Book 5 Chapter 17.5

Book 5 Chapter 17.5 - Same Kind

The female voice cried out furiously, “Your savagery will incur the wrath of the world!”

“I beg to disagree.” Su calmly said, and then walked towards those withdrawing dragonborn. He arrived in front of a dragonborn with a single step, his right hand caressing its chest armor. The dragonborn seemed to have fallen under some type of spell, his body suddenly going rigid, collapsing with a rumbling sound. Su then dragged him to the side of the lobby. 

“You will be cursed by all of the lives you slaughtered!” The female voice seemed to be roaring.

Meanwhile, Su’s voice was still flat and ice-cold. “Perhaps, but at the very least, these things won’t. They are just some chunks of flesh that should have rotted a long time ago, lacking the qualification to curse me.”

“They are my children!”

“Is that so?” A faint...

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