Book 5 Chapter 2.7

Book 5 Chapter 2.7 - Growth

“There’s nothing? Forget about people, there’s not even a bird in sight!” The machine gun shooter replied with doubt. 

Tegan struck the roof, causing bang bang sounds to be released. He roared loudly towards the driver, “Faster! Drive forward as fast as you can!” 

“Commander! If we do this, we won’t have enough fuel for the return trip!” The driver replied.

“Less nonsense! If I tell you to drive, then just drive. Go as fast as you can! If you keep shooting your mouth, this old man will let you have it!” Tegan roared. 

The driver didn’t dare say anything else, stepping all the way down on the gas pedal. The off-road vehicle suddenly roared, breaking free from the fleet, driving crazily into the distance. 

No one appeared. In the rising earth, a thin gray shadow was currently jumping about at an inconceivable speed as it chased after the off-road vehicle. It was extremely fast, and within just a few minutes, it already caught up the the back of the off-road vehicles. It then sprung up, unexpectedly using the crushed rock that flew out from behind the tires as landing points. With a few more jumps, it immediately reached the roof of the off-road vehicle!

This was a strange creature. There was a layer of fine scales on its back, the surface glossy, reflecting the surrounding environment’s color, making it hard to see clearly. Its head was slightly pointed, its belly and back a bit larger than the rest of its body, its appearance similar to a pangolin. The area close to its back had two strong and forceful short limbs, and close to its head was a pair of short hook claws. Each time it jumped out, it would always curl up its body, using the four rear legs to grab the ground or rocks. Then, its body would erupt with inconceivable power, shooting out like an arrow towards its target. Its calculation ability was shocking, its landing point each time extremely precise. Meanwhile, while moving through the air, its six slender limbs would always press closely against its body, making it look like a bullet. 

With its body that was only ten centimeters, it could unexpectedly catch up to a fast moving off-road vehicle!

The off-road vehicle had already reached its greatest speed, the vehicle body fiercely shaking, about to fall over at any time. The driver, soldiers, and machine gun shooter were all shaken until their faces were white, but Tegan was still frantically demanding for the driver to drive faster, even a bit more so. The soldiers couldn’t see the enemy at all, nor did they know where the danger originated from. On this off-road vehicle that was like a wild horse, all they could do was grab on tightly, doing their best to stop themselves from being flung out. Under this type of speed, once they were flung out, broken bones was the best result. 

Tegan became more and more terrified, the great pressure making him a bit hysterical. His delicate and pretty face completely distorted. He sensed that an enormous danger had already arrived by his side, and was already sticking to him! This type of intuition was an instinctive warning from his body, a bit similar to the cry a frog made when a poisonous snake drew near. However, Tegan couldn’t see it at all, nor could he feel where the danger was.

Suddenly, he felt a slight pain from the nape of his neck! 

The off-road vehicle suddenly sprung out, losing balance in midair, the soldiers and marksman all flung outwards. Then, the off road vehicle planted itself into the ground, tumbling a few times before stopping. Blood continuously gushed out from the completely deformed driving cabin. The driver twitched a few times, and then no longer moved again. 

Tegan was similarly flung out. His body bounced a few times on the ground, only stopping after he flew several dozen meters out. His own body that was equipped with three levels of defense ability was clearly sturdier than that of the ordinary soldiers, so it would only result in heavy injuries at most. Sure enough, after a few minutes, Tegan’s body finally moved, and then he slowly climbed up, continuously moving his body and limbs. However, his movements seemed rigid and strange, not like that of a human’s but more like a living corpse’s. 

Tegan slowly turned around, giving the burning off-road vehicle a glance. His eyes already strangely became a dark green. When he saw that the three soldiers that were flung out had already died, only then did he release a laugh. However, his smile was a bit unnatural, and the flesh on his face seemed completely disjointed. Tegan’s face suddenly wrigged about, his appearance starting to slowly transform. In addition, sounds of varying volume rang out from within his body, as if there was water boiling. 

In the blink of an eye, Tegan’s face already became the face of an extremely strange looking infant!

If one only looked at his face, then one would feel that this was an extremely pretty face that carried a charming smile. 

This face, was Luo. 

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