Book 5 Chapter 15.3

Book 5 Chapter 15.3 - Exploring the Dream

“Seven great knights? Twenty years ago?” The young woman widened her mouth with shock. 

“Correct, seven great knights and thirty crusaders! If it wasn’t because my special relationship with Great Knight Wagariel, he wouldn’t have told me about these things either, even though so many years have already passed since then. Do you know how many returned from that place?” Saladin had a profound smile on his face as he asked another question. 

“How many?” The young woman was completely hooked in, but of course, a small part of it was to play along with his whims. 

When he saw this woman’s pleading expression, Saladin felt rather satisfied, and thus said, “The number of great knights who returned alive, was only two! One of them precisely Wagariel, or else he wouldn’t have known so much.” 

“Only two came back?!” A strange sense of fear suddenly gripped the young woman’s heart. She asked with a somewhat strained manner, “But, Lord Saladin, that place’s active range in these past years… hasn’t it grown larger and larger? Will it end up reaching Tartic?”

Saladin couldn’t help but laugh, saying, “The active range, even the point closest to Tartic is more than 90 kilometers! Even with the current expansion speed, it’ll still be more than a decade before it reaches our doorstep. What is the point in worrying about something so far away?”

“But, now that those three are going there, will something happen?” Fear still lingered in the young woman’s mind, the trembling voice coming out from her pale lips even proving this point.

“Could it be that you’re worried for that man?” Saladin roared with laughter, walking with large steps up to this woman, closely examining her alluring face, and then said, “That man named Su really isn’t that bad, even moving my heart! If he can come back alive, I wouldn’t mind letting the two of you fuck a few times! However, I have to watch from the side!” 

The woman bit her lower lip, cursing softly. “You really are a pervert!”

This sentence turned Saladin into a bull that saw red, his breathing becoming heavy, suddenly pressing the woman against the floor, fiercely tearing at the uniform covering her body, quickly removing everything that covered her. He then smashed over ferociously! He shook his body, roaring while gasping for breath, “Right, I am a pervert! This damn world, only lunatics and perverts can survive!” 

The woman struggled about, but these actions only served to further stimulate Saladin. She cried out, trying to instigate disharmony, “Then when that comes, could it be that it really will be enough for you just to watch? The two women at Su’s side seem to both be quite excellent!” 

However, unexpectedly, Saladin didn’t become more violent because of her words, instead stopping his movements. His body’s temperature also quickly waned. 

He laughed coldly, and then said, “I still want to live a few more years.” 

Saladin wasn’t necessarily extremely smart, but he was extremely sensible. This was a common trait all who climbed up to a certain level of status shared. 

Su naturally wasn’t aware of this, nor did he have interest in these internal affairs. Right now, all of his attention was focused on the Great Gold Field he had just stepped foot in. 

The Great Gold Field was just what was used to refer to this vast area covering over a thousand square kilometers. In reality, it wasn’t much different from the wilderness. The great earth was covered in thick layers of ice and snow, sparse woods scattered throughout the great earth. Most of the trees had already been dead for many years, but a small few were still alive, and these trees were extremely easy to recognize. All of them had warped and sharp tree branches that were completely different from normal trees, some even able to move on their own. The dark green trunks also set them apart from ordinary trees. 

The sky was dark, thick clouds pressing close to the earth surface as if they would collapse at any moment. Winds whistled past, not all that powerful, but extremely cold. The feeling Su felt from his skin told him that the surrounding temperature was already negative forty degrees. This was a place that really wasn’t friendly towards life, yet it possessed a life density other regions didn’t have. As far as the eye could see, the snowy plains would have one or two slowly wriggling black points every few kilometers. In areas inside the forest that could somewhat bring one some shelter from the wind rested a few extremely simple and crude sheds. Through Su’s sight strengthened green left eye, the black dots all became clear human figures. Their bodies were wrapped in thick cloth strips and other fibers that could protect them from the cold. These humans’ body shapes were strange, quite different from that of ordinary humans, as if they were innate malformations. The wind was extremely cold, but it didn’t snow. These people used simple tools to dig up the snow and scoop out the earth, placing the things they occasionally found in the pouch on their back. 

From the moment he stepped foot inside the Great Gold Field, Su already felt a faint numbing pain from his skin, a warning his skin produced towards powerful radiation. This level of radiation intensity was far greater than what normal people could endure, yet right now, he could see at least several thousand individuals wandering about the Great Gold Field, digging about, not fearing the cold or the fatal radiation. 

It seemed like regardless of the era, when there was danger to one’s existence, food and survival were always irrefusable temptations. 

Scattered around the Great Gold Fields were a dozen or so supply stations. They all belonged to Tartic, providing the most basic necessities for the refugees living in the Great Gold Fields. Of course, all of these things had to be exchanged for with nuclear goods. 

As they proceeded deeper into the Great Gold Fields, an indescribable feeling of fear quietly descended, as if there really was an invisible pair of eyes overlooking everything happening above the great earth. An invisible tension unknowingly gripped the hearts of every person here. The movement of the people in the Great Gold Fields became more and more rigid, their breathing also rough, heavy, and rigid. 

Su, Madeline, and Cirvanas walked in a line towards the depths of the Great Gold Fields. It was still Su at the very front, the young lady at the very back, while Cirvanas walked in the middle. Su gradually increased his speed, the group advancing at a uniform speed of twenty kilometers per hour. Three hours later, the three of them arrived at the central region of the Great Gold Fields. Even the craziest scroungers would rarely enter the core region. Even though the amount of goods here was abundant, the distance from the nearest supply station was too great, so none of these individuals had enough strength to go inside, and then come back alive. 

When Su walked past, many scroungers would raise their heads and give them a look, and then they would bury their heads in their own work again. Quite a few individuals didn’t even raise their heads. 

When he saw a scrounger whose body was packed with pink mutated tissues, face whose five sense organs couldn’t even be seen, Cirvanas’ mind involuntarily twitched a few times. 

Su who walked at the very front suddenly stopped, as if he detected something. Then, he made a signal for them to keep up with him before suddenly increasing speed and sprinting into the distance.

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