid winter already passed. However, this was a description of the olden era. The new era still had clouds full of radiation everywhere, the global temperature declining as a result, so it could still be considered winter. At the very least, it was still a season of falling snow in Dragon City. However, in Dragon City’s surroundings, the thick layers of snow that was smooth like a mirror had already completely disappeared, replaced by smoke emitting scorched earth. 

Dragon City, a place that was both imposing and refined, even now, there would occasionally be an enormous cloud of flames rising up. The Blood Parliament’s civil war was getting worse and worse, the flames of war already unavoidably reaching Dragon City.

For the civil war to unfold to this extent, it could be said that almost everyone was going crazy. There were a few who hadn't gone crazy yet, but they all had their own plans. 

Dragon City had become a battlefield as well. This meant that the previously neutral Black Dragonriders were also caught up in the war. At the very least, the number of Black Dragonriders that picked a side between the chairman and empress were currently increasing, the few neutral dragonriders left already unable to defend all of Dragon City. From a perspective of strategy, the number of locations in Dragon City that had strategic value was as many as the stars in the sky, so both sides involved in the civil war no longer deliberately avoided Dragon City, except for a few important places, for example, dragonrider general headquarters. Even though the war had already developed to a state where any means fair or foul were used, those who were intelligent still weren’t willing to offend General Morgan too much. Attacking dragonrider general headquarters was undoubtedly the best way to declare war against General Morgan, as well as the Morgan Family. The various commanders on both sides of the civil war weren’t this brainless yet, but they did hope for the other side to make this type of brainless decision. 

Dragon City was like a beautiful young woman, currently withering away under the continuous ravaging of war. 

Even under these circumstances, Persephone’s private hospital was still more or less the same, forming a stark contrast with its surroundings. This really was a miracle. One had to understand that this place was precisely the heart of many large scale battlefields. 

Regardless of whether it was day or night, the sounds of cannons would echo from time to time, gunshots sounded continuously. 

Inside the private hospital’s underground laboratory, only the dim red emergency lightning was still working, the lights of the intelligence system light screens that were still operating were even a bit brighter. Most of this giant laboratory was immersed in darkness, Dragon City’s power supply lines long severed. The laboratory could only rely on a small-scale diesel engine generator, maintaining the normal operations of the few most important devices. It was to the extent where the large scale operation center’s main engine had to be shut down, only a limited function miniature intelligence system started up, used for record keeping and basic information processing. 

Helen stood in front of the experiment platform, the three light screens before her lined up in a row, their surfaces continuously flickering with densely packed numbers. Her hands moved across the virtual keyboard from time to time, manually filling in some crucial pieces of data. She stood perfectly straight, her hair that was originally a bit curled unknowingly when straightened out like silk. Her entire being gave off an unprecedented forceful feeling. Fortunately, her old-fashioned glasses added a bit of gentleness and beauty to her appearance, and only then did those around her feel not overly repressed. 

On the experiment platform to the left of Helen, the puppy-sized Snow laid there, looking incredibly bored, not knowing what it should do. It couldn’t get used to its recent lifestyle at all. In its original schedule, it would spend at least twenty hours of each day asleep, spending another three hours undergoing all types of experiments, and then the remaining hour was mostly used for surgeries. Regardless of whether it was the experiments or surgeries, the process was always extremely painful, but it endured through all of it. It understood clearly that after each surgery, its strength would advance by leaps and bounds, and it would also obtain a new unprecedented type of wondrous ability. The feeling of great power made it feel very good, each time it became stronger, the great fear it felt within the depths of its body would decrease a bit. That was why no matter how much suffering it had to endure, it was willing to accept the modifications. Meanwhile, when it was asleep, it would always remain in the nutrient rich culture fluid, a place that was warm and safe. Aside from when it was asleep, only when it was tightly sticking to Helen’s body would it feel safe. 

When it was by its mother’s side, it was always safe.

Sometimes, it even had some doubt, feeling that its mother wasn’t that powerful. However, no matter what happened, as long as it was by Helen’s side, it would always feel incomparably safe. Its mother had quite a few humans by her side as well, some of them extremely, extremely strong, for example, the man currently next to her. In Snow’s eyes, that man’s silver hair was especially blinding, to the extent where even an enemy several kilometers out could see it. 

A head of extremely annoying hair… this was what Snow thought. 

This male was extremely strong, moreover seemingly quite intent on currying favor with Snow, expressing more than once in a completely undisguised manner his intentions of protecting it. However, Snow didn’t feel the slightest bit of gratefulness. It wasn’t that it didn’t believe him, but rather felt that this male couldn’t protect it at all. For example...

For example, if the father who Snow had never met appeared, Snow believed that only its mother could protect it, while this man would die extremely miserably. Due to that silver hair on his head that was oh so striking, he couldn’t even run if he tried.

A foolish man, Snow came to this conclusion. All because he had a head of eye-catching, stupid silver hair.

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