Book 5 Chapter 12.1

Book 5 Chapter 12.1 - To Deal With

A tall and slender figure slowly appeared in the horizon between the snow and sky: Pandora.

She walked slowly and leisurely, almost as if she was strolling through a gallery. However, the several kilometers of distance unknowingly shortened, crossed just like that. She could already clearly sense Su’s existence, and since he was there, the young lady that traveled with him was naturally there as well. Only, apart from them, Pandora sensed an extremely strange aura. This aura was extremely weak and gentle, yet it made her feel somewhat uncomfortable. The newly joined person gave her an extremely unnatural feeling, yet was clearly alive. In Pandora’s perception, this gave off an extremely unbearable stench. However, the power the third person released was extremely weak, not enough to affect the battle situation at all. 

A streak of spiritual fluctuations spread out from the frozen sea. With its help, Pandora’s perception was immediately improved substantially, almost allowing her to ‘see’ Su, Madeline, and Cirvanas who were currently resting ten kilometers out. This distance was already short to the extent where it couldn’t be shorter. If she rushed forward at full force, the only one that might get away was Su. That was why Pandora believed Su wouldn’t choose to run. 

“Kill those annoying house flies for me!” A furious roar sounded within Pandora’s consciousness. This was Pridekla’s consciousness. In the past few days, it was precisely the one that guided Pandora’s way, helping her pull the distance between Su and herself closer. 

“For you, hm?” Pandora’s full lips revealed a faint smile, the mockery completely undisguised. 

Pridekla became quiet, speaking with an extremely grave tone, “With your insignificant amount of power, you should show me, the king of the frozen sea respect! Not even your master, the apostle, dares to act so unbridled before my presence.” 

“That is because master’s restoration process isn’t complete yet. If master really became the great earth’s lightning apostle, would you still speak like this? Also, could it be that I have to be reverent and respectful just because your power is greater than mine?” Pandora replied.

Even though Pridekla didn’t look like it understood human society that well, it could still hear the great sarcasm in Pandora’s voice. Quite uncharacteristically, it asked rather seriously, “Are you saying that it isn’t like this? If you anger me, I can grant you death at any time.”

Upon sensing Pridekla’s seriousness, Pandora put away her mockery and seriously replied, “Not everyone fears death. For these people, your threat is ineffective. For example, myself, the three that I am currently pursuing, this is the case.”

Pridekla entered a state of silence, thinking to itself. Only a moment later did its deep and heavy voice sound again. “The greatest fear of the living is death. It is hard for me to comprehend, however, I believe you are more deserving of my respect than your master.”


The several kilometers of distance wasn’t that long. In the blink of an eye, Pandora already saw Su, and Su also saw her. The black-colored young lady’s eyes lit up, her small lips pursing together in a cute manner as if she was ready to deliver a kiss. Her hands were inserted into her clothes’ pockets, walking towards Su in a completely unguarded manner. 

The distance between both sides continuously decreased. One thousand meters, five hundred meters, all the way until it was less than thirty meters. 

“I believe this should be the third time we met.” Pandora spoke, her cute face, bewildered expression, exquisite curvy body, together with her dreamy voice enough to arouse the aggressiveness and thoughts of sin in any man. 

A hunter’s attire covered her body, but the clothes were not well-fitted at all. When one looked down her collar, they would occasionally see large amounts of snow white skin. Those round curves, the glowing luster, just a single look spoke of astonishing elasticity. 

“The third time, as well as the last time.” Madeline revealed a smile that was yet not a smile. She raised the heavy sword, leapt up, and then directly brought it down! Her movements seemed a bit awkward, but underneath Pandora’s naive and innocent expression, one could see her pupils contract slightly. Soon afterwards, a ring of fine, needle-like little holes were opened up around the edge of her pupils. 

In Pandora’s field of view, Madeline’s figure was already divided into several dozen images from all different angles, to the extent where it could be said that not even the finest movement would escape her surveillance. Madeline left Pandora with an extremely deep impression last time. If not for her absolute superiority in power and defense, Pandora might have even lost. 

The amount of time that had passed since their last battle wasn’t all that long, yet Madeline’s power already increased several times. The confidence Pandora felt at the bottom of her heart suddenly wasn’t that strong. When facing Madeline’s clumsy attack, several hundred scenarios played out in the black-haired young lady’s mind. In the end, she chose the simplest method, using a fist to greet the sword’s blade. Pandora only used half her power in this fist, but it was enough to make the ordinary alloy cast heavy sword change shape. The reason she didn’t use the remainder of her strength was so that she could guard against Madeline’s follow up attacks. 

A light sound rang out as Pandora’s small snow-white fist smashed onto the sword’s blade. Sure enough, the place where her fist landed gave her an empty sensation, Madeline’s seemingly powerful slice was actually a feint, the heavy sword almost having no additional power added! Pandora revealed a sweet smile, and then her right fist suddenly increased force, fiercely smashing down on the heavy sword’s edge, instantaneously producing several dozen tons of force, enough to blast the steel blade into a steel bar! However, the instant Pandora exerted force, Madeline suddenly brought the sword up. Even though the sword’s edge only backed up a few centimeters, it unexpectedly neutralized a large portion of Pandora’s strength.

The feeling of erupting with strength but hitting nothing felt similarly bad, making even the naive looking Pandora frown. However, this wasn’t a new experience. In the last battle, she already had many similar experiences. Pandora’s movements went rigid, but quickly became normal again. When she recovered her mobility, the first thing she did wasn’t attack, but rather bring her arms around her chest, assuming a defensive position. She knew that Madeline’s barrage of attacks was going to arrive immediately afterwards. 

Sure enough, Madeline loosened her hand that gripped the sword, allowing the alloy heavy sword to fly into the sky. Her arms were fast like lightning, right hand stopping Pandora’s retracting fist, left hand seizing Pandora’s slim yet sturdy waist, throwing herself completely into Pandora’s embrace and wrapping herself around her. 

That moment happened again, the two exceptionally beautiful young ladies with distinctively different characteristics embraced each other in an ambiguous manner, making one’s imagination run wild. 

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