Book 5 Chapter 18.4

Book 5 Chapter 18.4 - History

Su forced himself to calm down. His perception force covered the entire breeding room, carefully searching around. 

The breeding room looked a bit messy, many documents falling out of the file cabinets, a few electrical power switches on standby, a few others still open. It seemed like the people here left in quite a hasty manner, but it was still unknown what kind of unexpected situation arose. However, the empty breeding room still had one person left in it, to be more precise, a corpse. 

Su turned around, his eyes landing on an isolated room, from the looks of it the breeding room manager’s office, the corpse sitting right on an office chair. This was an extremely spacious office, this type of hundred square meter surface area room rarely seen in underground bases where every inch of land was extremely expensive. From this, the office owner’s status was obvious. The office was was located on the second floor, the external wall made of unidirectional glass, allowing for those inside to overlook the entire breeding room. Su slowly walked up the stairs, arriving in front of the office door. The name plate above the automatic door engraved: Dr. Chinola, authority level 9.

The automatic door, even if it required level 90 authority, was not an obstacle in front of Su. After opening the door through brute force, Su entered the office. 

Behind the spacious and luxurious office desk sat a dried corpse that was pretty much a skeleton. He was leaning over the office desk, an elegant and gorgeous small pistol in his right hand. On the side of his skull was a bullet hole; he most likely ended his own life here. 

The office table’s old-fashioned computer was already full of rust, definitely unusable, all stored data already damaged. However, who knows, maybe he can still find a few things here. 

Su gently moved aside Dr. Chinola’s corpse, discovering an agenda notebook. Su carefully opened the notebook, finding the schedules inside completely packed. It seemed like the doctor was an extremely busy person. On the last page was a short summary of his last moments, but it was already soaked in blood, the original contents now unreadable. However, this didn’t did pose a problem for Su. He placed this sheet before his eyes, and then a deep green radiance shot out, landing on the paper’s surface. Under the several different types of light rays, the words written in ink were separated from the blood, the contents on this page starting to appear. 

“Today is February 12th. As expected, experimental subject number 1 finally jumped out of the breeding tank! I told that stubborn and self-opinionated Ludark that his present emergency installations are unreliable, that if he wanted to activate the experimental subject, there had to be more measures in place, but he just wouldn’t listen. Experimental subject number one is something that completely exceeded our imaginations. By using old knowledge to judge limits of its abilities, the conclusion was destined to end in tragedy. However, even if it was me in his place, I still might not have necessarily done a much better job than that Ludark. After all, even now, no one knows how exactly it escaped. All of the equipment is perfectly intact, as if it disappeared into thin air. It truly is a strange and magical fella! However, now isn’t the time to be deeply moved. Letting this type of fella escape might very well be the beginning of a disaster.”

“February 13th, a whole 20 hours have passed, but we still haven’t discovered its whereabouts, nor did we figure out how how exactly it escaped. Things don’t look very good. The Stingray Army has already taken over the defenses of this place, locking down the entire base. However, how could those fellas understand how frightening it is, will this lockdown even be effective? Maybe only by directly blowing this base up, burying everything deep underground would there be a chance of eliminating it. No, with its inconceivable vitality, even if it only had a small piece of flesh left, it might still be able to regenerate. At the very least, this was the case in theory, but we didn’t conduct a gradual structured experiment. When our four membered committee back then unanimously agreed to push back this experiment, was it really purely because the conditions hadn't matured yet? In this entire world, where would you find equipment more advanced than here? I know I was scared, I didn’t dare activate its cells. Even though it was constantly kept at negative 200 degrees, I would still be scared. Sometimes, when I look at it, I can even sense that it is using some type of method to look at me! My God! Why is there this type of feeling?! It is nothing more than some frozen cells! I wonder, when we made the decision, if the other three were also scared. 

I think it is quite likely.”

“February 14th, disaster already arrived. Five corpses have already been found, and the number of missing is still climbing. All of the corpses have become completely different from their bodies before death, as if they had completely changed into a different person. For example, Annie, that pretty and arrogant woman, when she was found, she had already become a middle-aged man. Even though the results of DNA tests told us this was precisely Annie, no one was willing to believe this fact. If we cannot even believe what we are seeing with our own eyes, what can we still believe in?”

“Almost forgot, today is Valentines Day, no, it isn’t twelve yet. However, my dear Rohan, I already have no way of sending you flowers. In the lord’s kingdom of heaven, I will miss and remember you. After busying about for an entire day, all of the missing staff’s corpses have been found. They weren’t harmed in the slightest, yet they all became completely different people. No one knows what exactly happened, no, perhaps Dr. Rochester knows something, but he clearly has no intentions of revealing it to the public. Right now, this place has already been completely sealed off, the destruction sequences for number two and three have already been started up. Meanwhile, we were ordered to gather at Passage 54 in preparation of completely evacuating from the base. That Ludark was the first one to rush to Passage 54, he probably already thought about how he was going to face the judge in the court of law now, right? However, that idiot who believes himself to be infallible doesn’t understand Rochester at all, nor does he understand what exactly the ultra experimental subject placed in our hands is. Does he really think he still has a chance of entering a court of law?

The ultra experimental subject is definitely hiding in one of our bodies! Moreover, it will definitely find a way to leave this place. It is to the extent where I suspect whether or not it even needs to escape! That is why I decided I might as well not go and ‘gather’ in Passage 54. I do not wish to spend the rest of my life on a dissecting platform or breeding tank, all while having my consciousness awake! I know that I am, in reality, not that important of a figure. In this base, there is only one true core and soul, and that is Rochester, the rest of us all dispensable. Now, I reckon Rochester already withdrew ‘one’ out from the base, am I wrong?

An era with a super genius is an era of tragedy for ordinary people. When ultra life forms appear in this world, then that is the start of disaster.”

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