Book 5 Chapter 20.3

Book 5 Chapter 20.3 - Called the Most Powerful

Knowing that they couldn’t find the answer, Su himself unraveled the answer to this riddle. “My strongest area, is that I can destroy an enemy’s home field!” 

Madeline was immediately shocked! Someone as powerful as her naturally knew what a domain was, and understood even more clearly the importance of a home field for all ninth level holy level ability users. If the home field was constructed with the utmost care, and enough preparations were made, a holy level ability user in this domain could even remain undefeated when fighting against two similar level enemies. 

If what Su said was true, then he was what was truly frightening! He would be all holy level ability users’ nightmare, fully deserving of the title of holy level hunter. 

However, Su never lied, or at the very least, he had never done so in front of Madeline. 

If the effects of Land of Rest’s domain was eliminated, then there really might be a chance of breaching through. Madeline’s brain quickly operated, starting to recalculate the probability of seizing the Land of Rest. Her eyes flickered with a glistening blue light, tens of thousands of scenarios instantly moving through her brain , analyzed one by one. In that split second, her data processing ability even exceeded the current Su, not being inferior to any human. 

Madeline was also a true genius. 

The young lady, after undergoing three transformations, not only did her vast and profound combat potential flourish, her intelligence didn’t fall behind anyone either. At the very least, in her memories, Connor, or Helen, their brains’ data processing ability was no more than this. Only, she rarely used this ability. 

The calculation of tens of thousands of scenes only needed a minute. 

However, right when she was about to obtain a result, Su suddenly stood up, directly saying, “Let’s go!” After saying this, he didn’t allow Madeline time to show any more doubt. He grabbed the young lady’s hand, and then Extreme Assault erupted, instantly moving several hundred meters, disappearing in the blink of an eye. 

The enormous power pulled on Madeline until she was almost flying. She subconsciously grabbed Su’s hand with both hands. Then, a flame suddenly ignited within the depths of her heart, a flush of redness immediately covering her face! Her heart was beating crazily, her top level intelligence even more so completely disappearing. Her mind was in complete chaos, noise rumbling by her ears. 

In that instant, she couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, and couldn’t think.

However, she knew that right now, her face was incredibly red, her body as taut as high density alloy, not daring to move at all. Not only was her weight not reduced, she instead increased the burden on Su quite a bit. With Su’s sharp senses, even the slightest decrease in weight in his hand would be detected, let alone right now where it became over a hundred kilograms heavier! If he sensed something was off, and then turned his head around…

Right at this moment, Cirvanas in Su’s other hand clearly sensed Madeline’s abnormal behavior, and as such cleverly threw over an anti-gravity force field, removing quite a bit of the young lady’s weight. 

“This idiot!” Madeline was simply about to kill. 

The disoriented young lady suddenly broke out in cold sweat. She wanted to calm down, but how could she do so? In a moment of desperation, a voice was echoing in her consciousness: I definitely can’t let him see my face!

Madeline fiercely clenched her teeth. Her body shrunk, her heart immediately stopping its throbbing! Her face immediately became a somewhat weak pale color, and the damage that resulted from the stopping of her heartbeat was something even she found a bit hard to bear. However, these were injuries that would quickly be recovered from, moreover effectively removing the redness from her face. 

Su’s head moved to the side, as if he wanted to turn around to take a look, but he still resisted his urge, continuing to speed along with Madeline and Cirvanas in hand as if he wasn’t aware of any of this. Following Extreme Assaults one after another, the three of them gradually travelled further and further along the white snowy plains. 

After experiencing half a minute of chaos, Madeline finally controlled herself. In that disorderly state, every second felt like a year. In Madeline’s entire life, she had never felt so panicked and helpless. She didn’t even feel like this eight years ago when she was brought away by the Spider Empress.

The now calm young lady raised her head to look towards Su’s sprinting rear figure. It still looked as if he didn’t notice anything. 

This was Su, forever this attentive, as well as this considerate. 

Meanwhile, Cirvanas on the other side somewhat painstakingly turned his head around, not daring to look at Madeline at all. It was clear that he now understood the stupidity of his action just now. 

Madeline originally should have turned over and land on the ground to lighten Su’s burden. Her sprint at full speed wasn’t much slower than Extreme Assault. However, she suddenly released a light sigh, her body gracefully rising. She didn’t land on the ground, instead using her hands to hug Su’s arm, softly snuggling against Su’s body just like a little chick. Su was a bit surprised, but he immediately felt relieved. In his eyes, no matter what Madeline did, it would always be extremely cute, even though… even though the feeling she gave him this time was a bit different. 

Cirvanas finally became a bit smarter, knowing that he should pretend as if nothing happened, as if he didn’t see anything. As for the terror of Madeline’s true enraged state, it was something his little brain was completely incapable of imagining. 

As such, from the base to the Land of Rest, a small black dot slowly yet steadily moved along. 

In the new era of turmoil, the scattered humans were currently slowly growing. They formed powers one after another, and they marked out their own territories. When the borders of different powers touched, it would result in unavoidable war. After all, this was the new era, the era of turmoil that only considered violence and results. Conflicts large and small rose one after another, but from a general perspective, between the great powers that were sometimes bright, sometimes dark was a subtle, as well as weak balance. 

This entire world’s layout was like a grand and delicate building, the base merely a few unstable support points. The Land of Rest Su was rushing straight into, was precisely one of these support points. 

Undercurrents were currently brewing. The rest of these support points were also tottering, on the verge of collapse. 

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