Book 5 Chapter 18.3

Book 5 Chapter 18.3 - History

After leaving the breeding hall, making it through the long and dark passage, and then down another ten meters, Su reached the next floor. Before him was an extremely thick alloy gate, the red warning words next to it just as striking after several decades: Automatic security region, extremely dangerous, only personnel authority level seven or higher permitted!

Next to the alloy door were rows of identifying instruments, from their outer appearances ranging from iris scans, fingerprints, to DNA testing, everything that should be there was there. However, due to the loss of electrical supply, these cutting age olden era devices were now purely decorative items. Without the assistance of hydraulic pressure force, this alloy heavy door measured in tons was, for the human race, impassable. However, for Su, no metal things were hindrances. 

He analyzed the alloy door’s composition, and then his intelligence cores operated at full force. Ten minutes later, a completely new focused acid was secreted from his body. This was a function not even available to him yesterday, but rather something Su developed through referencing the Herkula and Leigna materials he obtained. 

When a cloud of mistlike acid was sprayed on the alloy door, the alloy surface immediately released large amounts of white smoke, and then as if it was boiling, bubbles continuously rose from within!

The bubbles ruptured one after another, releasing even more white smoke, the alloy door correspondingly starting to cave in. After waiting for a bit, Su released another spray of the acidic mist, the originally somewhat slowing corrosion speed quickly speeding up again. Su stared at the hole on the alloy door that became deeper and deeper, releasing a spray of acid every so often. The information his sight and perception picked up were quickly gathered and then distributed to their designated intelligence cores. After being calculated and analyzed, the timing and amount for the next spray would be obtained. That was why right now, Su wasn’t thinking about anything at all. When the time came, a suitable amount of acid would spray on its own. 

Not long ago, Su was still extremely unused to this type of multi-tasking method similar to an intelligence system, but now, it was much more natural. Now, he would often simultaneously think about several things, definitely not the method in which humans thought. 

The meter thick alloy door was finally eaten through by the acidic mist, exactly as how Su predicted. He made his way through the hole on the door, entering the so-called ‘extreme danger zone’.

In this region, automatic weapon platforms hung from every corner of every passage, able to attack intruders without the correct accessing privileges at any time. An armed robot was currently embedded inside the groove of the wall not too far in front of him, its composition simple, firepower great, precisely the type that gave others the greatest headaches in battle. However now, it could only quietly sit there, all power sources depleted. 

While walking through the passage, a thought suddenly emerged in Su’s mind. “Did they not fear that these automatic weapon platforms’ artificial intelligence would truly develop intelligence and launch a rebellion?” 

This was clearly something only those already dead would worry about. However, Su didn’t baselessly produce this thought. Right now, Su already recalled part of his dreams, and also remembered many things that might be completely unrelated to the dreamland. These memories were like extremely messy drawings. Not only was there no relationship between them, every picture had meaningless chunks of mottled colors. However, Su knew that right now, every single thought that suddenly appeared had reason, it was just that he didn’t understand them right now. 

Su stood in front of an automatic door, and then he raised his head to look at the already somewhat blurry handwriting: Third Ultra Experimental Subject Breeding Room.

Only after a moment of hesitation did Su place his hand on the automatic door. He exerted force, freeing the automatic door along from the wall along with its frame. The consumption of secreting acidic liquid was too great, something he would only use when dealing with things like  that meter thick enormous door.

When he walked into the Third Ultra Experimental Subject Breeding Room, a boom sounded in Su’s mind, the entire world shaking! His face became pale, body backing up a few steps, only stabilizing himself after his back smashed into an aluminum alloy shelf. 

Su closed his eyes. Everything he saw just now instantly merged with his dreamland. In that moment, he didn’t know if he was dreaming, or if he was experiencing reality. 

At the center of the breeding room stood an enormous breeding tank that was ten meters in diameters and thirty meters tall, large enough to raise a whale. There were six normal sized breeding tanks placed around the enormous breeding tank. On the other side of the breeding tank was an enormous computer case, a medium-size computer used purely for data analysis and processing extending from its bulk. Around the medium-sized computer was a terminal information processing platform that allowed for ten people to work simultaneously, and on the other side of the breeding room was a half sealed biochemistry experimental region where a dozen or so people could work in. 

This Ultra Experimental Subject Breeding Room, if it was placed in the outside world, was already enough to have a large-scale biochemistry laboratory out of. 

While standing at the entrance, Su’s perception already extended to every corner of the breeding room. He knew that if he changed his angle of sight, for example, concentrating on the enormous breeding tank, then what he saw would perfectly match up with his dreams. 

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