Book 5 Chapter 12.2

Book 5 Chapter 12.2 - To Deal With

However, behind this charming and gentle scene hid endless dangers, neither of the two embracing young ladies feeling any joy. Pandora’s line of sight was immediately drowned out by Madeline’s silver gray long hair, and then soon after, she felt the world spin around her, losing all sense of space and direction. Heavy strikes could be sensed from all different parts of her body. In that instant, Pandora was flung heavily outwards, to the extent where she didn’t even understand clearly how she was tossed out. 

Pandora’s back landed on the icy surface, but this type of strike was far from being enough to break through her terrifying defensive power. Her body straightened, and then she already bounced up from the frozen earth. However, before she completely stabilized herself, everything before her eyes blurred, and then, it felt as if she was smashed into head-on by a firetruck, her body flying backwards out of control, her abdomen and ribs even transmitting a bone-penetrating sharp pain! This time, before Pandora landed on the ground, a ferocious collision sent her flying in another direction, the area she was just injured in sending her another wave of pain. Just like that, only after receiving four heavy blows did Pandora finally land on the icy surface, her body sliding backwards, only stopping when her head smashed heavily into a snow-covered cliff. 

The result of the collision between skull and cliff was the rigid cliff splitting apart in the middle. Meanwhile, Pandora only shook her head before standing back up. She wasn’t completely unaffected, at the very least appearing still a bit dizzy. The black-haired young lady lowered her head, giving her own body a look. The hem of the hunter leather gown was completely torn apart, revealing large amounts of flat and smooth snow-white skin. There were unexpectedly two bloody cuts near the area that pressed against the last of her ribs! The injuries were two centimeters long, a centimeter deep, wounds that could only be considered minor flesh wounds, but it left Pandora incredibly shocked. She gave Su a meaningful look. 

Su stood twenty meters out, the tips of his toes pressed against the frozen surface. His body was moving with the wind, as if he might be blown away at any time. He frowned, giving the two completely curved composite material military knives a look, the expression on his face not all that pleasant to look at. 

Only now did the snowy plains stir with a frantic gale, the winds mixed with extremely shrill screaming sounds, the ice and stone that flew about leaving deep marks on the icy surface that hadn't melted for many years!

In the short moment just now, Su seized the opportunity to use four Extreme Assaults in succession, each time hitting the exact same location. However, only with the second attack did he tear through Pandora’s defenses, the third and fourth attack expanding the injury. In the end, these wounds were just two small holes on Pandora’s body, yet Su’s blades were already ruined. Right now, Su’s bone blades still weren’t as sturdy as the composite material military blades, the biological material his body produced temporarily unable to compare to the human race’s several hundred years of material science and technology. 

Compared to the last battle, Pandora’s defensive strength increased again, the damage four successive Extreme Assaults inflicted only half of what Su had anticipated. Only if this type of assault was carried out two more times would there be a chance of seriously injuring Pandora. However, four successive Extreme Assaults was already Su’s limit. Right now, he could restrict the range of Extreme Assault down to around 30 meters, so if he encountered Claudia again now, Su would undoubtedly come out on top. 

Su flung the damaged blades onto the ground, and then slowly arched his body, staring at Pandora like a wolf. In a true battle, Su would never consider elegance, beauty, or other meaningless things. His hands were about to make contact with the ground, his fingertips and forearm releasing several bone blades, each a few centimeters long. The bone blades weren’t tough enough, and extensive use would only cause them to break under Pandora’s ‘tender and delicate’ skin. 

When Pandora stood up, the injury was already no longer bleeding, and it was slowly starting to close. Even though this body restoration ability wasn’t comparable to Su’s, it was still shocking enough. During the last battle, she still didn’t have this kind of ability. Pandora didn’t seem to pay much attention to the injuries, instead looking at her left hand. There was blood on all five of her left hand’s fingertips, and grabbed in her hands was a dark-colored thick cloth. From the cloth’s texture, this clearly came from Madeline’s clothes. 

A large piece of cloth was torn off Madeline’s back, her snow white lower back now having five deep bloody grooves. Even though the blood on these injuries was also staunched, there was no sign of recovering. Among various Combat Domain abilities, ones that had to do with recovery were always extremely few, as well as the ones that were most difficult to develop. Even those with these types of abilities, after exhausting a large amount of evolutionary points, would find that the recovering ability they obtained was merely a slight shortening of the healing window. A more practical use might be that after one’s recoverative ability was increased, they would be able to recover from injuries that were originally life threatening. However, if one just invested the same amount of evolutionary points into the defensive strength everyone had, they would obtain several times the reward. 

Madeline touched the injury on her back, and then revealed a bit of shock. In the last battle, by relying on her overwhelming combat skill, Madeline almost didn’t receive any injuries. Now, the difference in power between Pandora and herself had been substantially reduced, yet she never expected the black-haired young lady’s reaction speed to be so much faster. With Pandora’s terrifying power, even the slightest bit of contact would result in heavy injuries. 

Madeline muttered to herself, but her eyes instead released brilliance, walking with large steps towards Pandora. On the other side, the energy in Su’s body was gradually climbing as well, as if a terrifying storm was brewing. 

Pandora’s small mouth pursed together again like a little girl that was peeved. She took a step towards Su, reaching out her hand to grab him. There was originally several dozen meters of distance between the two, but after her foot landed, the fingertips of her right hand were already touching Su’s collar. 

Contrary to Pandora’s expectations, Su didn’t dodge out of the way. Instead, his arms moved upwards, grabbing her right hand, and then a berserk power poured out from his body like a tide, actually clashing against Pandora head on!

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