Book 5 Chapter 12.5

Book 5 Chapter 12.5 - To Deal With

However, Su’s green pupil never revealed the slightest bit of change, the ripples like the reflection on a frozen sea. Even though it was flickering, the cold self never changed. Meanwhile, Su already pulled back his right fist from underneath her ribs, now already moving forward bit by bit, his five long and slender fingers opening one by one, from the trajectory and landing point, it should completely cover Pandora’s left breast. However, this motion was not the slight stroking of a lover, not was it a vicious and crude grabbing and kneading, but rather an ice-cold strike meant purely for destroying a living creature!

Sharp claw pricks that were less than half a centimeter long extended from Su’s fingertips, his five fingers even more so producing extremely glaring blood marks!

As soon as her line of sight landed on those bright and dazzling blood marks, Pandora immediately released a cry of alarm, immediately bringing her arms before her chest, putting away her completely submissive stance of abandoning all defense. At the same time, she brandished her right leg, using her arms and knees which possessed the most powerful defensive strength to stop Su’s vicious claw!

This time, Pandora’s body seemed to have weakened considerably. Su’s right hand that was tangled within blood marks tore through her snow white skin, entering deeply, stopping only when they nailed into her skeleton. In the places where his five fingers were inserted, explosions big and small continuously erupted, the chaotic energy streams bursting non-stop like miniature dazzling fireworks. These were the explosions brought about by the intense clash between Su’s power and Pandora’s defensive force field. 

After penetrating Pandora’s body, the blood marks on Su’s five fingers immediately came alive, turning into lumps of bloody mist, swarming towards Pandora’s body as if they were each trying to outdo the other! This was blood that was made almost purely of intruder cells, the poison effects far inferior to the biological poison Su injected before, but their attack and destructive power was far greater than the biological poison. When they twisted about Su’s fingertips, they were in a solidified state, the flowery patterns they produced all intrinsic mysteries, able to transfer and gather energy, substantially increasing Su’s attack power. Su’s fingers, right now, were comparable to alloys. 

Pandora who had hurriedly put up a defense never expected Su to act so ruthlessly, and as a result she was immediately heavily injured. Her cocked right leg reached out, stamping fiercely on Su’s abdomen, wishing to use this force to free herself from Su’s entanglement. However, Su’s body bent backwards strangely, neutralizing a small half of the force, enduring Pandora’s kick that was enough to crush the gun turret of a battle tank. His five fingers already wrapped around Pandora’s arm bone, the skin over the arm completely splitting open, sending bloody mist towards Pandora frantically! 

Pandora released another grunt. Her snow-white right foot stepped down on Su’s chest, exerting force. A bloody mist erupted between the two, but they finally separated. Pandora’s forearm had many large bloody wounds, the flesh around the injuries warped and twisted, revealing white bones. It was a rather terrifying sight. Meanwhile, Su’s right hand was drenched with blood, four of his fingers missing a part. The sharp fingertips had been completely torn off, still nailed into Pandora’s arm bone. The sharp tip of his thumb was the only part that remained, on it a small piece of bone. 

Pandora only made it halfway through her backward somersault when she heard a familiar whistling noise. She didn’t even need to think about it, immediately knowing that it was Madeline again. A bit of anger and helplessness suddenly appeared on Pandora’s face. She nibbled on her lower lip, staring fiercely at the incoming Madeline. When she saw Pandora’s fierce expression, Madeline instead returned a bright and clear smile, thus making Pandora’s teeth bite down even harder. 

When she saw Madeline’s devil-like arms reach out once again, Pandora suddenly released a roar that tore through the clouds. Her black hair flew upwards, unexpectedly smashing towards Madeline! This attack came extremely suddenly. Madeline was also momentarily shocked, but she was still fearless, clashing head-on with Pandora. The two tangled with each other for a short instant, and then a crack sound rang out: Pandora’s left arm was crushed by Madeline! Meanwhile, Madeline was also smashed flying, five small, but deep bloody injuries appearing on her abdomen, created by the rigid insertion of Pandora’s five fingers. Fortunately, Pandora’s arm was broken as soon as it was inserted, or else there wouldn’t only be five small holes on Madeline’s stomach, but she would instead have a large piece of flesh torn out. 

The scale of victory was now fully tilted in Madeline’s favor. 

Madeline was a bit puzzled. Even though Pandora’s attack was sudden, it was full of mistakes, almost as if she was handing victory over with both her hands. Why was this the case?

She immediately thought of a possibility. Her face changed slightly, body straightened, and then forcefully landed on the ground, stabilizing herself. The intense shock made five fine streaks of blood flow from her wound, but Madeline couldn’t tend to this injury, her azure pupils only reflecting the black-haired young lady’s quickly retreating rear figure. 

She actually ran? This thought flashed past Madeline’s mind, and then she immediately chased after her with full force. Pandora was a mysterious and powerful enemy. If someone like this was let go, the consequences would be unimaginable. 

At this time, Su was currently looking at the bone fragment hanging from his thumb. Pandora’s bones were extremely strange, flickering with a faint silver luster, the broken chip carrying extremely fine crystal granules. The color of the bone’s surface was of varying depth, the silver-colored dark patterns seemingly constructing a strange yet wonderful diagram. 

This bone fragment was perhaps the greatest reward of this battle up until now, but Su didn’t have time to carefully inspect his spoils of war. Instead, he entered a half squat, breathing heavily in and out, storing energy in preparation of entering the battle again to release another attack. The flesh on his right hand grew at flying speed, wrapping around Pandora’s bone fragment, blood, and tissues, absorbing it into his body. Even though Pandora’s injuries were serious, Su was momentarily powerless to chase after her. He concentrated more than half of his power into his right hand in that attack just now, and only by catching Pandora off-guard was he able to tear through Pandora’s defense in one move. Right now, it looked like he had only four broken fingers on his right hand, but the condition of his injury was no different from having his chest pierced through. Su’s remaining power was less than 20%. If it were ordinary ability users, they would have long died seven or eight times. From a perspective of vitality, Su was who knew how many times more powerful than a cockroach. 

Pandora and Madeline traveled into the distance, one chased and one chasing, the two rushing out a kilometer in the blink of an eye. Pandora’s speed was extraordinarily fast, Madeline already discovering that she couldn’t catch her at all. Pandora also noticed this point, and as such, she recovered her unenthusiastic and dreamy voice. “Su, I will return again. I really am looking forward to our next encounter!”

Pandora’s voice wasn’t loud, yet it possessed great penetrative power, easily traveling several kilometers, so Su definitely heard it. Hearing Pandora’s somewhat playful declaration of challenge, the usually unflustered Madeline suddenly felt a bit of anger. 

Madeline no longer chased after Pandora, instead staring at her retreating figure, saying coldly, “If you dare come again, then it’ll be rape first and then kill!”

Pandora first displayed a bit of shock, and then laughed loudly before leaving into the distance. 

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