Book 5 Chapter 15.6

Book 5 Chapter 15.6 - Exploring the Dream

Right before the pair of wolf eyes, the small creature’s chest suddenly split open, revealing four long and narrow, willow leaf like pieces of flexible flesh. The flexible flesh immediately released a yellow-orange hazy radiance that looked mysterious and beautiful. However, when the wolf mantis saw this, it only felt great fear. Its body’s mysterious intuition towards danger was crying out, telling it that something terrifying was about to happen!

The moment its intuition issued this warning, the most terrifying thing happened. A nearly imperceivable high frequency vibration was produced from the four light sources in the little creature’s chest, and with its body, limbs, and blades as the mediary, were transmitted into the wolf mantis’ skull. The vibration frequency was instantly adjusted over a hundred times, and then the key to destruction was found. 

The wolf mantis skull’s intrinsic frequency was found, and it began to tremble and vibrate in response. Immediately, the rigid and nearly indestructible skull was covered in cracks, the brain within the skull even more so blasted into a surging blood paste. Under this vibration resonance attack, the wolf mantis’ skull became extremely vulnerable. 

In the moment of impending destruction, the wolf mantis’ consciousness separated from anger and fear, remembering the order it was given when born. Apparently, the target wasn’t the little fella before it. Only, it already didn’t have a chance to ponder over this question, and with its limited intelligence, it likely wouldn’t have been able to produce an answer anyway. 

The little fella’s blades brandished about, easily hacking open the wolf mantis’ cracked skull. It buried its entire head inside, fiercely sucked at the brain matter, and then leapt off the wolf mantis whose body still hadn't fallen onto the ground. After spinning a few times in the air, it gracefully landed on the snowy ground, its seven compound eyes staring at the enormous cocoons that were starting to open. It wasn’t in a rush to launch an attack, instead taking the time to digest the spoils of war it had just obtained. 

There was no need to doubt the combat strength of the wolf mantis, but it could be said to have met its natural predator. The little fella’s blades and limbs were all weapons with extraordinary strength, but after it instinctively evolved the high frequency vibration attack, these weapons often times only became tools to cut up its food. 

Even though there were many enormous cocoons here, in its eyes, these were all just food, the amount more of less making no difference. After all, for a lion, whether it faced a single sheep or a herd of them, it was all the same. 

However, the strange feeling in its stomach made it feel some hesitation. It obtained the wolf mantis’ genes, the preliminary perception informing it that these gene fragments could advance its own evolution. However all of the genes it obtained from the wolf mantis were damaged and fragmented, lacking many important parts like a painting with many small pieces torn off. This type of shattered genes would at most be used as reference during its evolutionary process, unable to be directly absorbed and changed. In addition, the areas that were shattered seemed to have been chosen carefully, the pattern of damage in itself a type of secret. If one wanted to decipher it, even if one was equipped with the most advanced genetics and mathematical engineering laboratory, it still might take several decades of time. 

The little fella obviously wasn’t equipped with the analytical abilities of a top level laboratory, and it only had the talent to directly absorb and exploit genes. This made it feel quite discontent with itself. While thinking about these matters, an enormous consciousness suddenly surrounded this entire space! Then, a resonant and dignified voice sounded within the little fella’s consciousness. “Who are you? Why are you attacking my puppets?”

The second question was extremely simple. In the little fella’s subconscious mind, these poppets were all delicious food, and eating didn’t need a reason, and there was even less of a need to ask about the necessity of eating. However, the first question almost short-circuited its thinking.

“Who am I?”

The little fella suddenly discovered that it couldn’t find an answer. It also discovered a question that it had neglected all this time: it didn’t have a name. 

What was its name? This question emerged in its mind. 

Shouldn’t a name be given by one’s parents? This was its second question. 

However, when it was in its mother’s body, its mother didn’t give it a name, nor did it sense a name from its mother’s consciousness. 

What about its father? Or, using its body’s instincts’ way of speaking, what about its male parent? Did its male parent give it a name?

Male parent...

This term made it shiver all over with fear!

For some reason, it always did everything it could to avoid thinking about its own male parent. Even though from the memories it obtained from humans, before the child matured, the male parent should be the main power protecting it.

No, it discovered where it was wrong. That pointed towards fathers, and not a male parent. A male parent carried completely different connotations!

Right at this moment, almost every single scale over its body stood on end! Enormous fear immediately overwhelmed its consciousness! That was both a familiar and unfamiliar feeling.

That was… the feeling of its male parent. 

Its male parent wasn’t far away, and he was quickly approaching!

“Who are you?!” The enormous sound rang within the little creature’s consciousness again. Meanwhile, it didn’t say a word, suddenly turning around, flying above the snowland like an arrow, disappearing into the boundless snowy plains in the blink of an eye, catching that enormous consciousness unprepared. 

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