Book 5 Chapter 19.2

Book 5 Chapter 19.2 - Love and Forgiveness

Su stood up, carefully returning the chair to its original position, returning the office to its original state. Perhaps in a few years, this office where time seemed to have frozen before the war will possess irreplaceable historical value. 

When he prepared to leave, Su suddenly saw a map of all of the underground base’s emergency escape passages sticking to the inner side of the automatic door. As a result, his mind was moved, quickly locating the position of Passage 54. When he recalled the contents of Chinola’s message, Su suddenly felt an urge to give Passage 54 a look. 

Passage 54 was outside level 7 authority zone, the passage connected to an independent large-scale refuge hall with two elevators that led directly to the surface. Currently, the underground base was deathly still, Su being able to smoothly find Passage 54 without any obstruction. When the black haze surged, it would bring harm to all creatures it came into contact with, and the creatures that originally relied on the black haze for survival would suffer even more life-threatening damage. The number and species of biological beasts in the base was extremely small, the dragonborn already the most powerful soldiers. Once Su seized control over the black haze, the biological beasts that were weaker than the dragonborn couldn’t withstand this surging black haze, almost completely wiped out. 

Before Su were two ten meters tall, half meter thick automatic doors that were currently shut, tightly locking down Passage 54. Based on the automatic doors’ design, it not only sealed up the passage, but also had comprehensive sealing effects against biological weapons. The two enormous doors were already tightly locked together. Without electrically powered hydraulic pressure installations, there was no way to open these enormous doors. 

Su frowned. It was this kind of thick door that would exhaust a large portion of his stamina again! However, after hesitating for a bit, he still decided to open it to see what exactly rested behind them. The black haze couldn’t move through the enormous doors, and his perception strength couldn't travel far past it. Su had a feeling that paying this price was worth it. 

Acid was sprayed on the hydraulic pressure equipment again and again, quickly eating away the lock. Su removed the dust and junk in the automatic doors’ path, and then exerted all of his strength, fiercely pushing! An ear-splitting creaaaak sounded, the large heavy door slowly sliding along its intended track. Only a crack opened, yet hualala sounds rang out, a pile of dried up skeletons falling out of this gap! These were all human remains!

Su endured the shock he felt inside, continuing to push on the heavy door, all the way until the crack was enough for a single person to move through. Behind the door was extremely muddled air, already no stench left, only the dusty smell accumulated over time. All of the people here already became skeletons, their clothes still left behind, but a single touch would cause them to crumble apart. The other half of the automatic doors that hadn't been moved yet was piled high with skeletons, stacking several meters high. The ones on the bottom showed signs of fracture, but those at the top still maintained the posture of forcefully pushing against the door!

Su slowly followed the passage into its depths. The passage had skeletons everywhere, their postures all different, some sitting in a dejected manner, some dying while embracing each other, a few others praying. However, their prayers weren’t answered even to their deaths. 

On the other side of the passage was the refuge hall. Right now, the refuge hall had already become a sea of skeletons! In the furthest place his eyes took him, he could see two large closed doors, the doors similarly packed with skeletons like a small mountain. Behind those two doors were the elevators leading to the surface.

Su understood the common practice of refuge halls clearly. Due to regulations, only after all staff seeking refuge entered the refuge hall, when the entrance passage was completely shut, would the doors leading to the elevators on the other side open, the elevators thus operating. In a biochemistry base where the research of abnormal creatures was their main mission, these measures were extremely important, the main reason to stop possible poisons or irregular creatures from reaching the group of humans that had already retreated. 

However, when he saw the situation in the passage and main hall, Su’s mind couldn’t help but form a certain scene. Several thousand research members entered the refuge hall, and then the automatic doors behind them slowly closed, completely locking down Passage 54, but the closed doors leading to the elevators didn’t open at all...

When one recalled how the war erupted the same day, they would feel that this might not be a conspiracy, but rather that the doors of the elevators leading to the surface just happened to be blasted badly by a nuclear explosion. However, after seeing Chinola’s notes, Su believed that a different scenario happened. 

It was highly likely that Chinola was correct, after all, he definitely understood Rochester. Meanwhile, in the notes Rochester left behind, what Su saw was a true genius whose thoughts were a bit disorderly. The scheming might not have necessarily been set by Rochester, but if he wanted to plot something, it wouldn’t be difficult at all. Apart from this, it really was as Chinola said: before a true genius like Rochester, all researchers in the base became dispensable personnel. A genius who could understand five dimensions of a language and close to the sixth was someone whose brain even Su wanted to examine. 

The language Rochester was talking about was definitely the Bisindle language. Su naturally understood this language, but he didn’t understand the principles and theory behind it. This was like someone who was semiliterate, able to speak and read, barely able to read, but didn’t understand grammar at all. 

In the eyes of a genius like Rochester, all life was nothing more than a few symbols, not worth pitying at all, nor did he ever understand what pity was. When one stood too high up, what they saw too far and too vast, others similar to him would become like ants beneath their feet. If they were trampled to death, then that was that. Even if they noticed that they stepped on them, they still wouldn’t feel like it was worth it to move their foot. 

Perhaps it truly was a plot, a plot that took several thousand lives, the eruption of war at this time purely a coincidence. 

The hour-long war that changed the entire world was the greatest and most incomprehensible conspiracy. Even now, no one knew why it happened. 

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