Book 5 Chapter 15.1

Book 5 Chapter 15.1 - Exploring the Dream

Su picked up the barrel in the corner of the room, and then carefully observed it with his eyes. In reality, this was completely unnecessary. Su’s multi-faceted perception abilities had already clearly examined all data regarding this rubbish can, so looking at it or not looking made no difference. However, he still looked at it repeatedly for a long time, and only then did he reach out his hand to pinch and tear at the barrel’s walls. 

The plastic barrel immediately changed shape, but it didn’t rip apart. When Su loosened his fingers, it unexpectedly slowly recovered its original state. Su’s casual tear already possessed seven levels of power, so even a centimeter thick steel alloy plate would be torn apart, yet he couldn’t do anything to this thick plastic barrel. After thinking for a bit, Su fished out a lighter and began to burn the barrel’s wall. After a minute, the lighter was already overheating, yet the barrel’s walls didn’t even have a burn mark. 

Su released a light sigh, verifying that this plastic barrel was quite unordinary. From its physical properties, it already represented the highest level of the olden era’s science and technology. However, for some unknown reason, he just couldn’t feel happy. Meanwhile, the instincts hibernating in his body were exceptionally quiet as well, as if they had no intentions of interfering, submitting to Su’s decision. 

The clues to his birth’s mysteries already appeared, however, the choice to pick up this key or not left Su hesitant. If it truly was as those dream fragments displayed, that he came from that type of place, even if he found his place of birth, it would still be difficult to ascertain what kind of dangers he would encounter. Su didn’t fear danger, only, right now, he didn’t feel like he had the qualifications to risk danger. At the very least, he still had to take care of Madeline and Persephone, owing the beautiful and cunning dragonrider general too, too much. 

Regardless, he still had to get to the bottom of the matter before him right now.

Su arrived before a bar counter, placed the rubbish can on the counter, and then directly asked, “Where did this thing come from?”

The man behind the counter always had an indifferent expression, not showing interest in anything happening in his surroundings, only busy with work from morning to night, whether it be cleaning dishes, preparing food, or mixing the leftovers customers didn’t eat together and then using special machinery to press it into cubes. This seemingly disgusting food was quite welcomed by refugees, because it had enough calories and didn’t taste that bad. 

When he heard Su’s question, he slowly raised his head, gave the rubbish can in Su’s hands an absent-minded look, and then didn’t say anything, only continuing with his work. 

If it was anywhere else, his actions wouldn’t be that big of a deal, as quite a few people would treat this type of attitude as those of a hidden powerful ability user. Even if others found it unsightly, it still didn’t matter. With his three fourth level combat abilities, he indeed could do as he wished in many places. Even in Tartic, he could be considered a top figure. However, unfortunately, the two he faced right now were top figures even in the Black Dragonriders, and they could completely see through his abilities. What was even more unfortunate was that right now, Su didn’t have any patience. 

Su placed the rubbish can on the counter. His upper body leaned forward, reaching a hand out to tap this man on the shoulder while asking, “Where did this thing come from?”

The man’s eyes immediately released a flash of light, coldly shouting, “What are you trying to do?” While shouting, his right hand moved, already grabbing Su’s wrist. The man’s originally lean arm began to swell with muscles, more than doubling its size. Veins appeared on his similarly enlarged palm, wishing to crush Su’s wrist in an attempt to teach this seemingly rather delicate little fella that Tartic wasn’t a place where just anyone could behave atrociously. 

Su’s hand didn’t move that quickly, but when the man’s four levels of power landed on his wrist, it was like a drop of water merging into a sea, completely useless. Su’s hand descended at the same speed it normally would have. The man’s face immediately became red-purple, now not only his arm swelling, but his entire body as well. His skin displayed a strange bright purple, the result of displaying power beyond what the body could handle, causing large amounts of capillary blood vessels to break apart. 

He already raised his power to the peak, yet he still couldn’t stop Su’s descending arm. Behind Su’s beautiful and not particularly robust arm rested a mountainous pressure, his own tiny amount of strength completely negligible!

With a light pa sound, Su’s arm landed on the man’s shoulder. 

The sound wasn’t that loud, Su’s movement was also extremely soft, just like patting the shoulder of an old friend. However, with numerous and densely packed bone fracturing sounds, the shoulder bones of this man who had four levels of defense immediately completely shattered, breaking into small fragments less than a cubic centimeter in size. This type of injury was something not even an ability user with six levels of defense could completely recover from, so it would definitely greatly affect his future combat strength. 

The man sat paralyzed on the floor, all color disappearing from his face, becoming pale to the extreme, his right hand falling limply to his side. At this time, the eyes he looked at Su with finally contained a bit of panic, but even more resentment, hatred, and fear. Su made his way around the counter, squatted down in front of his body, and then with his unique sweet-sounding voice said, “You wanted to crush my hand, so I shattered your shoulder. Similarly, if someone pointed their gun at me, I will remove their head. Since you are an ability user that isn’t too weak, you should understand the rules of this era’s game, so don’t do anything foolish anymore. Alright, now, tell me, where did this thing come from?”

At this moment, the male finally understood that Su wasn’t joking with him, nor was he intentionally provoking him, but that he truly wished to know the origins of this rubbish can. He laughed bitterly, now regretting his previous pride and self-thought cleverness. 

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