Book 5 Chapter 11.4

Book 5 Chapter 11.4 - Bandit

Compared to humans, the fishmen could be rated as perfect life forms without any weakness to be found. Their body’s organization was rational, simple, and efficient, far from being as complex as that of humans, yet possessed functions that were much more powerful. As the large amount of data was analyzed by his memories, a full body diagram of the fishmen was constructed, and it was still becoming increasingly perfect. However, these fishmen gave Su an indescribable type of feeling, a feeling that was extremely out of sorts. However, as for exactly what it was that made him feel uncomfortable, Su couldn’t really say. 

While thinking these thoughts, Cirvanas appeared in Su’s peripheral vision, the young man who was modified and controlled by the nucleus, currently investing all of his potential into the Magic Domain. 

Like a streak of lightning tearing through the night sky, Su finally knew where this uncomfortable feeling towards these fishmen came from. Their bodies’ composition was too simple, too effective, almost no organs or tissues that were wasted or pointless. Meanwhile, in the endless process of natural evolution, all species would accumulate many useless organs, tissues, or genetic fragments. This seemingly useless rubbish, under certain environments, would be incited once again, becoming a main source of that creatures’ evolution and diversity. Even those mutated creatures carried various amounts of this ‘trash’, perhaps even more than normal. 

The fishmen were too ‘clean’, their bodies almost without the slightest bit of rubbish, extremely similar to Cirvanas who had completely underwent remodeling and cleaning. This meant that they were very likely artificial lifeforms and not naturally produced species of this world.

The investigation had already continued for ten whole minutes, the thousands of flesh feelers almost distributed into every corner of the fishman’s body. It would occasionally twitch about, but even though it didn’t die yet, it still no longer struggled. The flesh tentacles continuously secreted anesthetic and biological stimulating mucus to maintain its life. After determining that these should be artificially created creatures, Su decisively chose to completely investigate this new species. As such, the flesh feelers began to split and increase in large amounts again, becoming even more fine, simultaneously releasing more blood specks, starting to fully investigate every corner of the fishman’s body. 

Most artificially created creatures had a control nucleus that also embodied the creator’s will, allowing for increased control over the creature. Even if there wasn’t something similar to a control nucleus, there would still be a piece of genetic code, within it perhaps recording a bit of the creator’s aura. What Su needed to do right now was to find and decipher this bit of information, using prying methods to learn the secrets of this species’ creator. 

Right now, every segment of gene that could be used as reference or directly absorbed were treasure-troves for Su. He wouldn’t let any mutated creature that he hadn't seen before go, let alone these fishmen. Aside from fighting, the absorption of new genes would bring Su even more evolutionary points, and simultaneously, after the corresponding modifications were made to his body, the upgrade in his combat abilities even more so couldn’t be ignored. Right now, Su’s body was like an enormous, diverse, yet neat and tidy industrial empire, within it stored the genes of over ten thousand species, and this empire was changing and evolving every second, every moment. If it was anyone else, this process would have triggered genetic collapse a long time ago. Meanwhile, Su already held and integrated close to at least a thousand new genes, yet his body still operated in a neat and orderly manner, as if there was no mixing limit. 

Not all genes were useful. In fact, most genes were useless, or even harmful. To determine if a gene could be integrated, it might take a biologist his or her entire life to do such a thing. However, Su sifted through genes each day by the hundreds and thousands, yet was still able to filter out genes that could supplement and strengthen himself, as well as carry out the corresponding modifications to his body. 

This process was always completed instinctively. Each time he obtained new genetic fragments, Su’s body would quickly and instinctively decide whether to absorb it or temporarily store the sample. It was as if Su’s instincts possessed a set of unknown deciding parameters, and from there were able to accurately find what he needed from the sea of genes. 

These were incomparably powerful instinctive functions, powerful to the extent where it would bring horror to those who had some understanding towards life! Su, however, already let it loose, moreover allowing it to drag him with it into an endless abyss. 

The examination process continued for more than thirty minutes, and there was already sweat flowing from Su’s face. After repeated searching, the final destination was determined to be a small area in the fishman’s brain. This region was almost no different from the ordinary brain tissue, but Su saw that there was almost no nervous system activity here. It was unusually still, but it didn’t lack vitality. Not even a plant’s nervous system would be this quiet. This region was only the size of a cubic millimeter, so it was easily neglected. However, under this examination style search and sharp perception, it was finally discovered by Su. 

Su took a deep breath, and then the Heart of Darkness within his chest released a powerful beat, the energy that surged propelling his Panoramic View to its greatest state, and then all of his perception was concentrated on the fishman’s body. Then, the flesh feelers that entered the fishman’s brain began to release tens of thousands of blood specks. These specks were made mostly of singular blood cells, and aside from them, there was a dozen or so combat units formed from combined cells. These blood specks’ movement was clearly much slower, but they could discover secrets from a more subatomic level. Towards the creator of something like these fishmen, no amount of prudence was too much. 

Countless blood specks began to approach that calm region at their own speed. The nervous system’s gaps, for Su’s blood specks, was enough and with room to spare. They smoothly entered, and a few minutes later, they filled every crack in that region. 

However, he still ended up completely empty handed. 

This region was still extremely peaceful, all of the nerves seemingly asleep, almost as if it was completely unaware that vicious blood specks were concentrated all around it. Those blood specks all carried most of the intruder cells’ characteristics, so as long as they wanted to attack, they could completely destroy everything in this region in less than a minute. However, if they destroyed even a single nerve bunch, they might disrupt the completeness of this region, thus losing the chance to crack the creator’s secret. 

It was like a group of wolves who had their teeth already on their prey’s neck, yet couldn’t bite down. 

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