Book 5 Chapter 18.5

Book 5 Chapter 18.5 - History

The written account stopped here. 

Su lowered the notebook, his mind feeling heavy and stifled. A corner of the sealed history already opened before him. Completely uncovering it would require astonishing bravery. 

There were still many other printed research materials in Chinola’s office. Su used up an entire half hour to skim through them. The files were mostly routine data and a few of the doctor’s own insights, not touching upon too many details, nor was there any information related to the ultra experimental subject. It seemed like the files of utmost secrecy were all stored in the central host computer, not something that would be written on paper. However, there were still two files that drew Su’s attention. 

“We discovered that ultra life forms could produce a strange and miraculous medium, this medium looks like a mist. We all privately refer it to as black haze, because it is easier to remember. We already discovered that the black haze could amplify ultra life forms’ perception, and at the same time block off enemy perception, even causing a disturbance in the surrounding magnetic and force fields. It has already been proven that not even superpower users could use their abilities in substantially diluted black haze. This needs further research.”

The other piece was a question Chinola wrote down. 

“After eleven years and six months of calculations, the main computer had undergone three generations of replacement, the final results of the calculations displaying that our deciphering of the Bisindle language (the temporary name) has already completed 135%. All possible paths have already been calculated and explored. That is to say, our understanding towards this language should be even greater than that of our own native tongue. However, even up until now, we can’t even read a single word, nor do we understand the meaning of any phrases, but we ‘ought’ to be able to know how. Is there anything more ironic than this? However, it really is a strange and fantastic language. Regardless, to commemorate our ‘breakthrough’, someone suggested we give two experimental biological weapons names using this language. This isn’t some great idea, because those were their names to begin with.”

Su lowered the research materials, releasing a soft sigh. The olden era humans knew much, much more than he had originally thought. 

Black haze, it was precisely what was created by that woman, the most important ability in delimiting home ground. For example, the dragonborn, inside of this black haze, their overall fighting strength was increased by at least half. Meanwhile, normal ability users might not even be able to display two-thirds of their strength. Controlling the black haze, especially black haze on such a large scale, was definitely not something human ability users could accomplish. Meanwhile, the black haze’s power restricting effects made it even more so the most effective method in dealing with new era humans. 

Meanwhile, what Su had been doing all this time was wrestle for home ground advantage. That was why even though he looked like he was somewhat idling and strolling about, the hidden battle had never stopped for a moment. 

Black haze continuously spread from the ventilation system. Even though there was no wind, it still flowed about. As long as one realized this, anyone would know that it wasn’t an ordinary mist. When the black mist moved close to Su, it would ride along with the air Su breathed out, continuing to move into the distance. After coming in contact with the air Su breathed out for a prolonged amount of time, the black haze would gradually undergo changes, the control silently shifting, becoming Su’s antennas and protective screens. 

As time passed, this invisible battlefield grew larger and larger, now already including the entire base. The black haze continuously swirled about, as if two armies of vicious beasts were tearing at each other. In the darkness’ corners, miserable cries continuously sounded. The military engineers had already completely sunk into a state of chaos, fleeing everywhere in disarray. What they were fleeing from was none other than this black haze constantly lingering around their bodies. 

This was originally the most dependable black haze, yet now, it was completely opposite. The roiling black haze became hotter and hotter, and it was now like a strong acid, all contact producing burning pain sensations. If the contact was prolonged, even the military engineer’s thick keratin skin layer would ulcerate. When this skin layer ruptured, exposing the tender  tissues underneath to the black haze, it would feel as if a strong acid was poured over them, quickly burning the tender tissues black!

In the base’s surroundings, the external walls had long been dug into, the various caves these workers’ habitats. Every single cave could house a dozen or so military engineers. The base outside of these caves was already completely filled with black haze, so large amounts of workers were fleeing back to their caves. Those who didn’t have time to escape struggled and howled in the black haze, using their long claws and shovel-like feet to frantically attack everything they came into contact with. Their eyes had long been burned blind by the black haze. 

The range of the surging black haze became larger and larger, starting to invade into the inside of the caves. The workers crowded at the bottom of the caves, already having no way out. However, the caves weren’t that deep. Before the pairs of eyes full of despair, the black haze was like a sinister and malevolent giant that viciously pounced over!

Blood-curdling screams and howls immediately filled this place. 

Meanwhile, Su’s side was peaceful. Black haze slowly moved about, continuously brushing past Su’s body, and then scattering in all directions In the surrounding areas, continuously surging black haze already visible, the indication of two wills fighting for control. The chaotic region was currently extending bit by bit into the distance, so at the very least, right now, Su still had the advantage. Only, as the range of control became greater, the amount of mental and physical stamina exhausted also correspondingly increased. 

Right now, everywhere the black haze covered was a part of his perception range. 

Su silently sensed the surroundings, and then he reached out his hand, observing the black haze moving around his fingertips, looking pensive. “Is this the home field? This type of feeling… is not bad at all.” 

He only stopped for a moment, and then he continued forward. 

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