Book 5 Chapter 17.6

Book 5 Chapter 17.6 - Same Kind

There were only three dragonborn soldiers left of the ones who withdrew into the darkness, the entire base possibly only having eight to ten dragonborn. If he devoured all of the dragonborn he saw, then Su would be able to piece together 95% of the dragonborn’s genes, which was pretty much the same as grasping the blueprint to this super biological weapon. 

The dragonborn genes that gradually spread in his body continuously stimulated Su, bringing him more pleasure than sex or even powerful drugs. Under this powerful stimulation, many organs in Su’s body moved in collaboration, making him open his mouth and release a puff of black haze. The process of blowing out this mist also brought him an incomparable high similar to ejaculation. The black haze Su sprayed out carried large amounts of seeds that could float and move about. They carried a large-scale force field, quickly merging into the black haze as soon as they were sprayed out. With some slight adjustments to the black haze’s medium and force field’s frequency, the mist would then fall under his own control. Every single seed could control a large piece of black haze, and the black haze that was taken over would expel all seeds that he didn’t have control over, pushing them further away, in this way spreading their range of coverage. Just like that Su silently transformed the black haze. 

Following the dragonborn’s retreating steps, Su entered the depths of the base. 

This was an enormous underground base, its size several times larger than even that of Frozen Throne. Along the way, Su experienced a residential district that could house five thousand people, a warehouse that could store several tens of thousands of tons of supplies, an energy district that could store several tens of thousands of tons of fuel, as well as a hospital, barracks, and a business district. The experimental region occupied three whole floors of space, within it over a hundred laboratories of varying sizes. One could just imagine the grand scene of thousands of researchers working busily when the base was operating at its greatest potential! This place already couldn’t be considered a research base, but instead a complete underground city!

At this moment, two sealed off alloy doors appeared before Su. The alloy doors were already locked tightly, the electronic screen on them no longer functioning due to a loss of energy supply, the hydraulic pressure installations completely completely rusted beyond repair as well. Above this entrance, two unmanned weapon sentinel platforms hung from the ceiling, the surveillance camera’s lens covered in a thick layer of dust, seemingly many years since it had last been used. From the looks of the surroundings, it might have already been several decades since the alloy doors had last been opened. These doors might very well have been closed ever since the base fell, all the way until all of the energy supply had been completely exhausted. 

To Su’s right was a long and dark passage, at the end the emergency staircase leading to the floor below. There were no signs of dragonborn in the passage, but there were military engineers that left behind footprints. In addition, from the traces and atmosphere, it didn’t seem to only be the military engineers. There were at least two completely new creatures, two types of creatures that were as valuable as the dragonborn in Su’s eyes. During this pursuit, Su captured two more dragonborn, the gene puzzle of the dragonborn already at 85% completion. If he captured just one more dragonborn, then he had a high chance of completing this puzzle.

However, in front of this sealed entrance, Su temporarily gave up the pursuit of his enemies. Behind this entrance seemed to be countless sounds crying out, calling his name. That name was extremely long, and it was read using a mysterious language, not something belonging to this world at all. The voices calling out to him became greater and greater, eventually becoming like a flood, almost breaking through Su’s consciousness!

Su’s body suddenly trembled, the corner of his left eye splitting open, a line of blood slowly flowing down his cheek. At the same time, countless fine wounds appeared in his body, many of these wounds even directly appearing on a genetic level, shattering many genetic fragments he was trying to absorb. 

In the blink of an eye, his body’s vitality dropped by over half, the strength of his life affinity even more so directly dropping around 30%. It could be said that he was currently suffering from life-threatening injuries. His face was extremely pale as he looked at the metal gate. He finally raised his hand, only, it moved extremely slowly and with great difficulty. 

Su understood extremely clearly that he wasn’t attacked by an external force, and the shouts and cries calling out to him didn’t really exist. Even though the existence of spiritual fluctuations had already been proven, and a corresponding ability had been produced, there were no spiritual fluctuations behind the metal door, or anything with life affinity. The cry came from the depths of Su’s own body, and the injuries covering his body were the result of his body’s conscious and subconscious resistance against his body’s instincts. That was to say, Su currently did not wish to enter through this door. 

Su took a deep breath, calmed down his instincts and all of his subconscious reactions, once again restoring himself into a complete person. When he breathed out, there was actually a puff of bloody mist. This was the price of controlling his body. 

The entrance had already activated its emergency mechanism, the hydraulic pressure mechanical parts already completely locked tightly. Only if the electrical supply was restored, and then the confidential secret passcode inputted would the lock be undone, opening up this large door weighing several dozen tons. The energy supply had long been cut off, so it seemed like all possibility of opening this door was lost. By now, no signs of activity from the Holy Crusaders could be seen, their advance troops unable to penetrate this deeply into the base. 

The locked door didn’t pose a problem for the current Su. His hand caressed the exposed hydraulic pressure component, the places it passed through immediately releasing surging, thick smoke, the metal component corroded at a visible speed. Large amounts of corrosive liquid continuously seeped out from Su’s hand, gathering into a stream, and then moving through the door’s components as if it possessed intelligence, corroding and melting crucial parts one after another. 

Half an hour later, Su’s hands pressed against the door, and his entire body exerted force. With a rumbling sound, the heavy door was slowly pushed open!

What appeared before Su’s eyes, were rows of upright breeding troughs, the quantity thousands upon thousands. 

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