Book 5 Chapter 20.2

Book 5 Chapter 20.2 - Called the Most Powerful

Madeline stared at the Land of Rest, her brows also locked together. She casually carved out a simple map of the Land of Rest, countless tactical plans instantly flashing through her brain. However, no matter what method it was that she thought of, it could only solve the problem of seizing the Land of Rest. As for how the Holy Crusaders and the great knights were going to react after they seized this place, no one could say. Moreover, with their party of three’s current strength, whether or not they could even bring down Land of Rest was a whole different issue. Even the pre-transformation Madeline when she was at her peak wasn’t willing to enter the Land of Rest alone. 

After muttering to herself irresolutely for a bit, Madeline finally said, “The Holy Crusaders treat the Land of Rest as their holy land. All types of signs point towards the belief that during these past few years, they might have very well already turned the Land of Rest into an enormous domain! That is why I do not think attacking the Land of Rest head on is a good idea. A better way is to first capture the Holy Crusaders’ strongholds around the Land of Rest, drawing them out from the Land of Rest, and then defeat them one by one. Even if we do this, our chances of capturing the Land of Rest aren’t great. The Holy Crusaders aren’t stupid, they wouldn’t transfer out more than half their armed forces from the Land of Rest. 

Su’s lips opened, released a chuckle, and then said, “I highly doubt they would even send out more than a third of their guard troops.” 

Madeline hesitated for a moment, and then finally said, “I have a way of making them move out at least half their troops.”

“What method?” Su asked. He wasn’t all that good at battlefield strategy affairs. 

Madeline’s smile was a bit forced as she said, “The Holy Crusaders, from a certain point of view, can be regarded as a religious organization, everyone inside viewed as brothers and sisters. As long as we take down a single stronghold, as well as declare that we would kill all captives within a set time limit, we can force out the Land of Rest’s guard troops.”

This was, from a certain perspective, threatening to hold hostages, moreover the method extremely vicious and cruel. Su had no choice but to admit that this was perhaps a good method. 

“Is there a need to kill off everyone? What if we only execute the soldiers who participated?” Su asked. 

“Then the pressure exerted would definitely not be enough. We need to repel the Holy Crusaders’ reinforcements at least once, and only then would there be a chance of the other party sending out the guard troops. Dragging things out brings us no benefits.” Madeline said. Her face was a bit pale, but the dense and deep domineering aura appeared once again. In that moment, she was no longer the young lady that was so beautiful she made others’ heart feel sore, but rather having a bit of the dark giant’s shadow. 

Only, the paleness of her face couldn’t be concealed. 

Su didn’t seem to have noticed her abnormality, his attention concentrated on the Land of Rest’s map. “There’s no need! We’ll head straight for the Land of Rest. Whether or not we could break through, we’ll find out if we just give it a try.”

“But… why do we have to attack the Land of Rest? I don’t see the reason why it is so important. If we need resources, we are better off returning to the Blood Parliament and bother those families. Without energy, without resources, without laboratories, without the basis for industrial matters, moreover extremely cold, to the extent where even greenhouse agriculture is extremely difficult, what is the use in owning this land even if we had several millions of square kilometers of it?” Madeline finally couldn’t hold back. She rarely doubted Su’s decisions, this was the first time. 

Su finally raised his head and looked at Madeline. With a gentle, fatherly chuckle, he said, “Do you believe in intuition?”

Madeline stared blankly, and then said, “Only sometimes…” She thought for a bit, and then said, “I believe it greatly right now. Recently, my intuition has been quite accurate.” 

“I also believe.” Su smiled, and then pointed towards the gloomy sky, saying, “I feel like the world we reside in might have its own will. Meanwhile, intuition, is actually the voice we occasionally hear from it. Recently, I’ve sensed more and more vividly the existence of some type of enormous will that exceeds our imaginations, and this might very well be this world’s will. Through it, I sensed that the Land of Rest has something that is calling out to me. I have to take a look.” 

“The world’s will? Or the celestial body’s will?” Madeline asked a question that Cirvanas didn’t really understand. However, he could sense the importance of this question. 

Su remained silent for a moment, and then finally said, “I feel like it should be the world’s will. I can feel that its scope is extremely, extremely large, quite possibly not being limited to the celestial body we reside on.”

However, Madeline stared at Su without loosening up in the slightest, her gaze as sharp as blades, asking, “That thing is extremely important to you? You really have to go?”

“Extremely important!” Su’s response was extremely firm.

Su and Madeline’s gaze converged in the air, unexpectedly vaguely producing sparks! However, neither side averted their eyes. 

“However, we have almost no chance of success! Do you need me to deduce the probability of success for you?” Madeline said. 

When looking at the extremely serious young lady, Su’s gaze suddenly became soft. He smiled gently and said, “Do you know what aspect of me is the most powerful?”

Where Su was the most powerful? Madeline and Cirvanas almost simultaneously began to think to themselves. They had never seriously thought about this question. 

Su’s combat strength, was without a doubt, extremely valiant. He exploited every inch of the wilderness’ soil, every bit of the terrain, the vast and boundless wilderness was his home field. He was cool-headed, patient, possessing all the inner qualities a top level killer needed. The pre-battle state Su, was the perfect massacring machine. He could absorb and make use of all types of genes, even now the limits of his evolutionary potential unknown. However, he currently possessed nine levels of Perception ability and eight levels of special Combat Domain ability, which was to say, that he could at least display a tenth level ability. Even a tenth level Perception Domain ability, was still a tenth level ability. Based on the Blood Parliament’s secret level dividing method, all tenth level abilities were incredibly powerful, considered high level holy level abilities. As for eleventh level abilities, there wasn’t any information at all. Finally, there was his inconceivable regeneration ability. At least in known creatures, not a single type could compare to Su. This characteristic almost allowed Su to completely secure an unmatched position against those at his level! Purely by relying on a war of attrition, Su would be a terrifying enemy. 

Su had many strong points, yet it was difficult to find a true strong point. Madeline entered a deep state of contemplation, while Cirvanas tried several times, every single one rejected by Su.

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