Book 5 Chapter 18.8

Book 5 Chapter 18.8 - History

Su clearly understood that this was precisely the prison for that ‘one’. In other words, the place where ‘one’ slept. 

Rochester and ‘one’ had long left, but there were many expensive instruments left behind here, not carried out, to the extent where the words written on the writing board hadn't even been erased. The heavy book placed on the writing desk was still open. 

All of these indicated that Dr. Rochester left in an extremely hurried manner as well, to the extent where he didn’t even have time to clean up. 

Behind the prison was an emergency passage that led to two dedicated elevator shafts. The elevator shafts led directly to the surface, and next to the exit was the underground hangar that could hold two large scale transport helicopters. It seemed like Dr. Rochester left this base with ‘one’ precisely from here. 

Everything was as Dr. Chinola speculated.

The elevator shafts had long been filled with collapsed earth, becoming unusable. There weren’t any other passages elsewhere, so Su withdrew his perception, arriving behind Dr. Rochester’s office desk and sitting in the chair the doctor used before. He crossed his arms before him, and then quietly sat there for a moment before looking towards the book that was still open on the office desk. 

The book’s style was extremely familiar, its contents also familiar, the olden era’s ‘Revelation’. On the opened page, a sentence was heavily circled in ink: The apostle has come. He brings  destruction, calling fire and lightning down from heaven. Disaster is unavoidable.”

This was written in the typical style of religious text, yet for some reason, when he saw this sentence, Su couldn’t help but tremble slightly. He didn’t understand why this was, perhaps it was due to fear. 

Fear came from the unknown, and even more so from the unknown moment when everything would be revealed. 

At the very least, Su knew that the apostle truly existed!

He gently touched the sentence the doctor circled, almost every word burning his skin. 

A long time after, Su finally lowered this Revelation, then turned the chair in another direction, looking towards the writing board. The writing board was covered in chicken scratch handwriting. Due to the passage of time, many of the words were already unrecognizable. The contents were messy as well, almost no connection between them. There were thoughts, assertions, and even more large amounts of formulas and numbers mixed in, to the extent where there was even a considerable amount of cursing aimed at certain names. It seemed like all inspirations or thoughts would be written on this board. 

Su leaned into the back of the chair, this angle perfectly allowing him to see the entire writing board. Some of the words the doctor wrote down gradually became clearer, engraving themselves one after another in Su’s memory. 

“This is definitely not a language limited by three dimensions! The problem is, what is there outside of the three dimensions? Sound, waves, magnetic fields, or light? Spiritual fluctuations?”

“Anything is possible. Just don’t tell me it’s time!”

“I now have enough reasons to suspect that our language is what is limiting our civilization.”

“Certain indicators have made it clear that the nucleus and ‘one’ have an inseparable connection. The nucleus might very well be a product of one’s derivation.”

“I thought up a wonderful formula, and through it, can prove that the nucleus can independently become an intelligent life form. I need to verify it a few more times, this won’t take too long. A week should be enough.”

“Someone in today’s meeting actually suggested activating the nucleus and see if it can be fostered! Motherfucker, it was me who thought up this formula! I obviously rejected that idiot’s suggestion! My intuition tells me that the nucleus absolutely should not be activated, best if it is forever frozen along with ‘one’. These idiots might be able to find ten thousand reasons to activate the nucleus, but they wouldn’t convince me. My intuition is always correct!”

“Idiots will be idiots. Even if they could call up the president, it still won’t change the innate fact that they are stupid.”

“The war will happen soon. To be more precise, it will happen on February 14th. I’m not even clear on how I know this, regardless, I know about it.”

“Time, time is the devil! I have to deal with ‘one’ before February 14th, no, at least deal with the nucleus. Damn it, if I was given just one more month, it would be enough. Why are those idiots idling like this? Could it really purely be because they are fucking stupid?”

“Dreams are a wonderful thing, at the very least, I understood the fifth dimension of that blasted language. I really am a fucking genius!”

“Why do I have to listen to the orders of an idiot? Just because he is the president?”

“I give up. Even though the president is an idiot, he controls my funding!”

“This world needs to change. An idiot can’t always be allowed to be in control of funds.”

“I have enough ways to change this world, as long as I have time… damn it, I just don’t have time! Rather than teaching those idiots a lesson, I’m better off using my time thinking about what the sixth dimension is. I am already close to the truth, perhaps only needing a single dream…”

“What is this? God’s gift? No, the devil’s! I can only burn this paper for now, but I can see that soon, flames will engulf this entire world! This isn’t too bad either. At the very least, no one can use funding to make me do this and do that.”

“The new ability’s corresponding gene fragments are already in place, wasn’t much trouble at all, I’ll call this ‘flame’. I can tell that it will open a brand new era for the human race. The arrival of the new era will definitely come at a price, at the very least right now, I paid an entire 10 milliliters of blood.”

“I already decided to publicly announce ‘flame’ to the world, release all information to the public! Give those idiots something to have a headache over! They can use funding to bring me trouble, but I can bring them trouble as well, moreover extremely great trouble!”

“Brittney informed me that everything regarding the news announcement has already been prepared, another Rochester will carry out all of the arrangements. The entire world will be shocked tomorrow! Of course, apart from handling the journalists, he doesn’t know anything else. I am starting to doubt if five hundred thousand yuan every year is worth it. However, he has saved me quite a bit of time, and every minute of mine is worth more than five hundred thousand! However, I seemed to have forgotten something?”

“In three hours, ‘flame’ will meet the world. However, I just can’t recall what it is that I forgot, perhaps I should take a look at my daily schedule to see what I was even supposed to do today. February 14th, let me think… damn it! Today is February 14th!!”

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