Book 5 Chapter 18.6

Book 5 Chapter 18.6 - History

Before leaving Dr. Chinola’s office, Su inspected experimental subject number one and two’s breeding room once again. The three breeding rooms had nearly identical layouts, but Su didn’t obtain too much useful information. The two breeding rooms were still extremely messy; it seemed like the researchers weren’t given much time when the order to gather in Passage 54 was issued. The true classified information should all be stored in the central host computer, and the managers of these two breeding rooms clearly didn’t have a fondness for writing things down like Chinola. 

In breeding room number one where the biological body escaped, Su searched especially carefully, but he ended up with nothing. The breeding tanks didn’t have a single bit of malfunction or trace of damage, and unlike the main breeding hall, the breeding tanks here had all been washed. Due to too much time passing, there was no way of differentiating the culture fluid’s original contents, and it was even more difficult to find out what these so-called ranked experimental subjects were. 

After inspecting these three identical breeding rooms, the uncomfortable feeling in Su’s mind already decreased quite a bit. In addition, from Chinola’s notes, the ranked experimental bodies weren’t artificially created, but were rather obtained from some creature’s cells, very likely of that ‘one’ Rochester brought away. 

Regardless, perhaps, he wasn’t alone, still having others of the same species. Even if he truly grew up here, it wasn’t that big of a deal. 

Su suddenly felt his mind relaxing quite a bit, even though his intuition told him that a meeting with similar species wouldn’t be all that joyful. As for that woman in the depths of the base, there were still some minute yet key differences. She was quite similar to him, but they weren’t of the same species.

After leaving the first breeding room, Su continued along the dark and deep passage, no idea where the other end of this passage led to or what was awaiting him. 

On the other end of the underground base was a mysterious lounge, the dark haze inside so thick it almost had substance. This appeared as an expanse of darkness even in Su’s perception, completely unable to see anything.

The instruments and equipment in the lounge had long been moved away, the four snow-white walls full of mural paintings. He called them paintings, but they were actually just countless chunks of messy colors pieced together. Not even an influential figure with great artistic attainments in modern abstract art could recognize what exactly was painted on these walls.

Ability users with sharp perception would see that energy was currently flowing about between the chunks of color in an orderly manner. Even if it was an ordinary person, they would feel dizzy after staring at it long enough. Moreover, during this process, due to their internal organs being incapable of adapting to what they were seeing, they would also receive serious internal injuries and pass away soon after. 

The floor of this lounge had chunks of color painted in a similar style. Energy flowed between the chunks of color, ultimately converging into a breeding tank at the very center. The breeding tank had clearly experienced remodeling, now equipped with many installations that were definitely not human style, the dark red chunks covering the gauges continuously flickering. No electrical leads could be seen from the exterior, nor could any energy source ports be found. In addition, Perception Domain ability users could see that the energy gathering from the four walls and floor all directly landed on several receiver-like plates, thus absorbed. 

Wireless energy transmission technology!

Upon seeing this scene, perhaps any scientist would cry out with fear. If they could fully understand these instruments, the power of human civilization would take another huge leap. The meaning and significance of this was too great, even greater than the exploitation of nuclear energy, second only to the production of abilities!

The breeding tank was filled with light green nutrient fluid. The nutrient fluid was slowly moving, strings of fine bubbles released from the bottom of the breeding tank from time to time. This five meter tall equipment was the human race’s most advanced biological cultivating system, the culture fluid composition self-adjusting, moreover completely self-regulated. If it was just to ensure the survival of a creature, as long as the energy source was maintained, it could continue to operate without maintenance for 30 years. Now that large amounts of extremely advanced installations and equipment were set up, it was already unknown just how many times better this breeding tank became. 

Inside the breeding tank’s nutrient fluid floated a naked male. Even though he was sleeping, his chest that slowly rose and fell indicated that the body still carried life. He looked thirty or so in age, his figure large and tall, face resolute, the muscle lines around his body clear, full of masculine aesthetics. However, he was floating in this nutrient fluid, no reactions at all aside from the most basic life signs. 

In front of the breeding tank knelt a young woman, her hands crossed before her chest, currently praying in a quiet voice. Only after a moment had passed did she raise her head and look at the man in the breeding tank, her face full of deep longing and endless desire. 

“Jason, my love, are you still unwilling to wake? Actually, after all these years, if you wanted to wake up, you would have definitely woken up a long time ago. Back then, I didn’t understand your way of thinking, not understanding why you would rather perish than abandon others of your species. They only thought about running with their own lives, even to the extent where they would push you towards me. Even now, I still do not understand, but I learned to respect your decision. Sigh…

“Even to this day, I cannot understand the human race, unable to understand your complexity. In the depths of my instincts, the meaning of similar species is just targets of reproduction, partners in competition, enemies, and food. It’s quite simple isn’t it? Meanwhile, I was originally just that simple as well, not thinking too much, let alone possessing emotions. I know that using your language, this type of feeling is called love. Truly inconceivable! Perhaps, after he left, I’ve stayed here alone for too, too many years, right? Maybe that is why I slowly became complicated as well? Turns out even I could feel loneliness.” 

“The word loneliness, was also something I learned from your language.” 

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