Book 5 Chapter 18.7

Book 5 Chapter 18.7 - History

“My love, you’ve already kept me company for so many years, but I am extremely useless. I used every method I could think of, yet I could only restore your body, unable to wake you up. I really wanted to tell you that those companions of yours that were still alive, I already let go, and I even let them bring away some information and other things. Forgive me, I could not give them any more, they are extremely dangerous. Perhaps you do not know this, but I can sense their thoughts. Every word they speak are lies. After obtaining greater power, the first thing they would deal with isn’t me, but those of their own species. They want to become the kings of their species, and then return to destroy me, seize everything they couldn’t obtain. That is why, my dear love, you can understand why I cannot trust humans, right? Your companions, they have no idea that ‘he’ already left years ago. Even if they became the kings of the human race, they still cannot avoid their fate of destruction, because they are too arrogant and conceited, nor do they understand ‘his’ true power. I cannot stop ‘him’ either. Before he left, I only knew how to obey orders. Only ‘his’ species can stop him, prevent the possible destruction.”

“I seem to be quite the talker today, I know you dislike long-winded people. However, I don’t have a choice. This might be the last time I can talk to you. The enemy has already arrived. Many years ago when I truly possessed my own will, I knew that it would come back. Now, this day has finally arrived. I don’t know if I will win or be defeated, prophesying isn’t my function, I only know that ‘it’ is extremely terrifying. Fear has prevented me from ever leaving this place, all out of fear of it becoming aware of my existence. However, it still found me. I don’t know what kind of enemy it is either, it is quite similar to me and ‘him’ who left, but different as well, yet I cannot say where this difference is. Look, it is currently seizing my home ground, I cannot defeat it…”

After remaining silent for a bit, only then did she continue her narration. “However, I won’t let it approach this place, I won’t let it get close to you unless it steps over my body!”

Drip, drop!

Several drops of liquid landed on her body. Several drops splashed onto the ground, but were burned into steam by the surging energy soon after. The black haze was too thick, and they dropped too quickly, unable to tell if what fell was blood or tears. 

The darkness in the lounge became even thicker. A moment later, her indistinct sigh sounded in the darkness again. “We never got to know each other, but I know that I love you…”

At this moment, Su reached the end of the passage, descending another floor, now standing before an enormous six meter tall automatic door. There was no security measures before this door, no restricted access indicators. Six fully armed robots were embedded in the walls, more than ten surveillance cameras fully equipped with weapon systems monitoring every corner, no dead corners to speak of at all. The door wasn’t thick, nor was it heavy, but the alloy used was a top level material only used on space stations, impervious to heat, corrosion, and impact. The construction cost of this door alone should reach around a billion yuan, the price of three copies of the most advanced fighter aircrafts. 

The four frames of the automatic door protruded slightly, not appearing that special at all. However, Su could sense large amounts of electronic sensing components inside linked up to a massive database. Su quickly knew what this was: Comprehensive Scanner. In the olden era, this was equipment used to inspect the highest quality weapon material for blemishes. Its location here only had one use: verifying the identity of the visitor. 

All of this silently spoke of the value of this place. 

To the side of the automatic door was an unremarkable signature made by a fountain pen, a priceless autograph even in the current world: S. Rochester. 

The automatic door already couldn’t stop Su. WIthout energy protection, there was no longer any invulnerable matter. Ten minutes later, a hole that allowed for a person to move through appeared, and Su already stood inside the door. 

A single look and Su already came to the conclusion that this was precisely Dr. Rochester’s office and private laboratory. 

Rochester’s office, no, it should be called work space, was extremely, extremely large. Inside of the five hundred square meter space, there was only a single table, chair, and a whiteboard full of words. Oh, there were a few large artificially grown trees as well. Even though they now only had naked branches, one could imagine the shade they provided before. Sitting behind that writing desk was just like doing work in a quiet and spacious forest. 

One could see that Dr. Rochester was a firm supporter of the ‘space is beauty’ philosophy. Moreover, he didn’t prepare chairs for any guests, either because this place wouldn’t have any visitors, or because he felt that no one had the qualification to sit down in front of him, the latter perhaps having a higher chance of being true. 

The work space was obviously not limited to these five hundred square meters, behind him was a close to thousand square meters library, close to half of the space occupied by specimen of all different oddities. To the other side was the doctor’s private laboratory, the thousands of various instruments taking up two thousand square meters of space. However, from the layout of the facility, it was clearly set up for Dr. Rochester alone to work in, with no indicator of an assistant. It seemed like the experiments the doctor was carrying out here were classified to the extent where no assistants could even be used. 

Su’s perception passed over the office and laboratory regions, discovering an independent computing center behind a wall, judging from its size a large-scale machine, but likely being even better. When Su’s perception reached behind the computing center, he unexpectedly encountered a bit of obstruction. That was a sheet of reinforced glass over a meter in thickness, within it sandwiched at least a dozen layers of strengthened colloids, able to easily withstand the direct blast of heavy artillery. It was unknown what kind of material the glass used, but it unexpectedly had blocking capabilities against spiritual perception. However, the blocking effects were quite basic. With Su’s nine levels of Perception abilities, after adding some more power, it finally successfully broke through the reinforced glass’ separation, passing through. Behind the reinforced glass was an enormous space over a thousand cubic meters in size, and Su’s perception quickly encountered obstruction again. Turns out there was another layer of glass behind the glass wall. Between the two glass walls was a highly poisonous neurotoxin gas. What left Su somewhat surprised was that the poison’s composition was extremely unique, ineffective against most living organisms on earth, yet somewhat effective on him. Of course, it was just a bit effective. This meant that if Su was poisoned, he could develop immunity after paying the price of a small amount of tissue death. However, the poison wasn’t as simple as its effects, it represented a whole new direction, this was genetic poisoning!

Before releasing all of his body’s evolutionary potential, this primitive gene poison would have still inflicted harm upon Su. The current Su already no longer feared gene poison, but it was only because the poison gas was still extremely primitive. 

Su’s perception continued to seep deeper and deeper inside, quickly finding out that this was a 20 x 20 x 20 cubic room, sealed off using three layers of reinforced glass and two different types of neurotoxins. At the center of this place was a transparent breeding tank, the leftover traces showing that what used to be inside wasn’t culture fluid, but rather low temperature liquid nitrogen. The passage that led to this breeding tank had layers after layers of mechanisms, able to immediately lock down this place should anything unexpected happen. Even if it was the current Su that was soaked in the liquid nitrogen inside that breeding tank, it might still be extremely difficult for him to escape. 

This was a prison like no other, or at the very least, this should be the case in the olden era.

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