Book 5 Chapter 13.6

Book 5 Chapter 13.6 - Path

As soon as he thought of Helen, Su felt as if a tub of  cold water was poured over his head, the mysterious feeling of distress decreasing quite a bit. Helen was only an ordinary woman without abilities, but the impression she left him with was far greater than anyone else. Su had no idea what this woman was thinking in her brain. Perhaps the world will be destroyed, but Helen will continue to exist. His intuition told him that Helen was definitely doing something, and it was closely related to himself. However, Su had no idea, nor could he guess at what exactly she wanted to do. 

After throwing these random thoughts aside, Su squatted down, his hands cupped together, and then smashed down on the ice sheet. After a few strikes, the several meter thick frozen layer became covered in cracks, and then it split open with a large noise, producing an ice hole. Su immediately jumped inside, entering the cold and dark great sea. 

The sea below the ice seemed completely devoid of light. In the darkness, the deep green radiance of Su’s left eye was extremely striking. He already activated his low lighting sight, simultaneously expanding his Panoramic View to its greatest range. The darkness, for him, was already no longer a hindrance. The frozen sea’s underwater environment weakened his perception abilities considerably, his Panoramic View only reaching around 600 meters of range. 

Aside from his left eye, several small crystals appeared on the surface of Su’s upper body that continuously flickered with faint radiance. In this almost completely dark sea, this bit of light was already as bright as a lighthouse. Su quickly swam in the water, dragging several large piles of chopped up fishmen corpses behind him. The faint bloody smell quickly spread in the frozen sea, drawing the greedy and vicious carnivores in the sea. Su continuously took in and sent out ocean water, absorbing the water’s oxygen content like a fish. This was also something only he could do; not even Madeline could freely move underwater like a fish. 

Numerous small figures continuously appeared in the surroundings, quickly surrounding Su. As soon as they entered the range of his Panoramic View, a bone-penetrating killing intent was clearly transmitted into Su’s consciousness. These fishmen soldiers’ movement speed underwater was comparable to sharks, and they were exceptionally agile and ferocious. They possessed sharp perception, following Su all the way here from below the ice sheet, only converging once Su entered the water to seize the best opportunity. 

In the frozen sea country, no matter how Su tried to hide, it was still impossible to escape Pridekla’s pursuit. Without Pridekla’s guidance, how would these fishmen possibly be able to find him? The frozen sea country hid many secrets, and Pridekla’s consciousness could be said to be ever-present, able to sense every single inch of its ocean territory, making it equivalent to an incomparably enormous Panoramic View. Moreover, Pridekla possessed shocking creation ability, the fishmen, a completely new species, perfect no matter what perspective one looked at it from apart from the fact that they lacked the accumulation of time, causing their genes to be a bit too clean. However, compared to the magnificent feat of creating a new intelligent species, this bit of flaw wasn’t an issue at all. 

The new world after the war was becoming more and more unfamiliar for humans.

Just as humans were still struggling for survival, an existence like Pridekla already silently appeared in this dark frozen sea located extremely north. According to the olden era’s standard, this frozen sea lord was entirely deserving of the title of creator. 

The fishmen’s perception underwater became even more sharp. They quickly locked onto Su and surrounded him. More than ten faint white trails of tails suddenly appeared, the fishmen releasing their ice thorns first. The poison carrying ice thorns, even if they missed their target, once they melted, would still contaminate a large part of the sea. All prey that didn’t escape its range would still be poisoned. 

Su’s body unfolded, the surface of his skin producing a faint silvery radiance. All of the ice thorns nailed onto his skin, but they were clamped in place as soon as they penetrated slightly, and then they were melted. Su had long developed immunity towards the ice thorn’s poison, to the extent where his instincts already deciphered all of the poison’s mysteries. As a result, if he just slightly modified its properties, it would instead become poison for the fishmen. Su quickly swam about, his flexibility seemingly not inferior to these fishmen at all. 

A fishman directly rushed forward, widening its large sharp teeth-covered mouth until it covered its entire head, and then bit down viciously towards Su! Su’s left hand that was covered in bone armor reached out, directly inserting itself into the fishman’s mouth, grabbed its tongue, and then twisted and pulled viciously! The few ice thorns that had just begun to take form were immediately shattered, the sharp fragments cutting at the tongue rich with nerve fibers, immediately making it go crazy from pain, struggling chaotically in the water, clamping down on anything it could get its hands on. 

Another fishman made its way over behind Su, opening its mouth and biting down on his lower back. The lower back, for other humans, was a soft fatal weakness, but this area of Su’s body became incomparably rigid. The fishman soldier’s sharp teeth grinded against the sturdy bone armor, and even though they were underwater, the terrifying grinding sound transmitted far into the distance. The fishman’s ferocious bite wasn’t able to break through Su’s bone armor, instead having a small half of its sharp teeth shattered. Meanwhile, Su’s right hand suddenly defied the laws of the human body, turning his hand over and grabbing the fishman’s head. His arm was soft like it didn’t have any bones, not possessing any so called mobility gaps, yet the instantaneous power it erupted with wasn’t any weaker than that of creatures with skeletons. 

Su grabbed the fishman’s hindbrain. His five fingers pressed down, releasing crack crack sounds, crushing the fishman’s sturdy skull apart. Su already understood the fishmen’s body composition like the back of his hand, understanding that this was where the fishmen’s autonomic nervous system was concentrated, the area that was best protected, but also the most vital area. Once the back of its head was crushed, the fishmen soldier bodies’ connection with their brain would be severed, thus powerlessly drifting in the ocean. Apart from their eyes that remained just as vicious, even opening their mouths became extremely difficult. Their bodies possessed tenacious vitality, and because of this, they might wander about for many days in the ocean waters before dying. 

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