Book 5 Chapter 19.3

Book 5 Chapter 19.3 - Love and Forgiveness

After leaving Passage 54, Su didn’t continue pushing the automatic door back, leaving open a crack just like that, exposing the hell within. The great history was like a  great sea in the darkness, slowly moving back and forth. Su’s gaze became bright and resolute again, as if there was a green-colored world hidden beneath his deep eyes. 

Su was able to understand many things that were hidden beneath historical materials. Even though he still couldn’t find definite proof that he was born precisely from this place, there were enough clues to prove that this place had something to do with him. Su released a heavy breath of air. Understanding his past wasn’t his objective, obtaining as much strength as fast as he could was top priority. He was already no longer that youth who wandered about aimlessly; seven years after he handed Madeline over, this heavy responsibility was returned once more into his hands. Apart from this, there was also Persephone, Li, his subordinates, as well as several million people living under his wing. 

All of this, was responsibility

A deep dark green color started to seep out from the black haze, a sign of black haze that was already completely under Su’s control. Su still wasn’t too used to this home field, but he was quickly becoming proficient. Now, two-thirds of the base were already under Su’s control. There were only three dragonborn that were currently unconscious in different locations, the workers practically wiped out, and the still incubating biological beasts also stopping their growth. The woman hiding in the darkness didn’t frantically incubate biological beasts, nor did she activate any other secret weapons, instead only continuously fighting over the black haze with Su. She seemed to not have enough energy. With the scale of the underground base, even if over a hundred years had passed, the remaining energy and fuel should be enough to easily produce over a hundred dragonborn and many biological weapons, to the extent where producing eight to ten even higher level biological weapons was possible. However, Su didn’t sense the existence of any other biological weapons. The disparity in the amount of energy he expected and what there was in reality was extremely great, as if there was an enormous black hole that was devouring tremendous amounts of energy. 

The black haze finally entered Su’s hands. 

Su didn’t look down on that woman because of this. She didn’t display an aggressive stance, and her offensive methods were extremely limited as well, to the extent where there wasn’t much energy reserves. However, in the repeated struggle over the black haze, Su sensed that he was already gradually closing in on her body, the waves of pain he felt constantly reminding Su that this woman was a hundred percent a combat strengthened type creature!

That was why the pre-battle state Su chose the most advantageous method, not in a rush to fight against her, but instead seizing home field advantage first. Anyone with a brain knew that fighting against a similar level enemy in the other party’s home field was not a good idea. 

The black haze gradually shrunk. Su already had a rough idea of where she was hiding. It seemed like it would be at least another hour before Su could seize the black haze, only leaving less than ten meters of control space for her. What Su didn’t understand was that even though she was at a disadvantage in the control over her home field, why did she still not attack? Directly escaping wasn’t a bad idea either, why was there a need to guard that specific area without moving? Could it be that there was something there that prevented her from leaving? Just like Cirvanas in the past? However, Su didn’t sense the existence of an enormous biological body. Just as Su was preparing to wander about the base a bit more to waste time, a corner of the black haze not under his control suddenly caved in, producing an opening. The opening appeared extremely abruptly, and after it appeared, it became like a whirlpool in the ocean, continuously sucking in all of the surrounding black haze. Once the black haze entered the whirlpool, it was completely sucked clean, forcing the black haze around it to rush over to fill space. Just like that, the consumption rate of black haze immediately increased several times. Together with the fact that Su was continuously increasing the amount of black haze under his control, in less than ten minutes, her home field advantage would completely disappear. 

In the depths of the base, a large hole suddenly appeared in the composite material that divided two floors! Inside the raining rubble, Madeline carried Cirvanas as she jumped down. The young lady was graceful like a falling leaf, fluttering down. The strength of the meter thick composite material separation layer was completely disregarded. 

The young lady used more than ten seconds to slowly descend on the ground, the black haze all around her gathering beneath her feet on its own, supporting her descent. However, the young lady’s descent definitely wasn’t as simple as it looked from the outside, already supplemented with all of her strength from six levels of power. When she jumped down, the load-bearing iron pillar her feet borrowed force from almost completely broke! The black haze beneath Madeline’s feet continuously collapsed, and then the surrounding haze would rush forward to fill in the vacancy. In that instant, this scene truly could be described as ‘rising winds and scudding clouds’.

This was a several hundred square meter lounge, inside of it large amounts of tables and chairs, originally the researchers’ dining room. The black haze in the dining room was previously extremely thick, but with every half meter the young lady descended, the black mist several meters around her would exhaust its energy to counteract the tremendous momentum, thus completely collapsing. When Madeline stood still, half of the black haze in the dining room had already disappeared. New black haze immediately rushed here through the air vents and even windows, filling up the blank spaces. 

While descending, Madeline always maintained an attentive state. Only after hearing a scream full of pain from the distance did she smile complacently. 

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