Book 5 Chapter 14.7

Book 5 Chapter 14.7 - Plan

Strength in numbers, this phrase was no longer practical in the new era. Guns are reliable companions, but they aren’t omnipotent. As for what these clean humans who didn’t carry weapons signified, anyone with a bit of intelligence understood clearly. In this bloody era where a single remark could result in a gun being drawn and blowing the other party’s brains out, one had to be prepared to pay the price for arrogance and provocation. Those who were able to live were all smart individuals, understanding the benefits of being alive. Those fellas who moved before thinking had pretty much died out. 

After cleaning out the last bit of meat on the plate, Su led the young man and lady towards the counter. Behind the counter was a middle-aged male, his small beard trimmed extremely neatly. During the entire conflict just now, he continued to do work, as if he wasn’t curious in the slightest. When he saw that Su finished his meal, he handed over a small pouch filled with steel plates, and then signalled to follow him before heading up to the second flood. The second floor and above was the hotel; Su had reserved a room here. What was used for room charge and used as currency was three entire cubic meters of chopped up whale meat. This was a currency far better than the Tartic’s steel plates. 

The room’s furnishing was extremely simple, two beds, a single couch, and a table made up all of the furniture. However, the room’s bed was extremely clean, which was quite a rare find. In the wilderness, this type of high level hotel was prepared for those truly great figures or those with money, while most people slept outdoors or in simple and crude sheds that could only stop wind and rain, sharing a room with more than ten other people. 

When he entered the room, Su buried his body in the couch, half closed his eyes, and then produced the map from his eternal memory region, starting to think about their next plan of action. He didn’t expect a place like Tartic to appear here, and for it to be so prosperous. Moreover, there was a Holy Crusaders stronghold not too far out. Madeline stood by the window, absentmindedly thinking about something. She looked extremely calm on the surface, but if one looked at her long enough, they would feel a faint sense of vertigo, and this feeling would only get stronger. She seemed like she was standing still, but her entire body was actually shaking at an extremely minute frequency. This was her unique training method; before reaching four levels of ability, she practiced through sword forms, while after five levels, it was changed to this slight vibration. After maintaining this slight vibration for five hours, she would obtain a complete evolutionary point. 

This small vibration could not only refine her abilities, it was also a vicious method that possessed both offensive and defensive properties. After adding this small vibration, those cut by Madeline’s heavy sword would not only have a cut injury, but rather a terrifying rupturing wound. As for defense, if she was struck, the momentary vibration would disrupt the enemy’s strength, thus preventing them from displaying all of their attacks’ effects. 

Cirvanas occupied a large bed alone, deeply asleep. His abilities had just increased, and he had continuously trained himself by repeatedly investing his body’s energy. Now that it was time to rest, he finally couldn’t hold on any longer. This period of rest was also his body’s time to recover and adapt to new abilities. 

Meanwhile, Su was currently seriously considering the possibility of going to war with the Holy Crusaders. 

At his and Madeline’s level, any further improvement required a large amount of evolutionary points. Su himself had the possibility of advancing to ten levels, while Madeline had the potential for ten levels of ability even before her transformation, her potential after undergoing the third evolution naturally improved a step further. As for how frightening an eleventh level ability was, Su had no idea. When he was in the Black Dragonriders, his level of authority only allowed him access to a limited few ninth level abilities. However, as for how much resources was needed for further advancement, this was something he understood extremely clearly. 

Su subconsciously activated the Cross-Sectional Detection ability again. In his perception, the world became blurry once again, as if extremely similar shadows were overlapping on top of each other. Apart from the shadow fault that appeared in the beginning, there were now a few new shadows. However, the newly appeared faults were extremely unstable, sometimes appearing, sometimes not, to the extent where some only appeared once. In addition, the new spatial faults weren’t continuous, there were some areas that weren’t covered. Su knew that his perception ability was currently improving, the ability to see more and more fragmented spatial faults proof of this. However, Cross-Sectional Detection wasn’t that simple. After using his perception abilities again and again, Su felt that he seemed to have touched upon something that was hiding behind the entire world, and what was strange was that... it seemed to be alive. 

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