Book 5 Chapter 12.3

Book 5 Chapter 12.3 - To Deal With

Pandora’s hand came to a rigid stop two centimeters from Su’s throat. There, it maintained this deadlocked situation for a split second, and then a muffled boom sounded, formless blast waves spreading in all directions with them at the center, immediately reaching several dozen meters out. Wherever the blast wave passed, the sturdy frozen surface would shatter to pieces, pushed into the distance like a snow wave, revealing the frozen rock underneath. Even if these rocks only protruded a tiny bit, they would also be sent flying, tumbling into the distance. The frozen rocks that were slightly less sturdy immediately exploded under the blast wave!

A trace of bright-colored blood appeared on Su’s face, but in the end, it flew outwards just like the snow and rocks. Pandora’s right hand reached forward, wishing to grab him, but the tremendous recoil forced her to remain in her original location, to the extent where she had to take a step back, only able to watch as Su flew out into the distance. 

When Su completely erupted with power, it already reached the peak of eight levels of strength. Pandora who was caught off guard wasn’t able to transfer enough power, unexpectedly allowing Su to slip through her fingertips. Before she even had time to feel shock, let alone recover from the rigidness following that tremendous recoil force, she already saw Madeline fly at her at full speed!

Pandora smiled. Even though Madeline’s speed was fast, when she rushed to her side, Pandora would have definitely already recovered from her inflexible state. It seemed like Madeline displayed a rare amount of carelessness. Pandora decided to patiently wait, wait for Madeline to realize that by the time she arrived, she would already recover her freedom. She believed that at that time, Madeline’s expression would definitely be extremely brilliant. The difference here was actually less than a few milliseconds, but for a battle on their level, it was enough to do many things. 

However, when Madeline’s left foot barely touched the ground, an anti-gravity force field surrounded her entire body, making her body weight decrease by at least a third. This third of weightlessness allowed Madeline’s speed to increase by a lot, just enough to rush in front of her body before Pandora completely recovered her mobility!

This time, when Pandora opened her little mouth, her expression of shock was extremely cute, and also extremely brilliant. 

Madeline’s body gracefully moved to the side, already evading the right arm Pandora hurriedly moved out, once again throwing herself into her embrace, the two beautiful faces almost touching each other.

The world spun around Pandora once again, and only after spinning twice in the air was she fiercely thrown by Madeline into the rigid frozen surface.

The thick ice whose rigidity was comparable to rock began to crack apart like a spiderweb, and then it suddenly exploded, leaving behind an enormous ice crater that was several meters deep. Pandora who was laying at the center of the ice crater shook her head in a cute manner; it seemed like even after taking this kind of blow, she only felt a bit dizzy. 

Pandora’s black eyes focused on Madeline who stood at the edge of the ice crater. As if supported by an invisible hand, her body rose from the bottom of the crater without making any movements. As soon as her line of sight passed over the top of the crater, silent, strange vibration suddenly passed over her ears. Pandora immediately turned around, just in time to see a piece of metal wrapped within thin flames fly over with great speed! This piece of metal already began to liquefy while flying, the speed even more so several times that of an ordinary bullet. Even Pandora’s black hair couldn’t help but rise with the wind!

The energy bullet arrived too fast and too suddenly. Pandora already couldn’t move out of the way, only having time to protect her head with her arms, and just like that face the energy bullet’s impact head on!

A dark red flame suddenly erupted, the powerful energy making the liquified metal shoot out raging flames that wrapped around Pandora’s entire body. However, the high temperature flames that exceeded three thousand degrees didn’t last long, still unable to inflict any damage onto Pandora. The true effects of the attack could only be seen from the point of impact. 

The flames scattered in an instant. Pandora who was in midair was in a bit of a sorry state, quite a bit of her flying black hair’s tips showing burn marks. The hunter outfit around her body even more so couldn’t resist the high temperature flames, completely burned into a mess, fully revealing her snow white arms and legs. However, her two arms that directly blocked the impact of the energy bullet only had a bruise, the center having a bit of skin torn; that was it. 

Pandora’s defensive strength reached ten levels at the very least. Meanwhile, ten levels of defense was already something on a completely different level from the armor of a main battle tank. 

Su had long anticipated this result. As soon as the energy bullet left the barrel, he already flung the energy rifle aside, starting up Extreme Assault to rush at Pandora again. During his charge, Su’s consciousness already locked onto the cut that was created only after great effort. Parts like Pandora’s arms and legs that were used for combat definitely possessed higher defensive strength, and areas with bone lining like her chest and back wouldn’t be weak either. That meant that Pandora’s largest weak point was her soft belly. However, when Su thought back to how he only made two small cuts after using four Extreme Assaults in succession, he knew that even though he referred to the abdomen as the weapoint, this was only relative to everywhere else. 

Madeline was a step faster than Su, directly tangling together with Pandora!

Pandora only barely managed to resist a few times before her ankle was grabbed by Madeline and she was tossed out, smashing head first into a frozen cliff several meters away. Under rumbling sounds, the frozen cliff was smashed into pieces, while Pandora stood up as if nothing had happened. This time, she put away her naive young lady expression, instead frowning slightly. She looked at Madeline and Su with a pensive look. 

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