Book 5 Chapter 16.2

Book 5 Chapter 16.2 - Enemy of Life

Powerful enemies might be stronger than Su in a certain aspect, but very few could survive a war of attrition against Su. 

Next to the blazing life flame above the shadow was a small and weak biological radiance, so dim it seemed like it might stop burning at any moment. However, Su’s perception abilities were still extraordinary, already far above most. He already discovered that this small life form’s radiance wasn’t truly about to go out, but rather flickering in and out in different parts of space. In other words, this was a special concealment method it used that exploited space. In addition, this type of method was definitely not used to deal with ordinary creatures, but rather ultra life forms who possessed perception abilities similar to Su’s. From a certain standpoint, the small life and Su already belonged to the same level of life form. 

The other reason that made Su attach just as much importance to the small creature as the blazing life form was that the small life form gave him an extremely strange feeling, one that was familiar, possessing some kind of mysterious relationship to him. There was also a type of extremely powerful threatening and deadly temptation, making Su feel an urge to strangle and absorb it. This feeling had appeared before, the feeling Little Luo gave Su. Only, under Li’s obstruction and his own reasoning’s suppression, Su didn’t allow his instincts to take any further action. What followed was Little Luo’s defensive behavior and escape, and then he never perceived its aura again. 

Could it be that this was also his child? This thought involuntarily appeared in his mind, but he then inwardly shook his head. In his memories, the women that appeared and interacted with him clearly existed, with every single intimate contact he made remembered clearly. Aside from Li, Su didn’t recall any women carrying his child. 

That was why the small life lacked the type of familial and blood relationship, but possessed similar and perhaps even greater enticement and threat. This immediately made Su raise his vigilance, as well as engrave its existence within his mind. Then, Su concentrated half of his perception abilities onto its body, locking onto it. 

Right at this moment, the little life clearly sensed something, the life radiance suddenly burning brightly, freeing itself from Su’s mental targeting, and then quickly fled into the distance. It escaped Su’s range of perception before Su could lock onto it again, thus disappearing. In that short amount of time, it already escaped more than ten kilometers away, the speed it instantly erupted with not any inferior to Su’s Extreme Assault!

“Ran that quickly?” Su narrowed his left eye, the evaluation he had of this little fella going up another notch, including it on the list of important targets. 

Right now, Su was ice-cold and cruel, not regarding the little fella as a threat, but more so treating it as prey he had to capture. If he were competing in evolution speed and increase in combat strength, Su’s body was like an enormous arsenal, the amount of weapons pulled out not enough to even be considered scrap. If he truly smashed apart all restrictions, he wouldn’t fear anything. 

The two arms Su held in front of him moved to his side, and then his body gracefully rose, bringing his body to a standing position. The small target already escaped, so there was no need to feel so anxious. That shadow whose visible portion alone was already so massive definitely couldn’t run. Even if it could move, it would still be extremely slow. Su was going to wait for Madeline and Cirvanas to catch up. What came after that was a great battle. 

On the snowy plains to the extreme north, the little creature’s limbs and blades were tightly pressed against its body, the two pairs of transparent wings moving quickly at a great angle. Right now, its rear wings were only used to help change directions and maintain balance, its true force of propulsion not laying here. The little fella’s tail section withdrew into its body, the rear part of its spherical body like the belly of an insect, the end tip made of a soft transparent tissue, currently releasing blazing orange light, continuously extending and retracting. Each time it lengthened and shortened, a sonic boom would ring through the air, and a faint ring of flames would disperse from its body. Meanwhile, the little creature would suddenly increase speed, flying several hundred meters out. Then, another ring of fire would take form and spread outwards once again, increasing speed like an ignited rocket. This was a pulse type propulsion method that mixed gravitational control and burst recoil force, something that definitely should not have been naturally produced by a life form on this celestial body, yet right now, it appeared on this little creature’s body. 

If it was an ordinary biological body, even the insects best at enduring acceleration would have their bones shattered under the impact. Only a life form like this little creature who could adjust its own body composition at any time and absorb the force of impact to the greatest degree could do this. 

Rings of flames appeared one after another, extending into the distance in the blink of an eye, and only then did it gradually dim. The snow raised into the air by the sonic booms flew in the sky, not falling back down for a very long time.  

An hour later, Su stood in front of the boiling earth. Piece after piece of exposed earth that had the ice and snow covering it melted already linked up together, this area that was originally tundra now continuously releasing a burning hot yellow mucus, creating a strange swamp. Large amounts of bubbles were released from the mucus, releasing all types of pungent smells. The greasy swamp released large amounts of enormous broken cocoons. Several dozen strangely shaped vicious beasts crawled through the viscous liquid, staring rigidly at the three individuals that gradually approached, low roars rising and falling in succession. 

Su’s eyes swept through several dozen mud beasts, already having some understanding towards their strength. In Su’s eyes, their strength was insignificant, with even Cirvanas able to defeat quite a few. Enemies like these, no matter how many there were, it was still useless. However, in the Panoramic View, almost every single mud beast was flickering with a different radiance, signifying that their bodies carried completely new and unknown genes on their bodies!

These bizarre vicious beasts that almost seemed to be forcibly pieced together with different creature parts were all mobile gene treasuries. As his body’s energy rose, Su’s left eye began to release clear radiance. He walked into the thick swamp with large steps, completely unafraid of the unbearably foul ooze dirtying his shoes. 

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