Book 5 Chapter 2.2

Book 5 Chapter 2.2 - Growth

On the small table at Su’s side was the newly renovated electromagnetic energy rifle. Freed from the crisis of genetic collapse, Kane could already manufacture its alloy bullets in small amounts. This electromagnetic energy rifle hadn't accompanied Su’s side for that long, but it saved his life again and again. Its tremendous power and speed made it a nightmare for ordinary ability users. However, when one reached Su’s current level, its limitations started to show as well. For example, its uses were limited to begin with when used against Claudia, but against Pandora, this gun was completely useless. 

Then where was the future of humanity headed? Was it to continue along its original path, to develop their civilization’s science and technology, or was it biochemistry advancements, to centralize their focus on abilities? Currently, it seemed like abilities completely overwhelmed science and technology. For example, Su relied on his power alone to destroy the basis of Ledesma’s rule. When faced with abilities that were impossible to resist, conventional weapons and number of ordinary soldiers were meaningless. However, the development of science and technology needed time to accumulate. Currently, human technology had only just touched upon the uses of electromagnetic energy. 

However, the advancement of abilities would similarly push for the advancement of science and technology. The most important point was that the brainpower of humans were very different now than in the past. Forget about a freak like Helen, even Su’s own data processing abilities weren’t any inferior to a small scale machine in the olden era. In addition, along with the improvement of abilities, these skills were quickly advancing as well. For things those of the olden era needed twenty years to learn, ability users who received intelligence evolution only needed two or three. 

Su’s thoughts seemed to be drowned out inside the endless river of history, drifting with the waves and going with the flow, moving further and further away. Then, a sharp cry pulled his mind back to reality. Only now did he recall that today was the day Li was to give birth, the delivery room right next door. Meanwhile, this blood-curdling scream should have originated from a nurse who was assisting with the delivery. 

Su’s figure disappeared with a flash, already opening the delivery room’s door and rushing inside. 

Inside the room was a delivery bed. Li was laying on top, her pale face drenched in sweat. Between her legs was a puddle of clear water and not blood. Inside the clean water, a small creature that was less than 20 centimeters in size was currently rolling about. Its skin had a darkish luster, its soft and nimble body seemingly completely without bones, just like a large flesh bug. Not a single organ or limb could be seen on its body, with only a small mouth at one end that continuously sprayed out clear water. Meanwhile, its body also correspondingly shrunk, quickly shrinking to about ten centimeters or so in size. 

Before entering through the door, Su’s perception already completely enveloped every corner of this delivery room. He knew that this little thing was Li and his own child, and what it spat out was pure water without any impurities. Li’s belly was now completely flat, the nutrient fluid that originally filled her belly completely absorbed by it and eliminated as pure water. Its body didn’t shrink in a simple manner, but instead it completely reconstructed its body composition. Its strength was increasing exponentially, the skin covering its body continuously thickening, and its defensive ability quickly rising as well. Its body composition gradually took form. If it entered an environment with powerful radiation, then the radiation that passed through its skin would interact with a layer of special tissues, thus producing large amounts of heat energy. This heat would then become one of the energy sources it could rely on for survival. 

It was currently transforming towards a direction needed for combat and survival in harsh environments. 

This change was a bit strange. The little life that had just been born should instinctively depend on its mother and father. Even if it was changing its body, it should be changing towards maturation and not strengthening abilities for survival and battle immediately upon birth. 

This seemed quite similar to biological weapons designed purely for battle. This thought suddenly emerged within the depths of Su’s consciousness. 

Biological weapon?! 

Su had never recalled himself seeing any biological weapons, though Martham who he encountered previously might be one. However, Martham was still created with human genes, his combat strength limited and full of defects. His intelligence was affected as well, his potential for growth practically zero, at most a modified human. He didn’t really match up with the meaning of biological weapon that appeared in Su’s consciousness. 

In Su’s consciousness, those true biological weapons were completely new species, able to change and quickly modify oneself along with changes in the environment. They possessed high levels of intelligence, ruthlessness and cold-bloodedness, highly effective. As long as they had enough food, they could completely mature in just a few days, as well as produce all types of organs needed for the present mission. They were born purely for missions and slaughter, yet they still possessed their own will and intelligence. However, a command buried deep within their genetics made it completely impossible for them to go against their master’s orders. 

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