Book 5 Chapter 20.1

Book 5 Chapter 20.1 - Called the Most Powerful

Without a doubt, there were times Su appeared a bit stupid.

For example, Madeline just couldn’t think of a reason why that woman would be let off. She wasn’t pretty, wasn’t human, to the extent where she could only be considered a small part human. Moreover, she was invaluable. 

Her natural sharp senses and the faint resonance she felt told Madeline that this woman was the head of all irregular creatures in this base. The nucleus in her body was extremely important for Su. 

However, regardless of what the reason was, since this was his decision, Madeline wouldn’t object to it. If all actions required reasoning and interest, then the young Su in the past definitely wouldn’t have raised her bit by bit through those challenging and difficult years. Strength? Strength was important, but strength was also the two of them together. Madeline already decided to increase her own power to protect Su. Oh, there was Cirvanas as well. The young man had enough potential, just needed battle and training. 

As soon as she thought of training, Madeline couldn’t help but sneak a look towards Cirvanas. The young man immediately broke out in cold sweat. 

Su seemed to not have noticed what was happening behind him, only continuing forward, searching around the underground base. In the following day, he already roughly understood the circumstances of this underground base. The nuclear power plant had long been destroyed, while the nuclear fuel warehouse was also destroyed during the last battle. The research base was preserved extremely well, but the olden era’s instruments, in the present age, already lacked much value. Meanwhile, the central main computer that carried the experimental data was completely scrapped, all information stored within disappearing along the river of time. 

As the most cutting edge biological research base, the most valuable assets here were once Dr. Rochester and ‘one’, now, it was the female General. Since Su didn’t plan to take the Key, there wasn’t much keeping him here. As such, he brought Madeline and Cirvanas away from the base. It wasn’t as if they emerged without anything. The base still had large amounts of olden era weapons, with Su even finding two usable Magnum pistols inside! Su who still had many fond memories of these weapons naturally brought them along, even though these high powered pistols in the present age were similar to decorative items. Madeline and Cirvanas chose two daggers respectively, similarly just because it was better than nothing. 

When they reached the base’s surface entrance, Su wasn’t in a rush to leave. He selected a smooth crate, and then carved a detailed continental map on its surface, marking out all of the known great organizations and family powers’ range of control on it. He then asked Madeline, “Where is the Holy Crusaders’ territory?”

Madeline carefully inspected the map, and then she reached out her hand, circling a comparatively larger region that stretched from the coastline all the way to the middle of the continent. In terms of the area alone, the territory was even a bit larger than the Blood Parliament’s. However, even in the olden era where the population was much, much greater, the territories the Holy Crusaders occupied were still vast, but sparsely populated overgrown areas, now even more so the case. 

“Do you know where their capital city is?” Su then asked. 

Madeline searched through her memories, and then a short period of time afterwards, pointed towards a small town on the coastline, saying, “The area the Holy Crusaders’ general headquarters is located in is known as the Land of Rest. If I recall correctly, it is right here. However, this is already intelligence from a year ago, unknown if any changes have taken place since then.” Everything related to the Holy Crusaders was treated by the Black Dragonriders as the highest level secrets, but these secrets were all opened to the Trials Division. Even if the Trials Division didn’t have access, Madeline still had many ways of making these secrets accessible.

Su then circled the Scorpions of Disaster’s range of activity, from the areas distributions having some places that matched up with the Holy Crusaders, but even more so with the Blood Parliament’s zone of control. This was also what matched up with reality, as the Scorpions of Disaster indeed clashed against the Black Dragonriders for quite some time. 

After carefully looking at the Land of Rest’s position, Su frowned and said, “Why hasn’t the parliament directly attacked Land of Rest, but is instead continuing this to-and-fro tussle, this war of attrition?”

“The answer is extremely simple, because there aren’t enough benefits to do so.” Madeline’s reply was quite fast. “Defeating the Holy Crusaders might very well result in losses of high level ability users, yet not much would be fished up in return. Every single high level ability user is an extremely precious tactical resource. If the losses are too great, the parliament might very well be directly swallowed up by its enemies. That is why until now, the Holy Crusaders, as well as the other enemies, have all been turned into tools to polish young dragonriders and low level ability users.”

Su’s brows locked tightly together for an unknown reason, a long and slender finger stabbing the map, drawing out a deep, perfectly straight gash between the base and Land of Rest before saying, “We are going to the Land of Rest!”

Madeline released a soft cry, and then she felt extremely shocked towards Su’s decision. “You want to control the Holy Crusaders?”

Su nodded, and then said, “Correct. By capturing the Land of Rest, there is a chance of controlling all of the Holy Crusaders’ resources. Even though it can’t compare to the Black Dragonriders, it’s still quite the sizable power.”

“Even if you occupy the Land of Rest, the great knights won’t listen to you. Only by killing a third of the great knights would there be a chance.” Madeline said seriously. 

Su stood up and said, “This way, at least the conflict can be confined within the great knights, the range of those affected much smaller.”

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