Book 5 Chapter 14.1

Book 5 Chapter 14.1 - Plan

A rare bonfire burned in the frozen plains that haven’t melted throughout time, the fuel used the whale shark’s seemingly endless supply of fat, roasting rectangular pieces of whale meat over the flame. There was no roasting rack, the whale meat supported by an anti-gravity force field, borrowing the naturally emitted heat to evenly cook it. Su and Madeline both sat next to the bonfire, eating the already roasted whale meat strip after strip. Madeline’s movements were naturally graceful, but she didn’t use any excessive movements either, just eating extremely beautifully, yet the speed she ate at was even a bit faster than Su’s. Those strips of roasted meat weighing a thousand kilograms only took two or three mouthfuls to enter the stomach. 

The whale shark rested a dozen or so meters away, a hole made on its body. Cirvanas was currently busying about. In his hands was a half meter long ice blade, working hard to remove large pieces of whale fat and meat, and then chop them into little pieces on the frozen surface. Some of the whale fat was thrown into the flames, while another portion was softened over the flame and smeared over the meat strips. After sprinkling a bit of ocean water over it, it was then tossed towards the flame. He continuously worked like this, resting for a minute every ten minutes. While resting, Cirvanas would use an attraction ability to fetch a few strips of whale meat through the air, devour them, and then continue working. 

The whale fat burned. Even though the heat content was great, it wasn’t that great as fuel. However, the whale fat pile was surrounded by Cirvanas’ flame ability, the slowly released heat energy continuously entering the whale fat pieces, cooking it softer and making them burn easier. Piece after piece of whale fat slowly released flames from within them, gradually burning with greater ferocity.

The meat strips that had thick layers of whale grease applied over them tasted extremely terrible, but Su and Madeline both ate without minding it in the slightest, as if they were eating an ordinary lunch. Cirvanas was the only one who ate it with a miserable expression, but the speed at which he ate wasn’t slow at all. He only had a minute to eat, his hunger burning his stomach like a flame, so the few strips of meat he ate were just barely enough to fuel his next segment of work. The youth simultaneously maintained two flame abilities, an anti-gravity force field, as well as an ice ability. While eating, he could withdraw the fire ability used to soften the whale fat, but he then had to use an attraction ability to bring over the roasted meat, so there wasn’t any decrease in energy consumption. The ice ability used for cutting couldn’t be paused either. Even with Cirvanas’ rare control ability over the Magic Domain, this still brought him to his limit. However, he clenched his teeth and endured it, prepared to continue it until he fainted. It was because even though this was work, it was also training. The training now was only difficult, while the abilities obtained from the battlefield were obtained with danger to his life. 

Su ate while thinking to himself. 

In Su’s consciousness, a half transparent figure was slowly moving about. That was Cirvanas’ body, all of his body’s internal composition completely revealed, with many portions producing specks of light. Those specks of light were all data regarding those parts, displayed in a way Su could understand them. Whenever Su’s consciousness focused on an area, the light specks there would release the data stored there. It could be said that on a genetic level, all of Cirvanas’ mysteries were displayed before Su. 

Three levels of flame, three levels of ice, three levels of electricity, three levels of magnetic force, three levels of energy defense… Magic Domain energies appeared one after another in Su’s consciousness. All third level magic abilities, standard or rare, appeared on Cirvanas’ body. Meanwhile, Energy Control, Elemental Affinity, as well as Anti-Gravity Force Field, these three special abilities were respectively first, second, and third level abilities. Even though their levels weren’t that high, they were extremely practical, moreover two of them being rare passive abilities. In addition, apart from the Anti-Gravity Force Field, the previous two were abilities that had never appeared before on the Black Dragonriders’ abilities list, abilities unique to Cirvanas himself. Even if no other special abilities were to appear from today on, these three abilities alone would bring Cirvanas’ combat strength several times above that of other magic ability users. 

Moreover, Su’s sharp senses already detected that the youth’s genes had a bit of space between every segment of distance. These spaces had a vague pattern, so when the young man produced comprehensive fourth level abilities, a new special ability would also appear. In reality, Su wasn’t a genetic specialist, so he himself couldn’t predict such a thing. Only, all of the white specks were dyed in a faint red color that was incredibly striking. When Su focused his attention on them, the conclusion automatically appeared in his sea of consciousness. 

Su’s brain had a dozen or so active processing centers that continuously collected the gathered data together, constructing and adding to that transparent figure. The source of the data was naturally Cirvanas. The nucleus in the young man’s body and Su’s heart had a strange relationship, currently continuously sending his data over. From the data, the young man’s training appeared to be highly effective, evolutionary points currently accumulating at flying speed. 

While examining Cirvanas’ genetic composition, Su’s mind suddenly moved slightly; the young man’s evolutionary points were already enough to produce a new fourth level magic ability. As soon as this thought emerged, the young man’s transparent figure suddenly underwent a change, his genes starting to change and duplicate. The accumulated evolutionary points disappeared like a stream, a new fourth level flame ability immediately appearing on Cirvanas’ list of abilities. The new ability’s code length was close to three times that of an ordinary flame ability, the extra portions for the sake of matching Energy Control and Elemental Affinity, so the effects of this ability would become much greater than ordinary high level flames. However, aside from this, the codes still carried a large amount of redundancy. They weren’t useless, but instead meant for the compatibility of new special abilities the young man might develop in the future. 

When he realized this point, the corners of Su’s eyes twitched. It seemed like his body’s instincts already clearly understood the young man’s development potential, to the extent where it already crafted the ability development route for his future.

His instincts already settled everything, so what was the point of him still existing? This was what Su thought somewhat gloomily. 

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