Book 5 Chapter 16.3

Book 5 Chapter 16.3 - Enemy of Life

The one who took the lead was a wolf mantis. In its eyes, Su’s appearance definitely had nothing to do with beauty, only carrying terror. It seemed to have obtained some mysterious command, making several dozen glands in its body simultaneously secrete hormones, these hormones delivered to its entire body through its surging bloodstream. Its cruel and brutal consciousness immediately overwhelmed its innate fear, causing it to release a berserk roar, a blade hacking fiercely towards Su!

Su lifted his right arm, and then directly used his arm to block this heavy blade! The blade’s sawtooth edge hacked down on Su’s bone scales, but was stopped without any suspense. Su’s right hand turned over, already grabbing the blade’s edge, and with a light ka sound, the wolf mantis’ entire forelimb was torn off. From the insect upper body’s injuries, what flowed out wasn’t blood, but a dark yellow, foul smelling mucus. 

Su frowned. He first moved his right hand around, using the removed wolf mantis blade to remove its head, and then he flung the blade out. The cutting edge whistled through the air, penetrating the trunk of a spider-like creature, and then came out from the other end. 

Su’s right hand was dyed with yellow mucus. Despite the pungent smell, he placed a drop on his tongue. This drop of viscous liquid quickly passed through the mucus membrane, divided up into several hundred little parts, and was then transported to different areas, initiating the gene analysis. The gene analysis process was completed extremely quickly, the entire process completed within five minutes, the speed exceeding even the most cutting edge biological laboratories. 

The seriously injured wolf mantis still wanted to continue fighting, but after losing its head, it couldn’t find a target. Its aimlessly brandishing remaining blade struck a companion, and then it immediately latched onto this target with its four claws, at the same time frantically using its blade to pierce at the inside of its opponent’s body. The creature that the wolf mantis tangled around was completely covered under an outer shell. After suddenly being attacked, four enormous tentacles inserted themselves into the wolf mantis’ body at the sentence. With a brandish, the shelled creature immediately tore the damaged wolf mantis body into four parts! As soon as it freed itself from the wolf mantis’ tanglement, its field of vision was completely occupied by Su’s palm!

Su’s five long and slender fingers crushed down like a steel clamp, crushing the armored creature’s head shell. A white brain matter like paste continuously gushed out, the smell just as vile. However, Su didn’t seem to mind it at all, still placing a drop in his mouth. With a frown, he then looked towards an insectlike strange beast that was moving in midair. When his eyes landed on his target, Su’s hand already pierced through its insect body. Just like the first two times, Su had a taste of the mucus coming out from the bug’s body. 

On the other side of the battlefield, Madeline grabbed the blade of the wolf mantis, and then with a twist of her wrists, the blades were already removed from its forelimbs. Then, like dual-blades, with a press and pull, two enormous injuries were already opened. The surging sludge didn’t seem to slow down at all. The young lady’s movements were quick and graceful. After changing from her usual heavy and forceful style of offense, her destructive force was just as great, if not even more powerful. The wolf mantis’ blades, in her hands, transformed into two lumps of dark light, flickering in and out of view. When the blades appeared again, they would always be sticking to some strange beast’s vital area, and then with a light pull, a fatal cut would appear under each blade. 

Comparatively, Cirvanas’ display of strength seemed to far exceed Su and Madeline’s. The young man supported an anti-gravity force field for himself, and that way, he could move even in the swamp. His bright red lips were bright to the point of looking like they would trickle out blood, his short hair also turning entirely silver. Energy surged around the young man’s body, magic abilities released one after another like rain down on his enemies, bombarding these irregular creatures one after another in a steady rhythm of ice, ice, flame, and then energy attack.

Under an advantageous environment, the young man’s ice ability was strengthened considerably. The two ice attacks could freeze any irregular creature, and then the fire ability that changed from extreme cold to extreme heat would make even the sturdiest shell become weak. Meanwhile, those irregular creatures without outer shells protecting them would receive comparatively less damage, but their body’s tissues would still suffer serious damage. Finally, a fierce energy attack would send these creatures that suffered ice and flame attacks flying out, worsening the injuries they received several times over. 

Cirvanas’ rate of magic ability release was now extremely fast, able to produce two magic attacks every second. Large amounts of cold energy accompanied him and steam rose around him, accompanied by the shrill whistling sounds of energy attacks; he was simply a human shaped fort!

However, the results of this grand and imposing style of attack were far inferior to Su and Madeline’s. The young lady seemed to be playing out a dance of death, while Su was a terrifying and ice-cold slaughtering machine. His movements were monotonous and mechanical, continuously carrying out the process of locking onto a target, flashing close, taking action, and then leaving. Regardless of what type of creature it was that he faced or what area he struck, after Su delivered his strike, no signs of life could be seen from them again. 

A minute after the battle began, Su’s body was already flaring up, all of his computing cores entering high speed operation. The degree of analysis of the first wolf mantis’ bodily fluid already exceeded 80%, while the second shelled creature’s gene particles were already in place, ready to be examined as soon as the wolf mantis’ genes finished its analysis. The third wasp creature’s genes had just finished its decomposition, currently waiting to be delivered to its designated analytical site. 

As the wolf mantis’ gene analysis approached its end, Su’s brows furrowed closer and closer together. From the initial analysis, the wolf mantis’ genes contained many new genetic fragments, to the extent where the genetic composition was also extremely different. These were definitely great ‘wealth’ to Su, but the problem laid in that this was a badly damaged and incomplete wealth. All of the genetic fragments were fractured, and even though they could provide some use, they all possessed fatal defects, and were also extremely unstable. The analysis’ results showed that the wolf mantis was a creature with an extremely short lifespan, not exceeding ten days. After ten days, they would undergo something similar to genetic collapse, thus quickly dying. 

Even if it was treated completely as a biological weapon, the wolf mantis’ life was still too short. A short lifespan meant a low quality-price ratio, the costs far outweighing the results. 

The important thing was that when he tried to merge the wolf mantis’ gene fragments into his own genome, trying to improve them, he discovered many abnormalities and errors. In addition, after these revisions, only a small few genetic fragments could be used by Su, the results of all of the other fragments errors. These genes that could be used by Su didn’t help Su at all, after all, from the combat performance alone, one could see that the wolf mantis was not a highly intelligent creature. Its genes were more so used to fill up Su’s gene bank, providing Su with a few more references for his future evolution. However, as an intact biological weapon equipped with considerable combat abilities, how could its body only be made up of fractured and damaged genes?

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