Book 5 Chapter 14.8

Book 5 Chapter 14.8 - Plan

In Su's perception, bits of energy continuously scattered out from the void. Madeline’s high frequency small intensity vibration was currently making the space resonate, several hidden spatial faults appeared and disappeared in her surroundings. Each time a spatial fault opened, there would always be a bit of energy released, a small amount of it absorbed by Madeline, most of it lost in this world. The sleeping Cirvanas was also absorbing this energy, but much less compared to Madeline. Some of this dispersed energy drifted over towards Su, but when he tried to absorb it, he ended up empty-handed. Even if he reached out his hand and made contact with those strands of energy, they would only break apart and scatter, simply impossible to absorb. If he didn’t activate the Cross-Sectional Detection ability, Su wouldn’t have even realized that he touched these energy wisps. This energy was too weak, and too hidden. If not for the fact that he saw Madeline and Cirvanas currently absorbing it, Su wouldn’t even know that this energy could be used. Could this be the true source of evolutionary points?

To acquire evolutionary points, obtain the energy to modify the body, traditionally, the most effective method was fighting and eating, requiring the support of a large amount of resources. 

After thinking for a long time, Su finally decided that he still had to seize Tartic and the Holy Crusaders’ stronghold, and then use this to start a war against the Holy Crusaders, seize and occupy their resources. Cooperation was impossible. Meanwhile, even if he could detect the apostle’s existence within the spatial fault, running still wasn’t a real way. Even if he fled southward to another land, he would still be found by the apostle sooner or later. Winning against Pandora once did not equivocate to possessing the power to win over the apostle. Su believed that while Madeline and himself improved at flying speed, the other party wouldn’t just sit still and do nothing. 

Power, power was the devil, power was everything!

The feeling the secretive and immeasurable apostle gave Su was extremely complicated. He felt a deep fear, but also an indescribable excitement, as well as even… a deep desire. 

The problem laid in that taking action against the Holy Crusaders, was this truly a good idea? He remembered that a long time ago, Su had previously carried out an assassination mission, the thought-provoking words his target spoke before his death now sounding by his ears again, “… go north, look for… Holy… Cross… there lies… the answer… you are looking for…”

This was something that already happened a long time ago… 

Su opened his eyes, released a light sigh. However, right at this moment, something seemed to have flashed past his field of view!

It was like a streak of lightning through a dark night, this flash of light making even Su’s line of thought come to a halt! In that instant, almost every single cell in his body stopped their activity, his blood flow also thus stopping!

“What happened?!” Madeline immediately detected Su’s abnormality. She stopped her body’s fine vibrations, now looking at Su with great concern. 

“I’m fine…” Su raised his hand, stopping the young lady’s questioning. He then took a deep breath, closed his eyes again, and then began to review his memories bit by bit. 

Everything that had just happened was restored, and then played bit by bit, as if time itself had slowed down. Su discarded all of his own emotions, starting to search through every detail in these scenes. Finally, after repeated verification, he found the thing he just saw. 

That was a plastic barrel that was placed in a corner of the room, roughly 30 centimeters in diameter, the top half cut off. Apart from the barrel wall that was two centimeters thick, there wasn’t anything unusual about it. It was meant for holding trash in the room. It was extremely sturdy, and at the same time extremely clean, of course, using the standard of the wilderness. After being scrubbed for a long time, the original design on the barrel’s surface had already pretty much disappeared. Only, near the bottom of the barrel, he could still see a string of more than ten digits, similarly heavily worn. He could only barely make out a few of the characters. 

The plastic barrel was actually extremely special, the material quite sturdy, and it could resist all types of high temperature and acidic corrosion, and it was also semi-transparent, allowing one to roughly make out what was stored inside, yet wouldn’t be affected by light. The serial number was actually extremely ordinary as well, not carrying any inherent meaning. However, when all of this was combined together, its meaning for Su became entirely different.

A scene suddenly appeared in Su’s consciousness. 

That was a green world. Everything he saw was blurry and chaotic. He understood that this was the result of looking out from water. He could see, had his own consciousness, yet couldn’t move, as if his body wasn’t his own at all, just an isolated consciousness floating in water. 

Before him stood two white robed elders who looked at the documents in their hands while pointing at him, continuously saying something. Even though there was a formless yet firm protective screen between them, he could still ‘hear’ their conversation. However, what was strange was that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t understand what they were saying. That was a language he had never heard of before. 

At this moment, a similarly clothed individual hurriedly walked past the two elders. He carefully carried a round vessel, through the barrel’s walls, he was able to see that most of it was filled with a blood red viscous liquid. At the bottom of the circular barrel was a serial number.

In that instant, the remaining half of the rubbish can and the vessel carefully carried in this person’s hands merged together, the defective digits all finding their respective positions!

In that instant, a sudden clap of thunder rumbled, shattering this scene. Su woke up from the depths of his consciousness. He finally knew what was disturbing him all this time, the scene that he had always forgotten whenever he woke up from his dreams. He also knew that this wasn’t just an imaginary dream. 

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