Book 5 Chapter 2.4

Book 5 Chapter 2.4 - Growth

As soon as this thought emerged, it was immediately thrown out. When he thought about the various relations he had with Li, Su felt many sighs of sorrow and regret deep down. Li’s talent was extraordinary, at the very least, becoming a dragonrider low level officer was more than enough. Her face and body were quite excellent as well, and she was also young. In Roxland Company, her prospects could be said to be bright and radiant. She was actually extremely smart, only, her temperament was a bit different, tending to do things in a straightforward manner. However, without this type of fiery nature, there was no way she could manage those veterans who were full of murderous energy. However, after joining the Black Dragonriders, the people Su came into contact with quickly became powerful figures, and thus, Li began to appear lackluster. She never complained, nor did she reveal any discontent. She was willing to accept an ordinary status, only occasionally asking Su for her reward. 

Only today did she truly show anger, setting her resolution, not hesitating to break all relations with Su if she had to. 

Su smiled bitterly, and then he walked towards Li. She released a shout, grabbed the pair of scissors on the tray next to her, and then aimed it at Su. “Don’t come over!” 

“Li, calm down, it really is our child, this is something I understand clearly.” Su said, and then he reached out his hand, softly lowering Li’s hand that was holding onto the scissors, softly and gently holding her. “You are right when you say I don’t like it, but I won’t harm it. You’ve also seen what it looks like, it will be hard for it to live in the human world. We need to protect it, teach it how to survive. Right now, this is just its beginning form. In the future, its shape will definitely change. If needed, I believe that it will become similar in appearance to a human.” 

“He’s my child, so of course he’s a human!” Li said without the slightest hesitation. 

Su obviously understood what she was thinking. Actually, regardless of who it was who first saw this little life form’s appearance, they definitely wouldn’t relate it to a human. Forget about those ultra life forms who only existed in theory and imaginations, even within new era mutated creatures, there were already quite a few who could borrow other species to produce their own offspring. Meanwhile, in this era, humans already lost their position as the supreme beings in the olden era. In the wilderness, there were quite a few refugees that became the tools of reproduction for mutated creatures. Meanwhile, the reason why Li insisted on this little thing being human, was out of fear that Su would use this as an excuse to kill it. 

He helplessly shook his head, and then removed the scissors from Li’s hands. He said to the little life in her bosom, “There’s no need to be scared anymore. You should come out. If you still don’t come out, I’ll really get angry.” 

Su’s voice was calm and gentle, but the little life seemed as if it heard a thunderclap, immediately jumping out from Li’s chest and landing on her wrist, still curling up into a ball, continuously shivering. This time, it wasn’t putting on an act, but instead truly feeling fear. This was the first time it appeared in front of Su at such a close distance, with no isolation or protection between them. For this creature who still only had its beginning form and relied on instincts, Li was its only protector. However, Li’s abilities were completely not enough to rival Su’s, to the extent where she couldn’t resist him in the slightest. For it, who still couldn’t understand complex human relationships, Li couldn’t offer it any protection. 

Su reached out a hand, finally touching it. This was the first time he touched his own child. The little thing’s body suddenly went rigid, and then quickly went cold. Under extreme fear, all of its functions seemed to stop. If the amount of time Su touched it was a bit longer, even this little life with its powerful survival ability would still die. 

A wave of gentle energy entered its body through Su’s hand, once again inciting its vitality. Meanwhile, Su’s hand was no longer ice-cold either. The little thing reached out a thin and long head from between Su’s fingers, took a sniff, and then released a sound before shrinking back. 

He patted it gently and said, “Can you become like us in appearance? Give it a try?” 

The little fella reached out its head, and after a bit, its head gradually changed. A few minutes later, a female baby’s face appeared where its head was located, and a while later, her face finally became distinct. She looked like an extremely pretty girl, with seventy or eighty percent of Li’s appearance. Only, her left eye’s pupil was a deep green, a bit similar to Su’s. 

When he saw that she could actually become human in appearance, Su didn’t feel particularly happy. However, the little fella’s body didn’t become larger at all, which was still a bit strange. 

Li’s body was extremely weak, unable to produce breast milk at all. She had long prepared a large jar of breast milk, placing it by the little thing’s mouth. The little life immediately jumped next to the milk jar, using its hind legs to latch onto the edge, her entire head buried inside the milk. 

A trace of a smile finally appeared on Li’s face. She leaned against Su’s body and said, “Look how good she is at eating! Right, she still doesn’t have a name. What kind of name do you think is good?” 

“You definitely have some ideas, right?” Su said with a smile. 

When she saw Su’s smile, only then did Li’s heart that was full of worry relax quite a bit. “Look at how cute she is, her name will just be Luo, how’s that?”

“As you wish.” Su hadn’t prepared any names for Luo. 

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