Book 5 Chapter 16.1

Book 5 Chapter 16.1 - Enemy of Life

When sprinting at full speed, Su could stably maintain a speed of three hundred kilometers an hour. This speed already exceeded the olden era’s supercar, and was also enough to send light aircrafts into the skies. However, the new era was one of decreased speed, because no longer were there vast and smooth highways, the airfield runways full of vicious carnivorous grass. 

That was why Su could already be considered a high speed life form. 

In the snowland environment, Su could also reach a speed of around two hundred kilometers, or to be more precisely, he wasn’t running, but sliding close to the snow surface. By using magic abilities to apply a thin defensive force field around himself, not only would it overcome atmospheric drag, it would also maintain a gap between his body and the snow surface. Under this type of situation, air became the best lubricant. Su’s posture was extremely strange. While flying above the snow surface, his hands were held perfectly straight in front of him, while his legs completely defied the anatomical structure of humans, the joints inverted as he forcefully stepped down on the great earth, each stamp enough for him to slide another forty to fifty meters. 

A dozen or so kilometers behind him, Madeline was also moving quickly. 

The young lady’s running movements were graceful and highly effective, each movement perfect, raising the efficiency of energy use to its limit. No movement specialists could pick out the slightest flaw in her running posture, the potential of the human body displayed to its greatest extent. However, running vertically wasn’t the most suitable movement method. Regardless of whether it was speed or endurance, it was far inferior to animals who ran on four limbs. The reason humans could rule the planet wasn’t through their individual fighting strength to begin with. 

The difference in running methods decided the speed disparity between the young lady and Su. In this snowy plains environment, she still had to carry Cirvanas, reducing her speed to barely over a hundred kilometers an hour. As such, the difference between them only widened more and more. 

At this time, Su’s senses became more and more clear. He knew well that there were two existences that he had to pay extremely close attention to a hundred or so kilometers in front of him. He couldn’t say for sure what those were, but this reaction made his instincts surge! He almost couldn’t suppress his own body, wishing to continuously use Extreme Assault to quickly catch up. Only, if he did this, his speed would increase sharply to above five hundred kilometers an hour, but when he reached his objective, most of his stamina would be used up, and it would thus heavily impact his combat strength. 

Su’s body temperature began to rise, his green left eye even releasing a beam of light that was over ten centimeters long. The one thousand and thirty processing cores completely started up, and then the 500 remaining evolutionary points in his body also began to quickly decline, constructing 70 new intelligence cores at the cost of two evolutionary points each. The new intelligence cores were different from those he already had. They were larger and more effective, every single one’s effectiveness equivalent to five times that of the older ones, but the amount of evolutionary points they consumed was eight times that of the original. They could be regarded as the second generation intelligence cores, ten of them added up together equivalent to the intelligence of an ordinary person. What was more important was that they were equipped with preliminary intelligence, able to independently carry out simple decisions instead of the result of simply accepting orders and producing a result. 

The ability to produce second generation intelligence cores was the main success Su obtained from the plundering of Pridekla’s will fragment. The new intelligence cores would take an hour to fully complete, and it wouldn’t affect the battle ahead much, but Su’s instincts and intuition both felt that the battle that was about to begin wouldn’t end in a short amount of time. The enormous feeling of danger also urged Su to set the resolution in producing large amounts of second generation intelligence cores. The old computing cores might very well be inadequate in dealing with the impending challenge. 70 second generation intelligence cores meant 140 evolutionary points, and another ten evolutionary points had to be used to integrate them into a complete entity, as well as merge them into the already present network of computing cores. Producing simple nervous tissue and neural network wasn’t enough; one had to make an alteration on the genetic level, and only then would they truly become a part of the biological body. If this wasn’t done, they would be similar to cancer cells that did more harm than good. The higher the level of evolution, the more changes required on the genetic level, which meant the corresponding consumption of evolutionary points. 

During the fight against the lord of the frozen sea, Su plundered large amounts of new genes from the new fishmen and whale shark’s bodies, moreover converting them into evolutionary points. Su’s original hesitation was over whether or not to use these evolutionary points on a new tenth level Perception Domain ability or evolve two complete ninth level Combat Domain or Magic Domain abilities. After all, the latter would have a more direct effect on his combat strength. However, the new intelligence cores’ construction killed off these thoughts. If he wanted to acquire a large amount of evolutionary points, he had to find more completely new mutated creatures. This was definitely not a simple matter. In the mutation of creatures, most resulted in failure or didn’t have the potential to grow further, making them useless in helping Su. This was a shortcut, as acquiring evolutionary points through battle was much, much slower. 

As the distance between the two sources of worry and Su gradually decreased, Su also quickly entered a battle stance. All emotions that would affect his judgment were sealed off, turning himself completely into an ice-cold, highly effective, and ruthless weapon. Not only his instincts, but Su’s own consciousness also entered this type of state. 

Outside his original intelligence cores, another 30 new intelligence cores began production. A tenth level ability was an unknown variable, not necessarily able to bring any direct upgrade to his combat strength. Su attached greater importance to his current needs. As the distance shortened, his perception became more and more clear, Su already discovering that one of the biological bodies might be extremely large, the region to his perception only a small part of its original body. In Su’s perception world, below the life flame that was burning brightly was a wide shadow. As such, the 30 newly produced intelligence cores were Su’s preparation in dealing with the unexpected. 

Even though he wanted to immediately arrive at the scene, Su didn’t increase his speed, instead slowing down a bit. This way, when he reached his destination, Su would still be full of stamina, allowing him to fight a great prolonged battle at his optimal strength. 

This was the part of Su that was the most terrifying. 

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