Book 5 Chapter 19.6

Book 5 Chapter 19.6 - Love and Forgiveness

“It’ll be over soon.” Su finished his aimless wandering, thinking this in an ice-cold manner.

His green gaze already passed through countless concrete walls, locking onto his target. Right now, there were only a few dozen meters of black haze left at that woman’s side, to the extent where even a corner of the lounge she was hiding in was exposed. The lounge’s black haze was also extremely thin, no longer able to hide her aura. The secret she was carefully hiding also began to appear bit by bit before Su’s eyes. 

In that dark lounge, the woman already stood up. Her figure was tall and well proportioned, the curves of her body that was over two meters tall graceful. Black haze swirled around her body, hiding her appearance from view, only a pair of burning light purple eyes exceptionally striking. She reached out her hand, and with the breeding tank’s reinforced glass in between, she caressed towards the sleeping male’s face, gently saying, “Goodbye, my love.”

While her voice was still ringing through the lounge, the ground already began to tremble slightly. In the distance, there was even more a faint, continuous rumbling sound!

Just now, Su was still calmly standing there, only, his gaze became more and more cold. A formless wave suddenly spread out with him at the center, spreading in all directions. The sturdy metal components in the places it passed twisted and warped, soft like roasted butter. 

Immediately afterwards, the intense rumbling sound erupted!

The metal cabinets released unpleasant groaning sounds, concrete walls began to display large amounts of cracks before collapsing. The pillars supporting the ceiling immediately broke in two at the center, the powerful steel buried inside twisting and lengthening, as if a titan from mythology was forcibly tearing it into two!

Su’s figure had already disappeared, a serene and deep cave appearing out of thin air in front of where he was facing. Only after several seconds had passed did thunderous rumbling sounds roar from the cave, the raging wings that rushed out immediately afterwards sending endless pieces of crushed rock flying out from the cave!

Su’s entire body was burning!

His cellular level control allowed him to instantly ignite all of his energy storage. Extreme Assaults were activated one after another, the power he erupted with forming a conical storm in front of Su, shattering all matter in his way! If one drew a line between Su and that woman, then they would see that Su was currently moving forward along it in a perfectly straight manner, disregarding all things blocking his path!

Concrete walls, rock layers, load bearing pillars, they all shattered one after another behind Su!

The lounge’s ceiling suddenly silently collapsed. Su’s body appeared like a devil! As soon as he appeared, his body flickered again. When his figure became distinct again, he was already in front of that woman, his hand gripping her throat, lifting her up!

The distance of this Extremely Assault was less than ten meters!

Only now did the tremendous sound produced by the instant assault explode through the lounge, the powerful waves even more so spreading in all directions. The wall painted in chunks of color and the floor ruptured bit by bit, the fragments flying in all directions! Even the enormous breeding tank also left the ground, flying out! The two reserve breeding tanks in the corner of this room directly exploded, culture fluid flying in all directions. However, the culture fluid that shot towards Su immediately encountered a second wave of chaotic energy, instantly evaporating and disappearing. 

The woman never expected Su to use such a simple and violent direct assault tactic. One had to understand that this was underground, and they weren’t on the first floor! The moment she sensed Su’s killing intent, he had already appeared before her face!

The battle had just started, yet it already ended. 

The breeding tank flew into midair. When it was about to smash into the ceiling, it suddenly froze! Six long tentacles reached out from the woman’s shoulder and neck area, binding around the breeding tank, preventing it from smashing into the ceiling. The finger thick tentacles even released a weak defensive force field to block glass shattering sound waves from reaching it. However, after the waves swept out, there were even more large amounts of chaotic energy streams flying everywhere, quickly breaking through the defensive force field and blasting those tentacles. The chaotic energy streams were extremely sharp, immediately producing countless fine injuries on those tentacles, sending light purple blood flying out in all directions!

The woman released a groan of extreme pain, her beautiful face already distorted! From the feeling he felt from his hand, Su knew that all of the muscles in this woman’s body were contorting at this moment, and that was why she could endure this suffering. The six tentacles weren’t offensive weapons, but rather organs for perception and controlling the black haze. When the tentacles received damage, the pain she felt would be magnified several times to several tens of times. Su knew this feeling. Back then, when he still couldn’t control his body’s senses, the beating he received from Captain Curtis brought him to the extreme limit of what he could endure. 

The woman’s body trembled. This was completely unrelated from her willpower, but rather her body’s instinctive reaction. She was a combat creature, to be more precise, a specialized battle weapon. This was pain even she couldn’t endure, yet the breeding tank remained in the air the entire time, not a single tentacle withdrawing, to the extent where they wrapped even more tightly, using her own body to stop the energy streams that hacked at the breeding tank. 

The woman’s body was taller than Su’s, yet she was raised into midair by a single arm, unable to resist at all. Su carefully inspected her beautiful face that was filled with suffering, and then his gaze shifted towards the man in the breeding tank. The man was still asleep, showing no signs of waking even after experiencing the intense shock, to the extent where even his chest that was originally naturally rising and falling became extremely weak. 

Long blades extended from Su’s right hand’s five fingers, pressing against the woman’s neck. What was even more deadly were the dozen or so fine long flesh needles that deeply pierced into her body. As long as she showed the slightest intention of retaliating, the most primitive intruder cells would immediately be injected. These were all miniature devils that only knew slaughter and destruction, none of them stopping their devouring and decomposition until she was completely turned and converted into one of their own. In addition, the instant she resisted, his body where every single cell was still burning would immediately press against hers, using the most berserk energy explosion to shatter her body, bones, and all of her organs. 

However, all of this seemed to be unnecessary. She was already extremely weak, to the extent where she couldn’t even put up a decent counterattack the moment Su captured her. Most of the energy she had left was used to protect the breeding tank. To use six thin perception tentacles to defend a five meter tall enormous breeding tank, even if it was Su in her place, he would find it a bit difficult. The woman was weak to the extreme. If not for her body’s valiant vitality, she would already be dead a long time ago. In addition, even if she had any energy left over right now, she wouldn’t retaliate. 

The woman turned around to look at Su, her beautiful eyes full of grief and begging. She already couldn’t really speak. However, Su understood her intentions. He pointed towards the male in the breeding tank and asked, “You want me to let him go?”

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