Book 5 Chapter 19.4

Book 5 Chapter 19.4 - Love and Forgiveness

The smiling young lady displayed astonishing beauty, making even Cirvanas’ eyes a bit stupefied. However, he immediately recalled all the different ways he was tormented not long ago, how she was also smiling just like this, causing his entire body to go taut. He was already conditioned, the young lady’s smile in his eyes no different from the murmurings of the devil. 

“Here, here, and here, release flames three times, and then release an energy attack here, and maintain attraction force this entire time, understand? Pay close attention to the energy’s flow distribution, the energy attack has to hit the node. Don’t tell me that you already forgot what a node is!” When landing on the ground, Madeline didn’t do anything herself, only ordering Cirvanas to do this and that.

Cirvanas’ face was pale, his hair that was already turning silver was drenched in sweat, sticking to his face, incredibly uncomfortable. However, he already couldn’t tend to these things, his eyes red like they were dyed in blood, his lips so pale they almost lost all color. His hands brandished about, hundreds of streaks of energy flying from his body, shooting out with the greatest intensity he had ever released in his life. Magic attacks rushed out like a violent shower, several times faster than that of ordinary magic ability users! Even though the speed of the magic attacks the youth released was a bit lacking due to their levels, if it was a one on one duel situation, just by relying on his firing rate advantage, this youth who only had a single fifth level ability could completely defeat a seventh level ability user. 

The young man’s field of view was already covered in a red tint. Streak after streak of energy flow trajectories began to appear in the ever-present black haze, and from time to time, some energy vortices would flicker about. These energy vortices were precisely the so-called nodes Madeline spoke of. Each time a node appeared, Cirvanas needed to release a fourth level energy attack, using the powerful magic energy to destroy the vortices’ energy balance, thus causing them to collapse and disappear. Once the black haze’s energy entered the energy vortices, and was then spat out again, the energy vortices would disappear, but the black haze’s energy will actually correspondingly strengthen. If the energy vortices were destroyed during this process, not only would the absorbed black haze disappear, the erupting energy would also neutralize quite a bit of the surrounding black mist. 

The energy vortices were the nodes supporting the home field. They absorbed energy from the surrounding environment, changing it into the home field region or strengthening the home field’s energy system. The nodes appeared at random, when they appeared, the shortest disappeared after a single second, while the longest was still only two or three seconds. That was why Cirvanas’ average firing rate that was less than a second, if he wanted to neutralize all of the nodes, it was still an extremely challenging task. Meanwhile, by releasing flames based on Madeline’s instructions, even though he couldn’t directly counteract the black haze, it would increase the production of the nodes, and thus correspondingly speed up the black haze’s collapse. 

The youth was like a small tree fluttering about the wind and rain, bitterly struggling and holding on. However, the effectiveness of his actions was actually quite outstanding. 

Two minutes later, the black haze in the dining hall already became considerably thinner, the black haze seeping in from all different areas clearly not enough to keep up with the consumption rate. Even with the young man’s perception strength, at this moment, he could also clearly feel the ever-present heaviness in his chest decrease, indicating that the home field’s pressure on him was becoming weaker. After experiencing this, the speed at which he locked onto nodes became faster, to the extent where he could vaguely deduce where the next underground node might appear. The further this process went on, the more indescribable respect the young man felt towards Madeline. Up until now, he still didn’t know what kind of method Madeline used to destroy so much of the black haze in one move, let alone how she, who didn’t have any magic abilities, found those nodes. 

The black haze became thinner and thinner, while Cirvanas felt less and less pressure. At this time, Madeline who had been watching with folded arms this whole time said, “Understand now? This is your way of dealing with the enemy’s domain advantage. It’ll come in handy in the future.”

Cirvanas sharply captured something. After carefully choosing his words, he cautiously asked the question he had in his mind. “Is this the only way of dealing with enemy domains?”

“Of course not! This is just a method suitable for you!” Madeline said. 

When an ordinary young lady spoke in such an effortless and relaxed manner, it would mean that their mood wasn’t bad. That was why the young man who didn’t understand Madeline’s past continued with a second question, “Have you fought in an enemy’s home field before?”

This was just an intermediary question. If he obtained an answer, the real question Cirvanas wanted ask would be this domain’s reasoning, how to create one’s own home field, as well as why his master, Su, didn’t have one. 

The young man had a vague feeling that in true high level combat, one’s domain would become a decisive factor in determining victory or defeat, and that was why he prepared a series of questions. In reality, he was actually quite talented, only, Madeline and Su’s radiance were too great, making it so that he could only cower up in their shadows. 

However, this simple question unexpectedly caused Madeline to become silent. A moment later, the young lady who was originally full of sunshine suddenly became silent, ice-cold, and lonely like a frozen goddess statue. Under the frozen exterior, was a violently surging sea of emotions!

Cirvanas immediately knew that he asked the wrong question, but he didn’t know how to remedy the situation, only able to frantically bombard the nodes one after another. However, before the punishment he was waiting for arrived, Madeline suddenly laughed and only said, ‘Of course I have.’ Then, she didn’t continue, nor did she display anything else. 

The corner of the young man’s eyes reflected the young lady’s side profile. She stared forward in a daze, unknown what she was thinking. The side profile of the young lady’s face pricked at Cirvanas like needles. He suddenly felt that only if she viciously gave him a beating would she feel a bit better. 

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