Book 5 Chapter 12.5

Book 5 Chapter 12.5 - To Deal With

However, Su’s green pupil never revealed the slightest bit of change, the ripples like the reflection on a frozen sea. Even though it was flickering, the cold self never changed. Meanwhile, Su already pulled back his right fist from underneath her ribs, now already moving forward bit by bit, his five long and slender fingers opening one by one, from the trajectory and landing point, it should completely cover Pandora’s left breast. However, this motion was not the slight stroking of a lover, not was it a vicious and crude grabbing and kneading, but rather an ice-cold strike meant purely for destroying a living creature!

Sharp claw pricks that were less than half a centimeter long extended from Su’s fingertips, his five fingers even more so producing extremely glaring blood marks...

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