Book 5 Chapter 14.4

Book 5 Chapter 14.4 - Plan

“Actually, returning isn’t a bad choice either.” Madeline supported her chin with her hands, and then said seriously, “If we return, we need to face Bevulas, but on this side, we have to be on guard against the apostle. For us, there isn’t much difference between the two. At the very least, we are more familiar with Bevulas, the formidable fellas under him I more or less know about too, a few I even personally taught a lesson to. My power has pretty much recovered enough already, and with the two of us together, there already aren’t that many people we need to fear. The ones we can’t deal with on Bevulas’ side I reckon would just be a few old fellas, but we don’t have to handle them either, as the Empress will take care of that.”

After giving Su another look, the young lady said rather nonchalantly,...

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