Book 5 Chapter 16.3

Book 5 Chapter 16.3 - Enemy of Life

The one who took the lead was a wolf mantis. In its eyes, Su’s appearance definitely had nothing to do with beauty, only carrying terror. It seemed to have obtained some mysterious command, making several dozen glands in its body simultaneously secrete hormones, these hormones delivered to its entire body through its surging bloodstream. Its cruel and brutal consciousness immediately overwhelmed its innate fear, causing it to release a berserk roar, a blade hacking fiercely towards Su!

Su lifted his right arm, and then directly used his arm to block this heavy blade! The blade’s sawtooth edge hacked down on Su’s bone scales, but was stopped without any suspense. Su’s right hand turned over, already grabbing the blade’s edge, and with a light ka sound, the wolf mantis’...

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