Book 5 Chapter 14.3

Book 5 Chapter 14.3 - Plan

The complex and lengthy calculating procedure was completed in less than a hundredth of a second, and for the sake of supporting the operation of all of the processing cores, Su’s body temperature instantly increased several dozen degrees. His enormous energy reserves passively started up, fully supporting his brain’s operation, and every single combat cell was changed to a pre-battle state. To complete such a thorough change in state in such a short amount of time, even for Su’s current body, was still a great burden. However, his heart was currently powerfully beating, sending abundant energy like a flood towards the needed areas, the beating speed already exceeding the limit of what Su’s current authority could reach. It was as if his heart also wanted to complete this reproduction process, so it took the initiative to help out on its own. Otherwise, with Su’s current body state and energy reserves, it could maintain an hour or two of high intensity reproduction activity at most, not enough to carry out even a tenth of the grand reproduction plan his instincts worked out. 

Su took a deep breath. Cold air entered his body, but what was released was scorching steam. However, through this customary movement, Su calmed down a bit, his consciousness giving the order to stop. As if a machine that was operating at high speed suddenly experienced a wedge in its gears, Su’s body shook fiercely, every grain of blood boiling, quite a few blood vessels changing after being unable to endure the excessive pressure, displaying fine cracks. It was to the extent where more than ten of the miniature processing cores in his brain were destroyed. 

In that short period of time, the expression in Su’s eyes could be said to have experienced an instant of myriad changes. In the end, the original green color of his pupils was unexpectedly replaced with a blood color. In that instant, he became like a vicious beast, ready to pounce on any person at any time. 

Before the vicious beast, Madeline was like a proud little sheep, her body straight, chest sticking out, as if she was exposing all of her vital areas towards the vicious beast, yet not bowing down. When she saw Su’s clear change, the young lady’s eyes slightly opened a bit, faint waves stirring with the depths of her sealike eyes. 

She was waiting for something, and also seemed to be looking forward to something. 

However, in the end, nothing happened. 

Su’s own consciousness, for his instincts, was still the highest level of authority, all of his instincts’ crazy and unrealistic thoughts wouldn’t be truly carried out. However, Su was also confused. What did his instincts use to calculate that Madeline’s resistance percentage didn’t exceed 30%? From this perspective, 30% probability was actually not much different from not resisting. One had to keep in mind that based on the plan of action, it was to tear apart the young lady’s clothes in under a second. This problem temporarily didn’t have an answer, but Su’s intuition vaguely told him that this probability should be reliable. 

After suppressing his body’s instincts, Su and the young lady discussed their plan after this. The young lady acted as if nothing happened, to the extent where even Su wasn’t sure if she noticed the changes that happened to him just now. The nucleus in Madeline’s body would also gather her data, moreover sending it to Su. However, the collection of data wasn’t complete, and there was no way for him to reach a genetic level. Su could obtain information from the young lady, but he had no way of controlling her through the nucleus. This was a clear difference from Cirvanas. 

After speaking about his heart’s deepest worries, the young lady also believed that Su should find a way to understand his own status and origin. Su knew nothing about his identity and past, so his memory towards that time was completely blank. Ever since he had his own memories, Su already had the appearance of a seven or eight year old youth, wandering aimlessly through the wilderness. The young lady felt that Su’s body and an ordinary human had a fundamental difference. For clues regarding his history, perhaps they might be found from certain research bases or laboratories, but this would only depend on luck. 

“So what’s next? What should we do?” Madeline asked.

Su thought for a bit, and then said, “Let’s leave this place first, find a place where there’s people, and then get something to eat. Continuing like this definitely won’t do. It is extremely difficult to find food here, and we cannot use all of our time on the search for food. That is why… we still have to establish an organization, or a company wouldn’t be bad either. 

Madeline gave the whale shark to her side a look, shrugged her shoulders, and then said, “That is true. After we eat this big fella, I don’t think the fishmen will be stupid enough to send us another one. However, creating a company from the beginning again is too troublesome and not worth it.”

The young lady didn’t finish her thought, but Su understood her meaning. As such, he revealed a bitter laugh and said, “Establishing a company is a bit troublesome, but less people have to die this way. Problems that could be settled with money, in the end, are still a bit better than solving with bullets. If we head east from here to the coastline, we should be able to find signs of human habitation. When that time comes, there will be a way for them to help us work.”

Any present age individual with some common sense understood the importance and necessity of a division of labor. Ability users understood this point clearly as well. It wasn’t that high level ability users like Su and Madeline couldn’t feed themselves, but rather that there was no need to personally hunt or plant seeds. It was more suitable for ordinary people to complete these matters. 

Madeline suddenly said, “Since you wish to find an inhabited area, why don’t we continue southward after reaching the coastline?”

Su quickly pulled up the map in his head again, and then asked with a bit of misgivings, “Southwest? Wouldn’t we be entering the Holy Crusaders’ area of control?”

“If we are going to find others to do our work for us, the Holy Crusaders definitely aren’t a bad choice. However, the Black Dragonriders’ side is better.” Madeline said. 

“Black Dragonriders?” Su’s green eye slightly narrowed, his pupil contracting ever so slightly. “Could it be that we are going to return?”

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