Book 5 Chapter 13.7

Book 5 Chapter 13.7 - Path

Underwater, these fishmen’s poisonous ice thorns, sharp teeth, and sharp claws were all shockingly powerful vicious weapons. Their bodies were the best weapons, not needing any other tools. Even if it was an olden era submarine, they would still sink after having their outer shells picked apart, or at the very least have their propellers destroyed and thus lose power. Unfortunately, their opponent this time was Su, the bane of nearly all biological weapons. 

Their fangs and claws didn’t inflict much damage on Su’s body that concealed evolved bone scales, their most powerful poison was completely useless, and a new type of targeted poison was continuously released from Su’s bodily fluids. The fishmen soldiers’ bodies quickly became sluggish and rigid. They only took in a small amount of poison through the ocean water, yet the poison activated within a few seconds. 

Su’s flexibility underwater was still inferior to the fishmen, and his speed was even more lacking. However, his power, reaction speed, and combat skills were on a completely different level compared to these fishmen. The fishmen soldiers almost completely swarmed over at once, quite a few of them even directly hanging from his body, but when they grabbed or bit down on him, only then did they find that Su’s body was a complete trap! Su’s hands moved like lightning. No matter which direction they attacked from, he was still able to accurately grab the back of their heads and crush it with a single grip. 

Muffled cracking sounds continuously rang out. Fishmen soldiers floated away from Su’s body one after another, and the fishmen nearby who were looking for an opportunity found that their movements became slower and slower, the weakest already no longer moving, starting to struggle about as it drifted in the ocean waters. Its mouth opened wider and wider, yet it couldn’t breathe in any seawater. In the end, even its tongue reached out, wishing to fire all of its incomplete ice thorns, but it still couldn’t take in any oxygenated ocean water. All of the blood vessels in its body swelled, losing their ability to absorb oxygen. This fishman only struggled for a bit longer before it completely stopped all movement. 

Three minutes later, Su’s hands unfolded, the last fishman body slowly sinking towards the ocean body from his ten long and slender fingers. Its head had already completely deformed, its eyes also muddled. Three minutes of fighting, the process short yet brutal, a total of thirty fishmen dying under Su’s hands, only twenty of them killed under his grip, the remaining ten falling under the toxin he secreted.

This poison was not only effective against fishmen, but highly toxic against most aquatic creatures, which was why everything within a range of several dozen meters around Su had already become an area of death. Su had, inadvertently, discovered a new way of fighting. 

Concocting and secreting this poison so quickly also left quite the toll on Su’s body. As soon as he wanted to rest, he suddenly sensed a type of indescribable heavy pressure. The ocean currents became chaotic, and then an enormous shadow entered the range of his Panoramic View. The several hundred meters of distance was crossed in an instant, this enormous body close to ten meters in size carrying terrifying power as it threw itself at Su!

This was a flesh-eating creature similar to a whale shark, but its size was much larger, and it was much more vicious. Its streamlined head was even more so covered in plates of metal, making it look a bit like an alligator. Even though this affected its speed a bit, it greatly increased its combat strength. 

Su allowed this giant to bite down on his own body, and then his hands supported the top and bottom of this mutated whale shark’s mouth. Under eight levels of power, the slightest exertion of force completely tore apart this whale shark’s giant maw, almost ripping it into two halves!

The enormous shark’s dying struggle was completely impossible to defy, dragging Su toward the dark ocean depths. Only when Su delivered another fatal blow did it completely end the enormous shark’s struggle. What followed was the laborious task of bringing it back towards the sea surface. The enormous shark’s body was covered in many pieces of bone material skin that didn’t seem too natural, allowing for fishmen to cling to its surface. It seemed like this enormous shark doubled as both the fishmen tribe’s tank and transport vehicle. 

After this fishmen army that included an enormous shark was completely wiped out, the lord of the frozen sea Pridekla’s aura suddenly disappeared, Su was completely unable to sense whether he was happy or angry anymore. The surrounding ocean was dark, cold, and peaceful. Apart from the large amounts of blood, there weren’t any other unusual traces. However, Su knew that this didn’t mean that the lord of the frozen sea stopped his observation and revenge, but rather that he now truly became serious. Through Cross-Sectional Detection, Su sensed what seemed to be an extremely thin shadow covering the frozen country, but the shadow rippled like waves, faint and lacking density, extremely unstable, completely different from the apostle’s terrifying consciousness within the dimensional fault that resembled a storm cloud. However, by doing this, how many tens of thousands of times did this increase its range? At the very least, Su’s current perception abilities were completely incapable of determining the range of Pridekla’s consciousness. 

Large amounts of cracks suddenly extended from shore along the ice sheet, as if an enormous beast was frantically pounding against the ice sheet, gradually bulging, and then suddenly shattering. Under flying icy fragments, the whale shark’s enormous body flew out from the frozen sea. Compared to its enormous body, Su who leapt out from the water soon after truly was insignificant. This large fella weighing at least ten tons was enough for the three of them to eat for some time, but not that long either. Even Cirvanas, the one with the lowest strength among them, ate the same amount of food as a dozen or so robust men. 

While dragging this whale shark whose body was a dozen or so times larger than himself, Su still walked in a light and agile manner. However, his heart felt quite heavy. 

The underwater world wasn’t Su’s home field, but he was still able to wipe out a platoon of fishmen in one move underwater, and killing the enormous whale shark was also an easy task. Regardless of whether it was high temperature raging flames or the deep frozen sea, Su would always adapt in an inconceivably short amount of time. His body seemed to be almost omnipotent. 

Su finally developed a deep sense of fear towards his body once again. He didn’t know why these changes took place, and knew even less what laid at the other end of these changes. Everything happened so naturally, as if as long as he willed it, then anything could happen. However, this didn’t conform to this world’s general knowledge at all. 

Just like Helen said, balance was the world’s law. Great power always came at a cost, and those small and weak had their own benefits. Power without cost didn't exist, just like how there was no such thing as a free lunch. 

His body’s evolution was already slowly breaking free from Su’s control. He suddenly felt like it was perhaps already time to face reality. The first thing he had to do, was find out exactly where he came from. 

As soon as he thought of this, several scenes suddenly flashed before his eyes, every single scene seen through a green base color, extremely blurry, as if he was looking from inside of water. These scenes were extremely familiar, as if he had already seen them countless times before, but Su just couldn’t recall when. Where exactly was he, and when did he see them?

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