Book 5 Chapter 16.5

Book 5 Chapter 16.5 - Enemy of Life

Madeline stood next to the wall not too far away, her attention currently concentrated on the wall’s traces. When she heard what Su said, she replied, “En, it seems that way. Look, from the looks of these traces, it should have been left behind by the Holy Crusaders’ specialized temple infantry mobile suits. The multi-layered metallic paint is their unique technology in this present age. As for other aspects…”

The young lady raised her hand, pressing against the dusty wall, and then suddenly exerted force. The specially reinforced, meter thick concrete wall released waves of muffled sound, and then with a rumbling sound, already caved in, opening up a hole that would allow for the movement of a single person. Madeline found a rectangular alloy plate from who knew where, using it to shovel up the thick snow outside. The meter thick snow was already as sturdy as ice, but after a few movements, Madeline already dug up a meter deep hole in the ground. She squatted down, carefully examined the earth covering the hole’s walls, and only then did she raise her head, saying, “There is a complete layer of radiation dirt sediment, meaning that this base was established before the war broke out. This means that the Holy Crusader likely originally had no relationship with this base. They might have obtained some clues about the base somewhere, and only then did they dispatch a squad over to take a look. If everything that idiot from Tartic said is true, then the previously dispatched troop should contain more than half of the Holy Crusaders’ elites. Only, it seems like their exploration wasn’t all that successful, or else they wouldn’t have left behind a woman that could speak to us.”

One had to admit that Madeline really wasn’t that good at telling jokes. This rare action actually proved that she was also nervous. Even though the swamp’s monsters weren’t that powerful, they strangely made her feel a true threat. That was why during the battle, she was extremely cautious not to let their claws or teeth touch her, as well as specially reminding Cirvanas to only attack from long range, moreover having him crazily bombard everything without holding back. Her sharp intuition told her that if these monsters’ bodily fluids entered her body, something truly bad might happen, with her body that had undergone three transformations no exception to this. 

Su was the only one who wasn’t restricted by this. The past had already proved that this pretty and fine male was the bane of all viruses and biological poisons. 

“Let’s continue. She’s already waiting for us down below,” Su said. His tone was calm and cold, not carrying a trace of warmth. This was Su in his combat state: an ice-cold, highly effective slaughtering machine. 

The three of them followed the spiral staircase downwards. The several dozen meters long emergency stairs seemed to stretch on endlessly, the other end completely buried within boundless darkness. The air was incredibly muddled, mixed with large amounts of poisonous gas, the oxygen content low to a seemingly negligible degree. During these few decades where the ventilation system had been completely destroyed, this type of air could already be considered fresh. However, even if the air quality was as fresh as that of the olden era’s, the three of them would still try their best not to breathe. There was a small amount of seeds floating through the air that upon making contact with warm and moist environments, would quickly revive, their activity several tens of times that of ordinary human cells. In addition, they possessed extremely great reproduction ability, using living cells as food. In terms of their level of threat, they were even worse than the most powerful viruses. 

Su and Madeline both tested out absorbing a bit of these seeds. In the end, the seeds were completely defeated under the young lady’s powerful cells. Oftentimes, only the phagocytes produced by several dozen cells could affect a single one of the young lady’s normal body cells, while the young lady’s immune cells, in one versus three, or even one versus four scenarios could eliminate and devour the seeds. As such, the young lady was like an ordinary person that came into contact with a bit of bacteria, without even the slightest bit of out of sorts feeling. 

Even though the phagocytes the seeds produced were vicious, the intruder cells in Su’s body were even faster, stronger, and more vicious. As a result, the seeds were wiped out as soon as they activated by Su’s intruder cells, the phagocytes they produced unable to complete the first division! They were defeated extremely quickly, just like when armed refugees faced an army led by a dragonrider general. 

Cirvanas was also trying to breathe some air, but he quickly became silent. A few minutes later, the young man’s lips became more and more red, glistening to the point where blood might drip out. His pale and fine skin also flushed with color, his body temperature even more directly increasing more than eighty degrees. 

Only, Su could tell with a single look that the young man was currently fighting a bitter battle against the invading phagocytes, already doing everything he could. However, the young man’s abilities were still far from reaching a level where he could control his body on a cellular level, to the extent where he couldn’t even really control fine tissues. That was why the process of resisting and devouring the seedlings was extremely strenuous, and after enduring for a day at most, his body would completely fall into the enemy’s hands. The following 24 hours would be a difficult struggle to maintain his life, and that would be the limit of what he could do. 

Cirvanas was indeed a bit rude and impetuous. He shouldn’t have tested things like Su and Madeline. 

Su frowned. He walked over to the young man, raised his chin, and then used his right hand’s forefingers to draw a cross cut on this throat. Then, his fingertips split open, a drop of blood bouncing out from his fingertips and entering the young man’s wound as if it had its own consciousness. It quickly dissolved into the young man’s body, and in the blink of an eye, countless fine threads pulled the young man’s wound together. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t even notice that an opening had previously been made there. 

When the opening closed, the young man’s face suddenly displayed an expression of extreme pain, his beautiful little face almost completely warping! However, the unbearable pain disappeared in an instant, replaced with a numb feeling. His entire body was no longer under his control. 

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