Book 5 Chapter 2.3

Book 5 Chapter 2.3 - Growth

The biggest difference between biological weapons and Martham laid in their tremendous power, their destructive might. What was similar were the scenes of destruction that followed. There were some among them that could easily destroy entire cities, and there were others that could fight under very extreme environments. There were big ones and small ones, the larger ones with bodies several dozens of meters in size, the activity of these mainly in ocean environments. Meanwhile, the smaller ones were even smaller than ants, but these creatures who could easily drill through concrete and steel actually possessed quite frightening power. In Su’s consciousness, there was even the image of an enormous primitive whalelike creature, one whose size was impossible to measure. Even with Su’s space of imagination, it wasn’t even enough to hold its entire body! Meanwhile, in its background was the deep and distant cosmos, as well as an endless sea of stars. 

“How could there be this kind of thing?!” Su immediately broke out in cold sweat. Those biological weapons’ auras were so real, vivid in his mind, as if he had truly seen and felt them before. However, Su was almost sure that from all of the experiences he could remember, he had never touched a single one! So how did these creatures appear in his consciousness?

Just as Su was slightly distracted, the two horrified nurses erupted into a round of screams as they stared at the little thing Li gave birth to, one of the nurses even grabbed a glass bottle. The hysterical laughter and movement of attack clearly stimulated that little thing that was extremely defensive. Its body suddenly spun around, taking aim at the nurse that was holding the glass bottle. Three small holes were opened, and then three extremely powerful water vapors fired from its body like arrows, instantly entering that nurse’s mouth! 

The nurse immediately widened her eyes. The glass bottle was flung to the side. All five of her sensory organs were distorted, her arms gripping rigidly at her own throat. Her mouth frantically opened, but she was unable to say anything. In just a dozen or so seconds, her eyes were covered in bloody wisps, both her eyeballs becoming blood red as her body fell weakly onto the ground. At this moment, the nape of her neck was suddenly split open, and then a dark shadow shot out like lightning towards the other nurse’s mouth! This nurse’s eyes were similarly dyed red, and then she slowly fell onto the ground. 

Li saw everything. She was completely stupefied, unable to speak a word. Everything happened too quickly, fast to the extent where she didn’t have time to think through what had just occurred. Meanwhile, from start to finish, Su could intercept that little thing, but he didn’t take any action. Li didn’t give birth to a human, but some type of ultra life form’s infant body; this was something Su had already mentally prepared himself for. That was why before Li gave birth, Su already made plans to have all of his subordinates carry out missions outside, and not even Madeline and Cirvanas were left in this building. The two nurses that were here to help Li give birth were to be sacrificed. After they saw so many things, there was no way they could be left alive. Su was quite clear how interested those great figures were in unique life forms, so if news ever got out, Li, the little life, and himself would be in great danger. 

Su didn’t want to kill others, but those at his side were more important to him. For the sake of the safety of those at his side, he could sacrifice those who weren’t related to himself. Not even Su wanted trouble. Madeline’s growth was still a long process, and her advancement of abilities would become more and more difficult. Meanwhile, the only one she could rely on was Su. All men who reached adulthood had many responsibilities, these responsibilities great or small, important or trivial; Su knew that he himself couldn’t do everything. The only thing he could do, is do everything he could to take care of the responsibilities he had to take care of. 

The two sacrificial victims on the ground were currently in extremely strange states.

The injury towards the first nurse’s neck should have been fatal. Her body was originally laying on the ground, motionless, her mouth and nose not taking in or sending out a single breath, but her heart was still beating forcefully, throbbing with vitality. 

When the second nurse fell onto the ground, she didn’t seem to immediately stop breathing. Her body continuously twitched about, her throat releasing meaningless whimpering sounds. Meanwhile, that little life seemed to have disappeared into her body, not willing to come out again. 

Even though it instinctively withdrew its aura, how could it hide from Su’s Panoramic View? In Su’s perception, the nurse’s body gradually became transparent, and the little fella’s body was clearly displayed. Its six claws were firmly latched onto the nurse’s vertebra, is head and tail also inserted inside, and then just like that, it laid there without moving, as if it became one with this nurse’s backbone. A layer of bony matter even appeared on the surface of its skin. If one used ordinary perception methods, they might treat it like another part of the nurse’s backbone. Meanwhile, in the other nurse’s body, it left behind a small part of its body. That part of its body hid within the nurse’s heart, extending out countless fine wisps of flesh that pierced into this heart, continuously releasing stimulating hormones to urge the heart to continue beating. Meanwhile, this part of the little life was absorbing nourishments from the circulating blood. The part that separated off didn’t have its own consciousness, moving by relying on the connection with the original body, acting more like a detachable part that specialized in the absorption and storage of nutrients. Su could vaguely sense that the core of this nervous system should have the most important memory duplication functions, even though this didn’t agree at all with his current understanding of biology. If his guesses weren’t wrong, then even if the main body was destroyed, this auxiliary body could grow independently, and from then on continue surviving through another method. 

Why did this little fella have such a powerful will to survive? Its path of evolution this entire time seemed to be for the sake of survival. Su didn’t think that it was essential, instead a result of its intentional decision. From how it changed its body’s state in such a short amount of time, this little fella definitely had some control over its strengthening and variation’s direction. 

“Where is my child?” After realizing that the little fella’s whereabouts had disappeared for a long time already, Li finally woke up from her shock, immediately starting to panic. She struggled to support her tired and feeble body, wishing to get off the bed. 

When he saw this girl who had always acted so headstrong display such confusion and uneasiness, as well as a weak and worried expression, Su sighed. He walked up to hold Li, and then spoke a few sentences to calm her down. Then, with a cold voice, he said, “You should come out. How much longer are you going to hide?” 

As soon as Su’s sentence finished, the nurse’s body bounced up. With a lifeless expression, her mouth opened, spitting out a piece of flesh before falling back down, only now truly dying. The lump of flesh curled up, not moving at all, as if it had already died. Its body looked even a bit smaller than when it was first born. However, Su knew that this was only because it had a part of it detached. The other part of its body was still inside that nurse’s body, perhaps because it believed that it could escape his detection. 

When he saw this little thing that was curled up and not moving, for some reason, a wave of coldness and impatience surged within Su’s heart. The instinctive craftiness and tricks this little life displayed from birth, in his eyes, were childish and stupid. If one looked at this creature from the perspective of a creature from earth, this little thing was already powerful to the point of exceeding all boundaries of reason. 

Unknown how, Li suddenly felt the coldness at the bottom of Su’s heart. She released a cry of fear, pushing aside Su and throwing herself towards the little thing. The little fella also rolled out its body from its dormant state, and with a jump, threw itself towards Li. The other part that was hidden in the other nurse’s body also tore through her flesh, flying out, merging with its main body in midair, binding about its body. When the little fella jumped into Li’s bosom and hid itself, the auxiliary and main bodies had already halfway merged. 

Li’s arms wrapped around her chest, her clear and bright eyes staring at Su. She backed up, all the way until her back hit the wall before stopping.

“It’s my child, as well as your child! Even if you don’t like it, or even want to acknowledge it, it is still my child! If you want to do anything to it, you have to kill me first! Once you kill me, no one will stop you any longer.” Li seemed to be speaking these words through the gaps of her teeth. 

In that instant, Su seemed to hear an urging voice, a voice that came from instincts, telling him to destroy that little thing, even though it was his child. However, right now, Su didn’t need a child. 

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