Book 5 Chapter 18.1

Book 5 Chapter 18.1 - History

It was as if the place in his dreams was real. 

As he looked at the endless breeding tanks, Su’s face turned deathly pale, the violent headache making it almost impossible for him to think clearly. The world in his dreams was currently breaking through his consciousness’ shackles, trying to break out into the surface. However, this process was incomparably painful, to the extent that what ultimately appeared before his eyes were all scattered and smashed scenes. However, this was already enough, enough to produce a rough picture of this world. 

Su took a step forward, the weakness of his legs almost unable to support his body, staggering, and only then did he stand firm again. He took a moment to compose himself, and then slowly walked towards the closest breeding tank. 

This was a standard breeding tank, the 200 centimeters wide, 350 centimeter high tank made of reinforced glass, the top part connected to the ceiling. The reinforced glass exterior was covered in thick layers of dust, and the dust already solidified, preventing him from seeing what was inside. From the thickness of the dust, it seemed like it had collected for at least a few decades. Su reached out his hand to wipe away the dust covering the surface of the reinforced glass, allowing him to see that the solution inside had already dried up, condensing into a thick layer of nutrient paste inside the breeding tank. Inside the nutrient paste was a small dog sized creature, still in its immature form, its sense organs not even fully formed yet. It leaned against the glass wall, as if it was frantically trying to escape, its front claws even cracking the reinforced glass. However, it wasn’t able to free itself from this cage in the end, trapped to death and turned into a dried corpse. 

Su lightly tapped the reinforced glass, and from this motion, already knew its thickness and density. The hardness exceeded alloy steel, yet it cracked under the force of this small, immature, unknown creature’s claws. Apart from this nurtured creature’s terrifying innate strength, what was even more frightening was the tremendous power it erupted with when it was at desperate straits. From its final posture, Su could imagine just what kind of despair it experienced back then. 

The nutrient paste’s settlement had already become dark black hard chunks, but when his perception landed on it, the composition he couldn’t be more familiar with allowed Su to understand that the culture fluid in the tank should normally be deep green. 

When watching this immature body that still maintained its position of final struggle, a thought suddenly emerged in Su’s mind. The moment its eyes were developed, the moment it opened its eyes, the first thing it saw should be a green-colored world. 

Everything was exactly the same as in his dreams, to the extent where even the composition of the culture fluid was recalled. 

No, there were still some differences. What Su saw was only an experiment station and large numbers of research personnel. There were no breeding tanks in his line of sight within his dreams. Meanwhile, here, regardless of which angle one looked from, breeding tanks stretched as far as the eye could see. This place concentrated with darkness had over ten thousand dried up breeding tanks. 

Su lowered his head, seeing a piece of metal below the breeding tank with some words of description. He squatted down, wiped away the dust on the explanation plate, and then carefully read the words. At the very top of the explanation plate was a name that was engraved using a mysterious language, and below it was the explanation in the federation’s language. When he saw the name, Su who originally didn’t understand this type of language unexpectedly read softly, “Herkula…”

Herkula was the biological weapon’s name. Its build was well-rounded, suited for movement in environments with high or medium gravitational pull. Its movements were extremely nimble, possessing great strength, and its main means of attack was physical attacks, its fighting strength on the lower side. The reason why it could become a finalized biological weapon was because its power to adapt to its surroundings was great, its reproductive strength high, and it needed hardly any replenishment. That meant that large amounts of Herkula could be bred under any environment, and when they were released onto the battlefield, they relied on numbers to defeat their enemies. In the system of biological weapons, Herkula was the model cannon fodder, only able to deal with low-level civilizations. Herkula’s body type is as follows… pivotal target data as follows… gene mapping as follows...

This information wasn’t something Su knew to begin with, but rather came from the inherent meaning of the word Herkula written in that mysterious language. As long as Su read this the word in the correct manner, his consciousness would automatically perceive this information. However, how could reading this word be that easy?

Just now, Su inadvertently read this word. When he tried to recall it, he discovered that back then, he used 80 of the 100 intelligence cores, as well as 300 computing cores, his vocal organs under extreme control simultaneously releasing several hundred different pitches, as well as overlaid with spiritual fluctuations of a special frequency. To put it briefly, this was definitely not a language humans could read. 

Meanwhile, the explanation written in the old federation’s language was only several hundred words, the information it contained was only the initial breeding date, critical times, as well as the model numbers of the nutrients supplied. Compared to the word Herkula itself, the amount of information was simply negligible. 

The name of another language was embedded into a human language document, it really was strange. Su believed that at least in the olden era, there shouldn’t be anyone who could read or even recognize this language.

Then how did it end up appearing here? Moreover, why did Su recognize this type of language?

Su raised his head, his all encompassing perception making contact with the ‘Herkula’ inside the breeding tank again. After examining it for several minutes, Su discovered that what rested in the breeding tank wasn’t a true Herkula. Compared to the information contained in the mysterious language, even if the creature in the breeding tank fully matured, it would only have a tenth of the true Herkula’s strength, a third of its speed, three times its energy consumption, food utilization efficacy was only a fifth, and the maturation cycle took as long as three months. What it could use as food was also much less in variety. In short, the incomplete body couldn’t even be considered an incomplete Herkula. Su also discovered that the remaining genetic fragments and the gene mapping the mysterious name provided had a huge inherent difference, two completely different creatures. It was only their outer form that was a bit similar. 

The creature in the breeding tank, in the present world, could only be considered an okay biological weapon, its comprehensive power considerably stronger than those of lions and tigers, but a fully armed third level dragonrider private was completely enough to deal with quite a few of them. Meanwhile, the true Herkula could crush a dozen dragonrider privates in just a few minutes of time. However, based on what was recorded in the mysterious language, Herkula were only disposable goods used to deal with low level civilizations!

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