Book 5 Chapter 16.6

Book 5 Chapter 16.6 - Enemy of Life

The drop of blood Su inserted into his body had already turned into countless particles, moving about through his body’s tissues, continuously absorbing nutrients along the way and dividing, to the extent where it even seized some of the less important normal body cells to replenish its consumption. When it entered deeply into the young man’s body, these intruder cells split into two groups, the first group shooting towards the young man’s brain. The second group rushed towards the nucleus that took the place of his heart, moreover stationing itself around the outsider of the nucleus, forming a layer of film, wrapping the nucleus tightly within. It was like a bug horde that hung on an enormous beast’s body, continuously sending large amounts of gene fragments into the nucleus. 

Several minutes later, the young man’s internal organs’ behavioral patterns already completely changed. Large amounts of immune cells similar to the intruder cells, equipped with powerful offensive characteristics were created, and under the lead of a small amount of true intruder cells, they already rushed towards the proliferating phagocytes. An intense battle thus erupted in every part of the young man’s body!

Ten minutes later, all of the phagocytes already died. The immune cells in the young man’s body already reached their greatest concentration, internal organs already stopping its production. The intruder cells stopped their replication, separating themselves from the nucleus and brain regions, initiating the search through the blood vessels in the young man’s body that were still intact for phagocytes that escaped the net. 

Fifteen minutes later, the intruder cells began to break down and die.

Sixteen minutes later, all of the intruder cells died, most of them decomposing into nutrients that could be absorbed and used by the young man’s body. The small amount of waste matter could also be gradually eliminated. 

Seventeen minutes later, the gene fragments of the intruder cells the nucleus hadn't made use of yet began to develop changes. More than ten fragments began to gather, dissolve, and merge in a mysterious pattern, ultimately forming an extremely complex gene lock. In the upcoming 24 hours, these gene locks would automatically become meaningless nutrients. The gene fragments in the newly produced immune cells would also break apart on their own, thus causing these powerful immune cells to correspondingly die. 

The young man’s face was gradually returning to normal, his body also slowly becoming active again. However, fatigue covered his face, his body weak to the point where he couldn’t gather any strength. This short twenty minute battle overdrafted his stamina quite heavily. 

Su narrowed his eyes, carefully sensing everything that was going on in the young man’s body. Only when his condition stabilized did he say flatly, “Let’s continue, we already wasted a lot of time.”

Cirvanas produced a solid oxygen supply pouch from his knapsack, wearing it over his face. He wasn’t like Su or Madeline who didn’t need oxygen for a long time. However, breathing in the seeds was no longer an issue, as he now had quite a large amount of immune cells inside his body. 

The three of them continued downwards, footsteps ringing through the spacious and empty dark staircase, the sounds becoming more and more distant and lonely.


Apart from darkness, there was nothing else. At the very least, Cirvanas couldn’t find a trace of light. For some reason, the monotonous and rhythmically unchanged footsteps suddenly became louder and louder, continuously echoing through his ears. It was to the extent where the young man could even hear his own heartbeat!

That wasn’t a heart, but rather the beating of the nucleus. However, the pulsing sound became louder and louder, mixing together with the footsteps, in the end almost becoming as deafening as thunder!

Cirvanas' breathing also became more and more heavy, feeling the chemical oxygen he breathed become hotter and hotter, as if he was breathing in burning flames. His chest also began to feel heavy. He suddenly felt himself becoming extremely weak, and also extremely flustered. Regardless of whether it was the darkness or the peacefulness, they both continuously added to the pressure he experienced. 

Correct, peacefulness, extreme peacefulness. Apart from the sound of footsteps and his own heartbeat, Cirvanas couldn’t hear anything else. Su and Madeline ahead seemed to have completely merged with the darkness, not releasing the slightest bit of sound. If it wasn’t for the nucleus’ response, he would have even doubted if there was anyone in front of himself. However, even with the nucleus, the young man still began to lose control over his emotions, to the extent where he started to doubt whether his nucleus’ reaction was accurate. He wanted light, even if it was just a bit of light. As long as it could eliminate this darkness, allowing him to see Su’s figure, it was enough. 

Subconsciously, Civanas realized that he was currently experiencing fear, even though he wasn’t willing to admit this.

He didn’t use flame abilities, not even the weakest spark, even though this was the easiest method to dispel the darkness. His reasoning told him that before Su or Madeline gave a clear order, the most sensible decision was to maintain the current situation. Countless dangers hid in the dark, and he could also sense that the air carried danger. However, when he copied what Su did, just a few extra breaths of air almost made him die under the phagocyte seeds. The young man thus didn’t dare to recklessly take any more risks. 

Fortunately, Su’s control over the intruder cells was strengthened, something that happened not too long ago. Otherwise, even if he could eliminate the phagocyte seeds in the young man’s body, the body would be similarly ravaged; when fighting, the intruder cells definitely wouldn’t consider how badly they ravaged the battlefield. 

Darkness, silence, the sound of footsteps, they weighed down on the young man’s chest like three enormous rocks. Right when he was about to suffocate, Madeline’s voice sounded from not too far in front of him. Since the young lady broke the silence, the formless chains binding Cirvanas were also shattered. The young man’s body immediately broke out in cold sweat, becoming incredibly weak.

“Su, the woman who spoke, the aura she gives off is a bit similar to yours.” Madeline said. 

Su remained silent for an entire minute. Then, with an unchanged ice-cold voice, replied, “It’s not just a bit similar. She, and I, are the same.”

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