Book 5 Chapter 16.4

Book 5 Chapter 16.4 - Enemy of Life

Two minutes later, not a single irregular creature capable of fighting remained above the swamp. The viscous swamp continued to boil. Su stood calmly within the swamp, raising his head slightly to look into the gloomy sky, deep in thought. In his surroundings rested a ring of strange and irregular creatures, most of these bodies in pieces. 

The young lady also eliminated all of her opponents. She stepped on a mutated wolf mantis’ corpse, using its comparatively cleaner fur to wipe at the grease covering her shoes. Her azure eyes stared towards Su, but she didn’t display any intention of disturbing him. 

After standing for several minutes, Su stopped his thinking, and then his eyes began to scan over the viscous swamp that was starting to cool and freeze. Madeline and Cirvanas simultaneously sensed a slight throbbing sensation, thus understanding that Su started up the Panoramic View’s active scan again. 

Su’s thoughts were all over the place. 

A small half of the genetic analysis process had already been completed. The genes of six types of irregular creatures had finished its breakdown process, while twenty-two genes completed their preliminary examination, currently waiting to be completely analyzed. While in a combat state, Su could only allocate a small amount of energy towards the analysis of genes, the true breakdown process had to wait until the battle concluded to start. Su clearly recalled that he killed four of the wasp creatures alone, yet if one looked at it from a genetic standpoint, these four wasps were four completely different creatures, even though their external appearance and functions were nearly identical. 

Moreover, all of the genes were fractured and broken, impossible to directly use. 

Su had a vague feeling that this wasn’t because the other party’s skill at concocting biological weapons was lacking, but quite the opposite. 

The 70 new intelligence cores had already finished their production, and they now started operating. They took over all of the genetic analysis work, allowing Su’s instincts to concentrate on the battle ahead. Anyone could tell that this swamp of biochemical beasts was just the prelude, the true battle yet to come. 

The Panoramic View gradually expanded, powerful penetrative force gradually shattering the invisible spiritual defenses hiding underground, gradually sending back the original form of the underground world to Su’s brain. Right at this time, an ice-cold, deep feeling suddenly seeped out from the underground depths. A deafening and furious female voice rang through the ears of their party of three. 

“Get lost! Return! Otherwise, prepare to face destruction!”

“You scared?” Su said coldly. 

“Then just come and try me, Lavulian!” The female voice became quiet, and then she spoke these words. 

“Lavulian?” Su mouthed this word inwardly. Unexpectedly, he didn’t feel like this was a new word, but instead a proper noun that had a long history. This word originated from some kind of mysterious language, but it was definitely not a language that had ever appeared in the history of this celestial body. However, Su suddenly understood the meaning of this word. 

Lavulian, in a certain mysterious and ancient language, meant the devourer of life, also known as the enemy of life. 

Su was a bit conflicted, not knowing why he would understand this type of language. However, this didn’t make him, who had already entered a combat state shrink back. 

The all encompassing Panoramic View had already broken through the underground world’s protective screen, seeping close to five hundred meters beneath the ground. A half abandoned winding passage appeared in his range of detection. The passage was two meters or so tall, within it large amounts of organic matter, as well as a dozen or so rusted and damaged tubing. This was originally some type of dedicated pipeline channel, but it now became an enormous mother body’s nest. A pipeline passage of this scope was definitely connected to a large-scale base. From the depth of this passage, there should be a highly classified base buried deep underground. 

Su walked at a steady pace, gradually leaving the scope of the swamp. He advanced along the underground pipeline, not paying the swamp’s range any attention. The location of the swamp was used to throw others off, used to draw enemies away from the true location. However, Su’s Panoramic View already permeated hundreds of meters underground, and with the pipeline passage to guide him, he naturally wouldn’t lose his way. 

Several kilometers out, Su started to see signs on the surface: an abandoned railway, the remains of two high level roads, as well as several buildings that were short but occupied a lot of land. A thick layer of snow covered everything, but under the panoramic view, the snow was not an obstacle. Su ‘saw’ an enormous warehouse in the ruins, and at the center of it was the entrance to an enormous underground base. The warehouse occupied over ten thousand square meters. The railway and roads converged here, the three large lifts able to send containers along with their heavy loading trucks fifty meters underground into the enormous base. The warehouse’s storage space was still stacked with close to a hundred large containers, only, under the erosion of time, most of the containers had already become badly damaged, the goods stored within definitely lost all value. 

The main lift and three goods transport lifts that required a large amount of electrical power to operate had long lost effectiveness. In the areas that were visible, the hydraulic pressure of the machinery had long corroded to a terrible degree. The entire storeroom was pitch-black, not even an emergency light in sight, proving that the base’s electrical system was already completely paralyzed. 

Roughly fifty meters from the entrance was an emergency passageway that didn’t rely on electrical power. The largest emergency passageway was wide enough for a heavy supply truck to go in and out of, while the remaining three passageways were ordinary paths for staff to use. The largest emergency passageway had already collapsed, completely buried under mud and stone. However, the emergency passageways’ entrances and exits had clear signs of being blown up, the traces giving away the fact that this happened just a few years ago. It seemed like someone already came here a few years ago, and they also opened up the base’s entrance, investigating within. 

While standing before the emergency passage entrance that still had traces of being blown up, Su stared into the bottomless passage. “It seems like those from the Holy Crusaders entered the underground base precisely from this location.” 

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