Book 5 Chapter 14.6

Book 5 Chapter 14.6 - Plan

Regardless of what kind of goal Saladin had, at the very least, this was good news for those refugees with mutated tissues. It was precisely because he understood these things that Su felt that it was strange for so many ordinary refugees to have so much nuclear waste to sell. 

He voiced his suspicions to Madeline who sat at the same table, not purposely suppressing his voice. The young lady was confused as well. At this moment, a robust male on the table next to his laughed coldly and said, “What’s so hard to understand about that? Saladin only wiped out armed refugees, but he wouldn’t care about anyone else. The ones you are talking about are all parasites, controlling a few people who can enter the Great Gold Fields, having those people risk their lives in the Gold Fields, and then everything these people find will be handed over. Those refugees and parasites more or less all have some type of relationship, for example, women, children, or even dying parents, elders or whatever. Saladin wouldn’t bother with these trivial things.”

“Children?” When she heard the robust man’s interruption, Madeline was also a bit shocked.

“Yup, if children have mutated tissues after being born, they wouldn’t live long anyway, so they might as well be thrown into the large Gold Fields. Who knows, they might be able to pick up a few things before dying.” The robust man said indifferently. 

In the wilderness, refugees could give birth at eight years of age at the youngest, and after reaching one year old, they could already run quite fast. 

“Those parasites all deserve to die!” Cirvanas angrily spoke. Ever since following Su, he still hadn't come into contact with too much of the outside world. With Su’s tendency to treasure life, the great lakes western region he controlled already took care of the weak quite well, and few parasites like these would appear, or at the very least not publicly. 

“Deserve to die?” The robust man roared with laughed. Only after breaking out in crazy laughter did he stop, his blazing eyes staring at the snow white hands Cirvanas exposed outside for a while before saying, “Little girl, there are too many in this world who deserve to die, but aren’t they all still properly living? And what can even be done about it? Towards little fellas like you, there are many people out there who want to tear off your clothes and properly have a taste! Those fellas all deserve to die, and almost everyone sitting here deserve to die, but what can you do about it? Don’t be so naive, little girl!”

After the third transformation, Madeline was still as beautiful as before, but she became much more reserved. Many times, people would subconsciously overlook her existence, only treating her like an ordinary clean young lady. Meanwhile, as Crivanas’ ability level rose, his existence became more and more powerful, often completely suppressing Madeline’s brilliance and beauty. Even with the black robe covering him, it instead made him even more so the focal point of attention. 

“I am not female…” Cirvanas was already furious, his shrill shouting voice even more so attracting attention. Almost everyone in the entire restaurant turned their heads in this direction.

Even though Cirvanas’ entire body was wrapped within the black robe, it only served to further set off the hands he revealed. When they saw the young man’s hands, the eyes of the surrounding men became passionate, and their breathing clearly became much heavier as well.

“Shut up!” Su said with a frown. 

His words immediately made Cirvanas swallow the remaining half of his sentence. Only after stopping Cirvanas who was on the brink of exploding did Su give that robust man a look, calmly saying, “If you can’t control your own tongue, I don’t mind helping you cut your head open.” 

The humiliated and angry robust man’s face immediately swelled until it became purple, his breathing almost stopping! Before he made any movements, Su already turned around and swept his eyes over everyone else in the room, still speaking just as calmly, “You all are the same. If you don’t want to die, then properly control yourselves.”

The restaurant was packed with people, with at least a ten of them fully armed, the rest of them not of the kind sort either. In this era, the word kindness had long died out. As soon as Su’s words dropped, the surroundings immediately became deathly still, the suffocating atmosphere immediately making the entire restaurant become much gloomier!

With a ka sound, someone pulled open the gun bolt. 

That was a large caliber dual barrel pistol, the thick barrel and special mechanical structure displaying that this was a big fella that used shotgun shells, in narrow spaces and close range combat, its power astonishing. The hand that held this pistol was rough, spacious and stable, the thick veins throbbing on the back of the hand expressing that its owner was currently in an extremely furious state, ready to raise the gun at any time and pull the trigger. However, a somewhat shriveled hand reached out from the side, stopping the pistol.

“Don’t be rash! They are all clean people.”

The one who stopped the gun was a somewhat aged middle-aged man, his face that had undergone great hardships covered with quite a few faint scars. His snake-like eyes were long, narrow, and cold as they swept over Su, Madeline, and Cirvanas’ bodies, and then they withdrew again. He shook his head towards the robust black man that was about to shoot. 

“Clean people?!” The people in the restaurant all heard this sentence, the atmosphere immediately changing slightly. In the area Tartic resided in, clean people had a special meaning, pointing at pure-blooded humans. Only organizations or families with great strength would have the resources and medical conditions to remove mutated tissues, maintaining the purity of the human bloodline. In this place, pure-blooded humans likely had another type of identity, and that was important figures from the Holy Crusaders. 

Tartic was established because of the Holy Crusaders’ existence, and Mayor Saladin publicly announced that he was a loyal dog to the Holy Crusaders. For those who lived around the Great Gold Fields, Saladin was even more so a vicious hound. If these three clean humans truly were people from the Holy Crusaders, then the number of people in this restaurant really wasn’t enough for them to kill. Offending the Holy Crusaders, was also equivalent to ending everything in the Great Gold Fields. 

After speaking these few sentences, Su concentrated his attention on the food on the table. He didn’t give his surroundings another look, as if he was completely unaware of the anger of the people around him, unaware that most of them carried more than a single gun. 

The silence didn’t continue for all that long. The restaurant calmed down, and the fury quickly settled as well. Many people chose to silently pay their bill and leave. 

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