Book 5 Chapter 17.5

Book 5 Chapter 17.5 - Same Kind

The female voice cried out furiously, “Your savagery will incur the wrath of the world!”

“I beg to disagree.” Su calmly said, and then walked towards those withdrawing dragonborn. He arrived in front of a dragonborn with a single step, his right hand caressing its chest armor. The dragonborn seemed to have fallen under some type of spell, his body suddenly going rigid, collapsing with a rumbling sound. Su then dragged him to the side of the lobby. 

“You will be cursed by all of the lives you slaughtered!” The female voice seemed to be roaring.

Meanwhile, Su’s voice was still flat and ice-cold. “Perhaps, but at the very least, these things won’t. They are just some chunks of flesh that should have rotted a long time ago, lacking the qualification to curse me.”

“They are my children!”

“Is that so?” A faint hint of mockery appeared on Su’s face. “However, they don’t have souls. All artificially created things lack souls.” 

“But they are all my children!” The female voice was also exceptionally firm.

Both sides were extremely firm in their opinions with no sides backing down, and as a result, the base became silent again. The dragonborn continued to withdraw, while Su dragged another one into the darkness. Moving through the several thousand square meter lobby was just a few seconds of time for the dragonborn, but precisely in these short few seconds, the dragonborn lost two more companions. Now, they couldn’t retaliate against Su in the slightest, while in the beginning, they managed to heavily injure Su’s body. 

The rapid-fire machine guns calmed down, ammunition long emptied. The military engineers that transported bullets all scattered from fear.

Su stood in front of the dragonborn that he dragged back, and then stared into its four dragon eyes. From within the amber dragon eyes, Su could clearly see fear and struggling. The dragonborn didn’t feel fear, but the current fear was hidden deep within its biological body’s instincts, a fear and resistance towards its impending destruction. This was something imprinted with life itself, not something that could be erased.

At the very least, it wasn’t possible for that woman hidden in the depths of the underground base.

Of course, it was even less possible for the Blood Parliament who had just created chosen. The dragonborn’s combat strength far exceeded the best chosen, and their body composition was more stable. Together with suitable biologically dormant installations, their effective lifespan could reach several hundred years. From a technological standpoint, the level of biological technology the dragonborn displayed was three whole generations ahead of the Blood Parliament. 

Just because the woman couldn’t do it didn’t mean that this type of technology didn’t exist. At the very least, in Su’s memories, there seemed to be perfect biological combat weapon in existence. Only, his memories were too blurry, to the extent where it was even more indistinct than a dream he couldn’t recall. 

Su undid the dragonborn’s thick breastplate, exposing its chest that was covered under thick skin. He reached out a finger, and then a strand of sharp energy shot out from his fingertip, producing a deep hole in the dragonborn’s chest. Su then spat out a drop of blood, the droplet changing direction in midair, and after bouncing a few times, it shot precisely into the hole that was just created. The hole wasn’t large, but it was half a meter deep, chiseling through the dragonborn’s thirty centimeter thick breastbone. Within the bone cavity beneath this breastbone hid a heart-like nervous organ; this was the dragonborn’s true vital part. 

Su already knew that the dragonborn’s skull was almost completely solid, the brain concealed within roughly the size of an eagle’s, and it was only used to collect and process information from sensory organs. Its true brain was divided into six parts and hidden in different parts of the body. That was why unlike the general knowledge of humans, the dragon’s head was not the vital point, but rather a strong point. 

Then, a blade edge appeared in Su’s fingers, tearing through the scales covering the dragonborn’s chest, producing from within a fingernail sized, glistening pearl-like bead. The bead was warm, and it continuously released powerful radiation. This bead contained large amounts of energy, the energy concentration almost no different from nuclear fuel. This was the dragonborn’s energy storage organ, as well as the most important part of the dragonborn’s bodies. The energy stored within a single energy bead was equivalent to that of devouring several dozen dragonborn bodies. After extracting the pearl, Su directly tossed it into his mouth, swallowed it, and then no longer paid attention to the dragonborn corpse, slowly walking out.  

Only Su could do something like this. If an ordinary ability user swallowed the energy bead, the powerful radiation would definitely cook through all of their internal organs.

The dragonborn that was tossed onto the ground wasn’t peaceful, but instead began to twitch slightly. Soon after, the twitching extended all over its body. Large blisters appeared on its body from time to time as well, as if there were bugs squirming about inside its body. From the injury in its chest, one could see countless flesh sprouts frantically growing inside its body, and after reaching their limit, they would fall over and melt into thick, deep red blood. The blood that flowed out was no longer red, but rather a dark purple. At a microscopic level, one would see that the blood was full of smashed organic matter and protein particles that had already undergone a digestion and decomposition cycle. The blood that flowed out was now already pitifully lacking in nutrients. 

The blood that flowed out from the dragonborn was the waste product left behind after the intruder cells’ decomposition and digestion process, only, the blood plasma flowed out too much and too quickly. In terms of vigor, these intruder cells, when compared to those Su had before entering the Black Dragonriders, were already more than ten times greater. 

Soon after, the rustling sounds of ants chewing disappeared. The dragonborn’s robust body also disappeared, leaving behind only the metal armor and ammunition that could not be broken down. 

Thick black blood flowed freely, trickling in all directions, quickly occupying the entire room, and then flowing out from the entrance. 

Many rooms and passage entrances had blood flowing out from them. From the room the dragonborn was dragged into, a smooth bead of bright red blood bounced out, the tail of blood behind it unexpectedly burning and erupting, propelling it towards Su like an arrow. When it arrived behind Su, it slowed down its speed, nimbly made a turn, and then entered Su’s opened mouth. When it entered Su’s body, the blood immediately broke down, and then the several hundred gene fragments wrapped within were released, each of them transported to the designated organ. 

This bead of blood contained all of the dragonborn’s quintessence. 

These were the dragonborn’s genes, considerably different from the genes of known creatures of this world. What was similar to the swamp irregular creatures were that these dragonborn’s genes were also scattered and smashed. Every function of the body was a different fragment, able to preserve the normal activity of life, yet impossible to merge into a whole entity. This could be said to be a miracle, yet it really did exist. Meanwhile, the significance of this, for Su, was that he couldn’t smoothly absorb the dragonborn’s genes to acquire their unique abilities. The dragonborn were much higher level than the swamp creatures, their genes also far more complex. Even though their genes were chopped up, it wasn’t as meaningless as the swamp creatures’. This difference in order of magnitude made these dragonborn gene fragments develop a faint connection or set of rules, only, one had to obtain enough of those fragments. After continuously absorbing the genetic fragments of four dragonborn, Su already touched the doorstep of the dragonborn’s abilities. Right now, the newly developed intelligence cores were currently operating at full force. 

This was the jigsaw puzzle game Su was talking about. 

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