Book 5 Chapter 17.4

Book 5 Chapter 17.4 - Same Kind

After this attack went off smoothly, Madeline quickly withdrew towards the passage. Su’s voice directly sounded in her mind: hide for now! 

The young lady was somewhat confused, but she obediently returned to the passage and then made her way into the destroyed biological traps. The biological traps were all several cubic meters in size, within them some areas for irregular creatures to remain in. When she made her way in, there was more than enough room. Only, the trap’s interior was similar to the inner cavity of a biological body, all around her viscous liquid and slimy tissues, extremely uncomfortable as they stuck to her body. The young lady’s arms were wrapped around her knees, body curled up into a ball, huddling here just like that. 

The death of a companion naturally enraged the dragonborn. Even more bullets poured down on the passage like rain, producing deep grooves in the walls. However, the biological traps’ outer skin was enough to isolate the dragonborn’s senses, so they didn’t know where the young lady was actually hiding. The roaring sounds of the rapid-fire machine gun quickly weakened, their new magazines emptied. The dragonborn surrounded the passage in a circular manner, and the short and small military engineers appeared again, supplying the dragonborn with new ammunition. 

As soon as the dragonborn relaxed slightly, Su emerged once again from the darkness like a ghost!

His body seemed to have lost all weight as he drifted over to a dragonborn’s back. Then, it was as if all of that dragonborn’s power was stripped away, its enormous body collapsing with a loud rumbling noise! At this time, all of the remaining dragonborn and military engineers saw Su extremely clearly. 

Su grabbed onto the sharp horns found all over the dragonborn’s head, and then he walked towards the side of the lobby, disappearing behind a half opened door in the blink of an eye. The dragonborn’s enormous body was also dragged away by him. The process played out extremely clearly before their eyes, appearing extremely slow as well, but it all happened in an instant. 

That half opened door wasn’t even closed, quiet and strange noises then sounding from behind the door. Those were sounds combined by several hundred or even over a thousand different pitches, sha sha si si, extremely strange, just like the sounds of tens of thousands of enormous ants chewing on something. Under these sha sha sounds, the screams of the dragonborn were especially clear, just like a soprano in a bass choir!

Crash! Another unique sound could be heard. A round piece of armor slowly rolled out from behind the door, and only after wobbling a few times did it unwillingly fall onto the ground. Those eyes all recognized that this was a piece of armor on that dragonborn’s back, and right now, its surface was covered in blood. 

What followed was a death-like silence. The dragonborn even stopped the reloading of their magazines midway. 

Then, the one who emerged from behind the door, was Su. His body was completely exposed, the clear muscle lines displaying a human body that was at the peak of beauty. The several embedded crystals blended together well, an amber radiance appearing from them. His light blonde hair was still just as dazzling, green left eye like a frozen lake. Su stood still for a moment, and then his body began to become blurry, gradually hiding into the darkness. 

The restlessness and disturbance began from the military engineers. They screamed with shrill voices, fleeing towards the surrounding passages. The uneasiness quickly spread to the remaining dragonborn. They gave each other a look, and then began to restlessly walk about, as if doing this would accomplish something. Fear was an emotion that originally shouldn’t have existed on these dragonborn, because these functions had never been incorporated into their design to begin with. However, right now, for some unknown reason, when they saw Su’s true form, they began to feel fear. 

Fear, as well as their helplessness in battle, made these dragonborn lose their innate tacit understanding and orderly formation. Moreover, with the loss of two companions, their originally strict formation now had gaps in coverage. In front of an enemy like Su, all gaps and oversight resulted in fatal consequences. 

The dragonborn wandering furthest from the rest suddenly collapsed without any sound, and then all of the surviving dragonborn saw Su drag that victim towards a silent and hidden passage. Those strange sounds immediately echoed through this place again. 

It was just like before; after a brief instant, Su emerged once again alone from that passage entrance. This time, there were two dragonborn that saw Su spit out a lump of lingering black energy. Then, the black haze seemed to become thicker and thicker, their line of sight seemingly darkening a bit as well. Meanwhile, Su’s body merged with the darkness again. 

Sight was the main channel in which humans examined the world, so all humans yearned for light. Meanwhile, under the shroud of darkness, sight was merely the most inessential means of perception for the dragonborn. They welcomed the darkness, because their instincts told them that the darkness could impair enemies, that darkness was their friend. However now, the dark fog was currently quietly changing, the friendly and familiar environment currently becoming unfamiliar. A dragonborn subconsciously rubbed its eyes, yet wasn’t able to see any clearer. 

Soon afterwards, the third dragonborn fell, dragged away by Su. When Su reappeared, he released a breath of air into the black haze just like before, and then disappeared. The ever present black haze already became Su’s protective charm. 

A long and drawn out sigh sounded within the lobby. “Withdraw… my children.” 

When the aimlessly wandering dragonborn received the order, they began to head towards the other end of the lobby. However, before they travelled that far, the last of the withdrawing dragonborn suddenly fell. Su appeared like a spectre, dragging him towards a dark abandoned room. 

The sweet-sounding female voice sounded again, this time full of anger. “Lavulian! They’ve already abandoned their resistance, why must you continue your slaughter?”

At this moment, Su emerged from the room alone. He looked down, his sight passing through the darkness and layers of building in his way, landing on the body of the enemy hidden in the underground depths. With an indifferent voice, he replied, “Since you left behind a jigsaw puzzle for me to play with, then it’s only proper that I finish piecing it together.” 

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