Book 5 Chapter 12.4

Book 5 Chapter 12.4 - To Deal With

On the life and death battlefield, Madeline and Su wouldn’t give her too much time to think. The two of them rushed to her side at almost the same time, unleashing a crazy shower of attacks. In that instant, Pandora blocked several dozen strikes, but even more landed on her body!

Pandora’s expressions became more and more rich, her eyebrows pinching together, her eyes previously filled with perplexity revealing complex expressions. This battle left her feeling incredibly awkward. Even though both Madeline and Su’s growth were beyond expectation, she still possessed an overwhelming advantage. Ten levels of ability was a new world. Even when facing ninth level ability users, it would still display overwhelming effects. Any random fist Pandora threw out could crush a tank’s gun turret, and even more so able to inflict serious injuries on those with nine levels of defensive ability. However, Madeline and Su fought while almost sticking to her, this type of close distance, such high frequency attack and defense methods, made it so that she couldn’t even display half of her body’s strength. However, the other party’s strikes were heavy and real, their power not being discounted at all. 

Su’s attacks were extremely strange, his movements already completely outside the category of what was ‘human’. His head, shoulders, abdomen, knees, any part, any angle could display attacks. He was like a snake that wound around her body, but with venomous fangs over his entire body. Su’s attacks extended all over Pandora’s body, trying to find points of weakness from her body that was more sturdy than the armor of war machines. However, after trying every single area, Su understood that even with his strengthened power that was equal to eight levels of power, unless he used everything he had, he couldn’t break through Pandora’s defense at all. 

Every attack Madeline displayed could be classified as those of a human’s, and they didn’t bring any damage to her status as a young lady, yet the threat she delivered was much greater than Su. Pandora felt as if every move she made was read by her in advance, while the other party’s attacks were completely unpredictable and without pattern. Oftentimes, only after taking on a serious blow and thinking about it for a bit, would she understand how she was struck. Madeline’s every move carried nine levels of power, and her offensive power remained constant. These heavy strikes, after taking enough of them, even Pandora would find it hard to endure. 

What made the situation even worse was that the gravity in Pandora’s surroundings continuously changed, fluctuating unpredictably from light to heavy. She knew that this was the work of that extremely delicate little fella. That youth was awfully weak, and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that a single breath of air from her could blast his body open. However, under Madeline and Su’s full power barrage of attacks, where did she have the remaining time to attack Cirvanas? Even though he was hiding just a few dozen meters out. 

The gravity changed without any pattern, and each time it changed, it would affect her reaction speed and decision-making ever so slightly. However, in such an intense battle, even the slightest influence would cause consequences that were definitely not slight. 

The battle was incomparably fierce, with Pandora facing roughly a hundred attacks every second. She had to defend, evade, and counter attack. At the same time, the heaviness of the enemies’ strikes already exceeded her body’s innate defensive strength, so she needed to allocate energy to protect her crucial areas. As a result, the amount of instantaneous calculations she had to do already increased exponentially, pressing close to the limit of what Pandora’s body could handle. Just as she was dealing with this torrent of attacks, the two slight stabs of pain from below her ribs suddenly grabbed Pandora’s attention. She lowered her head, discovering that the injuries that were originally close to completely closing stopped its growth, instead continuously releasing a milky-white starch from within. The starch released a bitter almond smell, within it tissue cells that already underwent necrosis. The smell and body’s sensation immediately informed Pandora that she had been poisoned.


Pandora had almost already forgotten this word! Ever since this body evolved from the Broken Black Flame Seal to the Black Flame Seal, she became immune to nearly all known poisons. Even if she drank a cup of concentrated potassium hydride, it would be just like drinking a cup of water. However, the currently declining vitality around her injuries, the numb feeling that was gradually spreading, and the sluggishness that was spreading along her nervous system were all clear signs of poison. This was a brand new unknown poison that possessed active characteristics, able to continuously adjust itself in response to her body’s defense mechanism. Even though the Black Flame Seal’s inner defensive functions were similarly powerful, the biologically active poison’s reaction was unexpectedly not inferior in any respect. At a microscopic level, a large scale battle similarly erupted within Pandora’s body! However, in this battle, Pandora was currently on the losing end. Her energy was almost completely used to deal with her struggle against Madeline and Su, so where would she find the leftover power to stimulate her internal defense and immunity to suppress this extremely vicious and vile biochemical poison?

The poison corroded Pandora’s body bit by bit, making her reaction speed crumble. In reality, the spreading of the poison was extremely slow, and based on the speed at which the poison spread, only after a few days of time had passed would it reach a life threatening level. However, right now, the poison and the condition of her injuries were already enough to tip the scales of victory or defeat. Pandora’s reaction speed and energy level both declined slightly, while Madeline and Su were still just as full of life as before.

Was she going to lose?

This was the first time this thought emerged in Pandora’s mind, suddenly feeling a sense of alarm. She couldn’t help but ask herself this question one more time, this time subconsciously using her calculating ability, thus the answer becoming much clearer: the chances of victory was already less than fifty percent. 

The intense battle almost exhausted all of Pandora’s mental capacity, so distracting herself with the thoughts of winning or losing quickly produced its consequences. Her movements became slightly slower, and this chance was immediately seized by Madeline. The young lady’s arms wrapped around Pandora’s arms, her beautiful long and slender body surging with enough power to twist a tank’s gun turret! Pandora couldn’t resist this strength, her body lifted above the ground, and then she was forcefully flung out!

As if he could foresee the future, Su already activated Extreme Assault, his speed breaking the sound barrier, chasing after Pandora’s body that was in midair! Behind him, a clear explosion of energy could be seen, and it was currently slowly spreading. 

The timing of this sudden and violent attack was perfect. A powerful feeling of danger passed through Pandora’s mind, knowing that after suffering continuous attacks, her own defensive power was already insufficient to stop Su’s world-shaking strike. Moreover, her left arm , under Madeline’s focused attacks, was suffering great pain, large areas of her muscle torn and injured, making her power and reaction speed decrease a few notches. The most important thing, however, was that this made it difficult to coordinate her movements. When faced with Su’s ultra high speed assault, it was clearly difficult for her to protect herself. 

In the time it took for a comet to fly through the sky, Pandora’s eyes already reflected Su’s green pupil. In that deep sea of green, she seemed to have seen something, yet at the same time felt as if there was nothing at all. 

The unbearably tattered clothes on Pandora’s body were suddenly completely smashed to pieces, turned into strips of flying cloth, fully displaying her snow-like sparkling white impressive upper body. When faced with Su’s extremely vicious attack, Pandora not only didn’t evade or block, instead sticking her chest out to face it. On her full and erect breasts, two bright red points trembled, seizing the attention of this entire world!

The black-haired young lady, at this moment, was no longer the death god that reaped the lives of the living with a wave of her hand, but rather like the little flowers in a tempest, delicate to the point where she might wither away at any time. 

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