Book 5 Chapter 15.2

Book 5 Chapter 15.2 - Exploring the Dream

The man forcefully endured the pain and then said, “This thing… if I don’t recall incorrectly, is something picked back from twenty years ago. Back then, when a group of people explored the depths of the Great Gold Field, they brought back many strange things. At that time, Tartic didn’t exist yet, and this was merely an inhabited land with a population of around a hundred. They left with many people, but less than ten returned. After staying two days in our inhabited area, they left behind a pile of useless things before leaving. Back then, I was just a young man with a bit of strength, able to seize a gun from the pile of trash they left behind, and then picked up some useless things. This plastic barrel was also picked up from that time, already cut when I obtained it, so I have no idea what was originally stored inside. When I saw that it was pretty much impossible to damage, I kept it all this time. However, since it didn’t have any real uses, I left it in the room to use as a rubbish can.”

Su continued his questioning. “What kind of background do those people have? How long did they stay in the gold field? Back then, aside from the barrel, what else did they leave behind? What kind of things did they bring with them?”

The man said with a bitter smile, “I only know they were all ability users, nothing else. Back then, I was just a refugee, barely stronger than others, so how could I possible pry into their matters? They stayed in the gold field for a larger half a month I think, the concrete amount of time I cannot recall. When they left, it was a ten vehicle fleet, but when they returned, only three were left. As for the things they left behind… they left behind quite a few guns, most of them broken, a few still usable. There were many alloy packing trunks, as well as a few plastic barrels like this. The trunks were all empty, but they were good materials for building houses, so everyone fought over them. Only these empty barrels were useless. After I managed to snatch a gun, I picked up a few. Later on, I opened up an inn in the inhabited area, and after that, Saladin and his men came, turning the inhabited area into Tartic. I continued to manage my inn and restaurant, all the way until this day.”

After asking a few more questions and making sure that he couldn’t obtain any more information from the man, he looked towards Madeline. In many areas of olden era knowledge, the young lady knew much more than he did. 

“If he isn’t lying, then the large gold field should have an olden era secret research base, more over its size not small.” The young lady flicked the rubbish can on the counter a few times, and then said, “This type of barrel’s original use should be to store precious raw materials with powerful corrosive properties, and it might also have been used to transport extremely dangerous biological materials. Its material is quite special, difficult to produce on a large scale even with our current level of technology. That is likely a limited production type good of a certain laboratory. Just from this alone, it should be an extremely valuable place that deserves a look.”

Su muttered to himself, “Those people only went there once, which means that they already moved out all useful items. We might end up empty-handed even if we make a trip.” 

“That might not necessarily be the case. Even if we waste a trip, we would only be wasting a bit of time, let alone the fact that even if we don’t go now, we’ll still have to go later.” Madeline said. 

Su thought for a bit, and then he finally nodded. 

Apart from the few tons of whale shark meat they arrived with, the three of them didn’t seem to have any other luggage. As such, things were quite simple when they decided to leave. After waking Cirvanas and bringing some food and water with them, they immediately set off. Ten minutes later, just like when the three arrived, no one stopped them from leaving Tartic. 

Tartic’s main entrance was a rolling steel gate over ten centimeters thick, giving off quite the olden era great industrial feeling. An enormous portrait hung from the top of the main entrance, depicting a man whose entire face was covered in a thick beard, his body that had put on a bit of weight unexpectedly making him appear a bit kind. The man on the portrait was laughing heartily, his arms opened before him. Below the picture was a striking line of large words: Welcome to Tartic, our common home!

Only after walking out did Su turn around to look at this picture. The man on this enormous picture was Saladin. Even though Su never met him, there were more than ten pictures of Saladin in Tartic, as well as three sculptures, so it was hard to not know who he was even if he tried. Tartic’s style reminded Su of a few small countries to the south of the olden era federation, all of them worshiping a single person. Of course, the worshipping of a single person was much more common in the new era. If one were to use combat strength as the standard, the value of leaders who were ability users might reach tens or over a hundred times that of an ordinary person. In the olden era, leaders likely couldn’t even defeat an ordinary robust man. 

When he turned back around, Su began to walk in the direction of the gold fields, quickly disappearing from the sentinels’ line of sight. 

At this moment, in the major’s mansion, which was also Tartic’s tallest and grandest structure, Saladin dressed in a field uniform was currently standing before a french window, gazing in the Great Gold Fields’ direction, deep in thought. Only after some time had passed did he say, “They already left?”

Behind Saladin stood a tall and beautiful young lady. She also also in a military uniform, perfectly setting off her astonishing figure. When she heard Saladin’s question, she took a step forward and said, “Correct. From what the guards have reported, they left Tartic ten minutes ago and walked towards the Great Gold Fields.” 

“The Great Gold Fields…” Saladin stared fixedly at the scenery outside the window. Winters here were cold and dark, a fog occasionally pervading the air. When looking out of the mayor mansion’s top floor, even though his line of sight could pass over Tartic’s walls, he still couldn’t see that far. However, Saladin’s sharp eyes seemed to pass through the thick fog, locking onto a mysterious place. 

“Do you think they have a chance of finding and even entering that place?” Saladin suddenly asked. 

The young lady frowned and thought to herself. This was clearly a question that was difficult to answer. After thinking carefully for a bit, only then did she say with uncertainty, “Even though the innkeeper Kenton is quite disagreeable, his strength is still not bad. However, not even he could retaliate in the slightest against that man, so they probably can enter.”

Haha, that might not necessarily be the case.” Saladin stroked his beard and chuckled a few times. Then, he said, “If you knew what kind of people those who entered back then were, you might not have the same opinion as you do now. They were all people from the Holy Crusaders, among them at least seven of them great knights!”

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