Book 5 Chapter 19.8

Book 5 Chapter 19.8 - Love and Forgiveness

The initial memories were all dark, only some occasional scenes with the primary color base being a deep green, the inside full of all types of instruments and busy researchers, almost identical to Su’s dreams. Then, what followed were large chunks of darkness and blankness, all the way until her world lit up again. In her memories, a single person appeared. To be more precise, a creature whose exterior form was similar to a man appeared. In the woman’s memories, it was only a black moving silhouette, appearance impossible to make out. However, the powerful feeling of acknowledging allegiance from the depths of her body still gave Su a deep impression. If everything was as he expected, then it should be this woman’s master. 

The only scene where it appeared was one where flames raged behind it. It was currently walking towards the raging flames, only leaving...

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