Book 5 Chapter 13.1

Book 5 Chapter 13.1 - Path

The fierce battle concluded with Pandora’s escape, even though there was no way things would be settled like this. After all, there was a mysterious apostle behind Pandora. However, if Pandora came knocking on their door again, the result would really be hard to say. 

This battle was one fought on the brink between life and death, a battle against Pandora who had ten levels of abilities, and as a result, all three of them obtained quite a considerable amount of evolutionary points. The one who obtained the most was Madeline, and regardless of whether Su wanted to admit it or not, she was the main force in fighting against Pandora this time, as well as the main reason why Pandora suffered serious damage. From the perspective of evolutionary points obtained, this world actually displayed a strange balance. Madeline now had over a hundred evolutionary points saved, so if needed, she could directly bring a fifth level ability to seven levels. 

When she recalled Pandora’s brash and complacent laughter, even though Madeline still had a faint smile on her face, the smile seemed to be sealed in ice. The first ability she was going to raise to the seventh level was going to be speed. Pandora’s escape appeared calm and composed, so catching her with just six levels of speed was a bit troublesome, but if she had seven levels, then she definitely wouldn’t get away. However, Madeline had long planned out her ability roadmap, so developing speed first would mess up her plans greatly, and it would also have a great impact on her short-term fighting strength. In this era where dangers lurked in every corner, every bit of increase in power was valuable, always the most optimal choice. 

Madeline thought bitterly to herself, her hands subconsciously brandishing the alloy heavy sword about. The heavy sword had already deformed in the battle against the fishmen, the surface of the sword also full of holes from the ice thorns. However, the heavy sworld’s alloy quality was quite good, and Madeline was used to using heavy weapons, so once it was lost, it wouldn’t be as easy to get her hands on another one. Moreover, it wasn’t like the heavy sword couldn’t be fixed. 

Madeline’s deep blue eyes gazed into the distance, still lost in her thoughts. Meanwhile, her ten long and slender fingers gently stroked the surface of the sword’s blade, from time to time suddenly exerting force. Each time this happened, the heavy sword would release an ear-piercing groan, the thick sword body obediently changing shape under her fingers, gradually straightening out. 

Pandora was an extremely dangerous enemy, the danger not limited purely to her fighting strength, this fact especially prominent when looked at from a female perspective. However, if all other aspects were flung aside, the threat she posed purely with her fighting strength already made her extremely deadly. The reason for Pandora’s defeat this time still carried a bit of luck, but the next battle would be a different matter. Madeline could develop a seventh level ability at any time, but her seven levels of ability was similar to that of others’ nine levels, so the difference between Pandora and herself was already decreased. Pandora was no longer impossible to win against. 

Meanwhile, Su obtained a bit of Pandora’s bones and blood. With his body’s mysterious abilities, after obtaining some of Pandora’s genes, it should undergo the corresponding changes in a day or two, at the very most using ten days to complete the absorption and merging process. When absorbing unique genes, he would also obtain evolutionary points, to the extent where it was even greater than in battle. This was precisely the reason why Su’s speed of ability increase far surpassed that of ordinary people, to the extent where it was even faster than the post-transformation Madeline. 

However, for some reason, whenever she thought of Su’s quickly changing body, the blue radiance in Madeline’s eyes would always become more and more dim. 

An ear-piercing crack sounded. The final bit of the heavy sword’s crookedness was flattened by Madeline. While fixing the metal, Madeline’s eyes that were gazing into the distance seemed to reflect Pandora’s figure. Even though the black-haired young lady was still behaving flamboyantly, Madeline ultimately decided to put aside speed for now. 

In the eight years since she left Su’s side, regardless of whether it was in Dark Red Castle or the Town of Trials devoid of daylight, Madeline never wasted a single minute or second of time. She was able to use the title of Dark Saint’s great authority to monopolize the Trials Division, the cushioning for that high throne completely made of bones and blood. Those who didn’t understand the inner details all believed that she relied on the Spider Empress’ terrifying reputation to stabilize her position, but those who did understood them knew clearly that the Spider Empress only gave her a hand at the start. One of the three dark giants was killed, while the other two went into hiding; this was all done by the little girl whose face still carried a bit of childishness. 

The past eight years, these years were soaked in darkness and blood.

If enough time passed, should Pandora dare to pay them another visit, perhaps Madeline alone would be enough to prevent her from leaving. When that time came...

Madeline who had ruled over the Trials Division for many years witnessed, experienced, and carried out too many dark and bloody methods. The so-called ‘rape first kill after’ couldn’t be considered torment at all. In the era where she ruled over the Trials Division, Madeline didn’t need to use empty methods like verbal threats, because she herself was the most effective intimidation. 

However, Pandora didn’t seem to know about her past at all, and Madeline also intentionally distanced herself from that dark and bloody part of her history. This period of time where she fled with Su made her feel as if she returned to the past when she was completely carefree and without worries. In other words, her world was once again filled with sunshine. 

However, Madeline suddenly realized something. If Pandora really did recklessly knock on their doorstep, then what were they to do? Perhaps she really might be captured by Madeline. Madeline definitely wasn’t someone who dared to speak but didn’t dare to take action. However, when she thought about how she had to honor the first half of her threat, she suddenly understood the meaning behind Pandora’s great laughter before leaving.

Crack! An ear-splitting metal sound rang through the air. The heavy sword that had originally already became normal again suddenly bent, to the extent where it was even worse than before it was fixed. 

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