Book 5 Chapter 17.1

Book 5 Chapter 17.1 - Same Kind

Even the deepest passage had an end. Finally, two alloy fire-resistant doors appeared before Su. The fire-resistant doors were wide opened, the electronic lock and hydraulic pressure machinery showing clear traces of explosives being used. What rested behind the fire-resistant doors was a long passage, still dark without a bit of light. 

Su thought for a bit, and then he activated a miniature fluorescent light stick he purchased in Tartic. The dim green lightning only provided enough radiance to light up a few meters in front of them, but this was already enough. Both him and Madeline could move in complete darkness, only Cirvanas needed this weak light. The young man needed at least another hour to recover his fighting strength, and in the following battle, he actually wasn’t needed. The reason Su turned on this light was just to ease the pressure Cirvanas felt. 

The young man was intelligent. When he saw Su’s rear figure that wasn’t all that tall and sturdy, he suddenly felt an urge to cry. 

Su continued to release an ice-cold aura, still maintaining a pre-battle state. Currently, Su’s goal was only slaughter. He was cold-hearted, indifferent, originally he definitely wouldn’t have considered how others felt, let alone a companion without any combat strength. 

After walking into the alloy doors, Su squatted down, using his arm to brush away the thick dust covering the foot of the wall, revealing the mottled wall surface. Under the weak lightning, he could see a large, dark colored patch, as well as many small holes. The dark patch was blood that had remained here for many years, the holes burned open by powerful corrosive liquid. When one thought of the swamp’s various irregular creatures’ corrosive mucus, one would understand the source of these traces. Su pressed his hand on the corrosion marks. His perception force immediately analyzed the composition of what remained, the similarity exceeding 80 degrees, verifying his suspicions. 

When he looked forward into the passage starting from where he was standing, there were bloodstains, erosion traces, bullet holes, and explosion traces. It seemed like the advance troop encountered the assault of irregular creatures as soon as they entered, suffering heavy casualties as a result. 

At the end of the passage was a horizontal type fire-resistant emergency door. It was currently leaning to its side, the hydraulic pressure and guiding rail warped and ruined, seemingly destroyed by explosives in a crude manner. Only, using such powerful explosives in an enclosed space like this, were the Holy Crusaders’ great knights able to withstand the blast waves’ devastation? 

Su walked towards the passage exit, his perception quietly extending into his surroundings. Inside the Panoramic View, there were several areas on the meter thick passage wall that changed colors, indicating that the materials there were somewhat different. 

When he passed by a part of the wall that didn’t look that different from the surface, Su’s left hand reached out and penetrated deeply into the wall, his arm almost entirely disappearing inside!

A blood-curdling screech immediately sounded in the passage. The penetrated wall began to wriggle about, spewing out large amounts of mucus from its hidden mouths. When the mucus landed on the ground, they immediately released wisps of smoke, quickly eating away at the concrete floor and producing tiny holes one after another. Quite a bit of the mucus landed on Su’s body, but not even the combat suit that was equipped with some defensive functions could withstand the mucus’ corrosion, burning until small holes appeared one after another. However, when the mucus landed on Su’s skin, it didn’t display the slightest effects, as if they splashed onto corrosion resistant ceramic, only sliding along its surface. 

The muscles on Su’s arm swelled and contracted, and then a liquid sack rupturing sound could be heard from within the activated wall; only after doing this did he pull out his arm. The fine arm was full of thick yellow mucus, the combat suit’s sleeves already completely corroded and decomposed. In Su’s hands was a large organ similar to a heart. It had already been crushed by his five fingers, but it was still twitching and pulsing, spewing out a few strands of mucus from time to time. Regardless of what kind of thing was hiding behind this wall, it didn’t seem like it could continue living. 

At this moment, several chunks of the wall in front of them began to move, falling inside, the plaster covering their surface coming off chunk after chunk. From the plaster’s thickness and toughness, these irregular creatures that were pretending to be walls definitely weren’t created a day or two ago, to the extent where it might exceed a year or two, quite possibly already existing for more than five years. That is to say, not long after the Holy Crusaders’ advance troops withdrew, the irregular creatures hiding in the base already sealed up the broken passageway, arranging the next trap. Moreover, over the recent ten years of time, they obtained a perfect disguise. 

This trap was fatal, but the question was, who were they prepared for?

An answer quietly emerged in Su’s mind. Even though he felt that it was extremely ridiculous, it might very well be close to the truth: all of these traps were prepared for him. This was all despite the fact that the preparation time was as long as ten years, and when the preparations were being made, it was unknown just how long the wait would be. 

A total of six biological traps. During this endless time, even though they were all in a half dormant state, the amount of energy and nourishment consumed were tremendous. 

After the plaster was peeled off, they could already see that the so-called wall surface was made of a soft biological material, the skin thick and heavy. There were more than ten nozzles that could change directions covering its surface, these nozzles used for shooting out powerful corrosive mucus. After throwing off their disguise, the wall bodies swelled again, all of the nozzles turning and aiming at Su. It had already been proved that the corrosive liquid was useless against Su, but the intelligence and analytical abilities of this ‘trap’ weren’t enough to come to a verdict in such a short time, and as such they acted based on the original plan. 

The passage immediately became suffused with a rain of acid, but it didn’t continue. The moment the nozzles changed directions, Su’s figure already moved, passing through the five biological traps that could still move, similarly inserting his arm all the way to its base, the sounds of liquid sacks rupturing rang out five times in succession. The acid spraying nozzles quickly lost power, falling weakly onto the ground, acidic liquid still flowing from them in waves. Towards the destruction of these traps that had been prepared at a great cost, Su didn’t feel any happiness. Instead, the feeling of danger he felt only became stronger. 

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