Book 5 Chapter 11.6

Book 5 Chapter 11.6 - Bandit

The peace was quickly shattered. What shattered it, was a weak heartbeat from Su’s chest. The dark black heart pulsed, sending a wave of energy into Su’s body. This bit of energy was extremely weak, but it was like a spark, reigniting Su’s vitality. Su’s body released countless fine sounds, the enormous energy needs stimulated the heart to beat powerfully, sending even more energy to the various parts of Su’s body. 

Su opened his eyes again, as if he had just dozed off, only, his face was a bit pale. His light blonde hair hung down softly, occasionally moving a bit along with the wind. 

Su took a deep breath, and then he exhaled. However, before the breath was completed, he began to cough intensely, releasing many fine blood clots from his mouth. Su grabbed a handful of snow, threw it into his mouth, chewed it, and then spat it out again. The chunks of snow were a dull black, the blood he spat out black colored. Unlike the terrifying blood that was mixed with intruder cells, these faint black-colored blood clots carried only dead cells. 

Su’s right hand finally retracted from the fishman’s head, and then he stood up. He gave the fishman corpse on the ground a look. “They are an artificially created species made by that large fella hiding in the northern sea, its name Pridekla. Haha, really don’t know where this name came from.”

Madeline shrugged her shoulders. “That fella is quite senseless. This type of cannon fodder, no matter how many they send, it’ll just be sending them to their deaths.”

“Not only did they send themselves to the death, they actually brought quite excellent gifts.” Su smiled and said while using the snow to wipe his right hand. Right now, his right hand was slender and pure white without a single flesh feeler in sight. 

Su and Madeline chatted rather casually, as if nothing happened just now. Cirvanas stared blankly for an entire minute, and only then did he carefully walk over, asking, “Master, your distinguished self… is now okay?”

“Why would anything happen to me?” Su said with a smile, as if there really wasn’t anything that happened before. 

“You are becoming more and more pesky!” Madeline slapped Cirvanas’ head somewhat impatiently. Her movement look soft, and in reality, she didn’t use that much force either, but the special frequency made the youth’s entire skeleton tremble, the broken bones in his chest continuously grind against each other. The immediate pain made him unable to utter another word, only obediently retreat to the side. 

After chasing Cirvanas away, Madeline asked nonchalantly, “You fought against Pridekla just now?”

Su chuckled bitterly. “I guess it counts as fighting. Almost died in the process, but the benefits aren’t small.”

When the two spiritual words collided, Su and Pridekla carried a direct battle on the spiritual level. Only, even though the ocean tide was boundless, there was only a thin layer. The ocean wave produced by Pridekla’s spiritual world only had the bit of energy stored in the fishman’s brain to rely on. When all of the energy was consumed, its spiritual world dissipated as well. Even though the battle took place in an instant, in that instant, it was as if Su was facing Pridekla’s full force attack. Meanwhile, he himself didn’t know that the ocean wave only had that single frail layer. 

Regardless, the battle concluded, and Su was still alive. 

When the will Pridekla engraved in the depths of the fishman’s brain scattered, what was left was a long string of digits over ten million units long. This string of digits was actually a code, within it contained some of Pridekla’s information. After tossing this string of digits into his eternal memory region, it already used up a small half of the eternal memory region’s vacant space. This string of of digits that carried mysterious power could not be separated, nor could it be compressed. After obtaining it, the most fundamental level of Su’s genes correspondingly changed. Even though the degree of change was small, the significance was extremely great. This represented a change in his life’s fundamental nature. After releasing his instinctive fetters, Su’s body continuously absorbed genes from the outside world and evolved. His instincts were continuously searching for something, but for a long time, Su had no idea what his instincts were searching for. Only after obtaining a portion of Pridekla’s information did Su discover this string of data seemed to be what his instincts were currently searching for. 

After obtaining part of Pridekla's information, Su’s originally seemingly perfect set of genes now seemed full of mistakes, as well as producing large amounts of blank spaces. Pridekla’s information perfectly filled a part of the vacant area, but it was only an extremely small portion. 

Apart from a change on the genetic level, Su also absorbed the fishman’s poison manufacturing genes. As long as he needed it, most of Su’s body could immediately secrete a powerful neurotoxin. This type of poison had nearly identical composition and similar toxic effects. As for the intensity, it was several tens of times that of a cobra king’s venom. 

Before waiting for Su to explain what he obtained, Madeline’s eyebrows raised beautifully, saying, “It’s good that you didn’t die. Rest properly for a bit, an old friend is about to arrive.” 

Pandora’s image appeared in Su’s mind. He assessed the amount of time left and looked around his surroundings, feeling like he had enough time to give her a pleasant surprise. 

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